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Each of us are on a journey to find real meaning in our lives, and to learn valuable lessons. One of the ways we learn and grow, is from each other.​ ​

Your life story has great value, and we'd love you to share your personal experiences, struggles, challenges, and accomplishments with us. We all can learn and benefit from sharing experiences. This includes sharing both our failures and successes.

If you have something to share, please submit your personal bio describing a challenge, opportunity, or success. You can also share a personal remedy, that may help others around the world. And, if you'd like, please send your picture along with your story.​

We'd love to hear from you!


Katherine Keys

My Story

Katherine Keys has been fighting Mesothelioma for 9 years. When she was first diagnosed doctors told her she had less than 2 years. Katherine refused to believe her time was limited and instead decided to fight the cancer. Katherine is convinced that it was her positive attitude and determination to win that has allowed her to survive against the odds.
At first Katherine ...

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Virgil Anderson

My Story

Mr. Anderson was born and raised in Williamson, WV.  His father, a coal miner, passed when Virgil was 8 years old. Virgil worked in demolition work and excavating since high school. This required the physical tear out, and hands on removal of asbestos containing insulation in walls, ceiling, attics and heating and cooling systems. To remove this required saws and sledge hammers all of ...

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Our mission is to provide one central source of information, and tips and tools, on a wide range of health and wellness topics. Our goal is to help you to achieve, and live a healthier, happier, and successful life. ​


Our vision is to provide one central on-line source of valuable information, tips, and tools, that can help you and you loved ones, achieve optimal lifestyle goals and objectives. This lifestyle and wellness repository, offers data, and shares information, on a wide range of topics, that anyone can apply to improve everyday activities and lifestyle.​

Recovery Guides

Our Twelve Step program Recovery Guides are alcoholics and addicts with quality sobriety. Our Recovery Guides have themselves experienced the nightmare of addiction and the miracle of recovery. Thanks to their own personal histories, these uniquely qualified men have the ability to share their experience, strength, and hope with our guests in an intensely personal, highly effective manner. At Discovery Place, guests enjoy far more one-on-one attention from Recovery Guides than they would otherwise receive in larger, more conventional treatment centers. There is at least one Recovery Guide for every six men. When it comes to learning and adopting the fundamentals of recovery, it's quite clear that smaller groups are more effective than larger ones. In part at least, our Recovery Guides help produce such positive results because they have the time to provide each guest with the individual attention he deserves. To contact one of our Recovery Guides directly, see the staff page or call Discovery Place at 1.800.725.0922.


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Good Health

Maintaining good health is an essential part of achieving happiness and success in life. Pain and discomfort can stop you from living an active and productive lifestyle, because when the body doesn’t feel good, the mind doesn’t either.

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