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Top 10 Proven Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Show That You Care About Your Oral Health

Stained or yellow teeth are often a supply of embarrassment, and that they will indicate numerous sorts of dental issues.

What is Chi Energy Life Force?

In Chinese, the word Chi (a.k.a. Qi) can mean several things. The most common meaning of Chi is air. This life energy comes from the combination of three things, the air breathed in through the lungs, the essential Chi from the kidney, and the Chi absorbed from food and water through the digestive system.

Healthy Eating

Why is healthy eating important?

Good health is linked to a good diet. Managing your weight properly and getting the right balance of food types will improve your overall feeling of well-being, while reducing the risk of developing illness and diseases.

Food to Prefer While Having TMJ Pain

Are you currently suffering from TMJ disorder?
Or were you facing this painful disorder in the past?

The Aspects of Life Wellness Enables You to Assess and Improve Areas of Your Life

Achieve Balance and Harmony Across All Major Categories

The wellness philosophy is made up of major life areas that work together to create and build a more whole and complete way of living. Each aspect involves achieving an optimal level of functioning in that area, and contributes towards improving quality of life.

7 Simple and Effective Tips for Healthy Eyes

It is heartening to see an increasing awareness among people about the importance of health and fitness.

Why is Asking the Right Questions and Getting the Right Answers so Important?

Ask Questions and Get Answers to Everything That You Need to Know

Our ability to learn and to succeed, relies heavily on our questioning skills, and the information and knowledge that we're able to retrieve from those answers.

Learn How to Live a Stress-Free Lifestyle

Are You Stress Free or Stressed Out?

Is being stressed out stopping you from reaching your optimum wellness level?
It seems that negative stress is everywhere, and just about everyone you talk to nowadays seems to be stressed out about something.

Learn to Experience Contentment Joyfulness and Happiness Before It's Too Late

Achieve Contentment, Joyfulness and Sometimes Happiness

Achieving perfect happiness is a fantasy that only leads to disappointment or depression if we insist on chasing it as though we're entitled to it. There are many ways to achieve happiness but most are temporary.

The Best Version of Me is What I Strive to Be Every Day

Everyone wants to become the best version of themselves that they can, but is that even possible? It sounds great, but becoming the best version of ourselves is extremely difficult, and maintaining it over an extended period is even harder.

Time is the X Variable of Life That Will Eventually Run Out

Are You Time Rich or Time Poor?

We only get X number of times to do things in life before we can't do it anymore. We only get X number of times that we awake up, and X number of times to laugh, smile, and enjoy life. How many more times will we get together with our family and friends? Whatever the amount is, it will never be enough.

Simple Self-Care Practices to Improve Your Health and Lifestyle

Ways to Practice Self-Care
We are guilty of this: we put ourselves and our needs on the back burner. We will take time for ourselves "when we get a chance.” We spiral into our own rabbit hole of work, family and other responsibilities.

Maintaining Successful Interpersonal Relationships with People is a Skill Set Worth Developing

We all depend on each other throughout our lives for all kinds of things. From the time we’re born, people have provided us with things that helped us to survive and become who were are today. We couldn't have survived without them.

3 Fun Activities for Seniors of All Ability Levels

When it comes to aging, it's no secret that many of us begin to slow down as we get older. Often, many people simply accept this as a fact of life. In reality, however, you may be surprised to learn just how much control your daily activities and lifestyle have over how you feel...

Why is Mental Activity and Exercise Important?

Find out how physical activities and exercise can help improve your mental health

The brain is constantly changing, learning, adapting, strengthening and rewiring connections throughout our life. It's important to exercise your body and your brain, for they are connected.

Top 10 Foods High in Soluble Fiber That May Surprise You

Are your meals packed with fiber-rich foods? If not, change your mind. Although we never actually digest fiber, it is extremely necessary for the body.

5 Things You Should Do in the Morning to Fight the Signs of Aging for Life

Create a Morning Routine That Can Help You Look Better and Reduce the Signs of Aging

There is the fact that we cannot prevent the aging process, but we can slow it down to look young at any age.

Make It a Habit to Pause and Think Before You Speak, or You May Regret It

Take the Time to Choose Your Words and Make Good Decisions.

Have you ever been in a situation where you got excited and accidentally spoke out without taking enough time to think and filter out things that could be misconstrued as controversial, or considered inappropriate and offensive to others?

Top 10 Foods Good for the Brain Before Taking a Test

Not one of us can deny the functions of food to our brain, especially before taking a test. We can maintain a sharp and strong mind and a healthy brain at all age by eating a healthy diet.

Thought Changing Techniques and Ideas That Can Change How You Think

Change Your Thoughts and Expand Your Mind

Having a busy and hectic schedule or being in a highly stressful situation for a long period of time can cause your mind to race with unwanted thoughts that are focused on worry and doubt.

The Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle Are Yours for the Taking

When you hear someone say that their friend is "living a good healthy lifestyle" or " living the good life" what comes to mind? Is living a good healthy lifestyle the same as "living the good life" or "living life to the fullest"? They more or less mean basically the same thing, but what does it mean to you?

Live a Better Life and Enjoy the Benefits That Come Along with It

We all know someone or know of someone, who seems to have everything that they want in life. These people appear to have everything and get everything done with little to no effort.

Mind Your Business and Stop Meddling in What Does Not Concern You

Focus on Yourself

With so many things going on each day, it's easy to see how problems and challenges can arise, that test our resolve, and our patience. It's very easy to get caught up in everyday activities, and the drama that often comes along with it.

Social Wellness Skills Are Required to Live a Healthy, Well-Balanced Lifestyle

Improve Your Social Wellness Skills and You Will Improve Your Life.

Social wellness reflects the status of your current relationships, social network, and social skills. Social skills reflect your ability to communicate, interact, facilitate, and persuade others, without undue conflict, problems, or disharmony.

Just Get Over It and Move on With Your Life!

Acknowledge how the situation should be but accept it as is, focus, and move forward.
Do you have it pretty good or pretty bad?
It's easy to complain because things and life itself are imperfect.

The Wheel of Wellness Allows You to Examine and Adjust Different Areas of Your Life

What is a Wellness Wheel?

The wellness concept and wellness wheel are tools to help us evaluate, set goals and take action towards improving a our health and well-being.

Mental Wellness Deals with How Well Your Brain-Mind is Physically and Operationally Functioning

Mental Wellness is a term used to describe how well the human brain-mind is physically and operationally functioning. The brain is the "command and control center" of the human body.

Back Pain is Extremely Common in Our Society

How Does Back Pain Affect Your Daily Life?

Back pain is extremely common in our society. Chances are that you or someone you know suffers from back pain. The most common cause of lower back pain is a muscle strain or other soft tissue damage.

Diagnosing the Cause of Lower Back Pain

Getting an accurate diagnosis and a clear understanding of the underlying cause of lower back pain is a critical factor to resolving or effectively managing the problem. It is often, however, more challenging than people expect. Diagnosing the underlying cause of lower back pain will help your physician make a preliminary diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Lower Back Pain Condition - Acute Back Pain - Chronic Back Pain

The most common cause of lower back lumbar pain, or backache is usually a muscle strain or other soft tissue damage. This type of condition is usually not serious but can be uncomfortable, or severely painful and debilitating.

Is Your Pain in Your Brain?

Yes, all pain is in the brain. The brain is the control center and pain is like a complicated alarm system that is set to protect you and tell you when something needs attention.

How to Live With Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common in our society. Chances are that you or someone you know suffers from back pain. The most common cause of lower back pain is a muscle strain or other soft tissue damage.

Use Visualization to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Turn your goals and dreams into reality

Achieving success often starts with setting clear goals and objectives. It's all about knowing what we want, knowing the steps necessary to get what we want, and taking action to get what we want.

Why Does Your Orthodontist Recommend Retainers After Braces?

You wait for a long time to finish your braces treatment. And it's a breath of fresh air to get your teeth and jaw free from the grip of the braces. But wait! One last and critical stage of your orthodontic treatment is remaining.

Happy Dance Movements Can Lift Your Mood Naturally and Improve Your Health

It’s no secret that spending too much time sitting or lying down can have numerous unhealthy physical and emotional effects, especially when it is done for a long period of time. Unfortunately, health problems caused by living a relatively inactive and sedentary lifestyle continue to grow.

Mental Health and How Mental Illness and Brain Chemicals Affect You

Mental Health and Brain Chemicals

Is mental illness and physical illness the same? Well, that depends on who you ask. Over 75 percent of people polled in a recent survey say that they are not. Most people know that mental illness is a sickness, but that’s where it stops.

Focus on the Now and Live in the Moment

While life unfolds in the present moment, being able to live in the "now" is generally easier said than done. We tend to let the present moments just slip away unobserved, squandering the precious seconds of our lives until we're time-poor.

Have You Lost Your Mental Edge or the Skip in Your Step?

You probably knew someone who was always smiling, vibrant and full of life. This is someone that you look forward to seeing and talking to because they're an absolute pleasure to be with. It could be your neighbor, someone at work, or a family member. For me, she is someone that I've known for a while.

Reiki Energy Healing - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an alternative medicine energy healing therapy much like acupuncture that works on the ability to tap into, work with, channel and rebalance the vibrating Human Energy Field / Universal Life Force that runs within and around a person. Healing can occur on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

Acceptance is a Powerful Mindset That Can Help You Become Emotionally Healthy

I Choose to Accept

It's safe to say that everyone at some point or another in their lives experiences some type of negativity and emotional pain. After all, negativity is an unfortunate but natural and inevitable part of life that we all have to endure, regardless of the frequency and severity.

Time - Everything in Life Has a Price

Are You Time Rich or Time Poor?

Most people go through life focused on surviving challenges and obstacles, and on getting what they want in life. Many of them are fortunate to have a good life filled with friends, family, health, wealth, etc.

How to Become More Mindful of Your Reactions and What You Can Do to Change Them

Make Positive Changes

We naturally react to things that happen in our daily lives. Regardless of whether they’re important or insignificant, positive or negative, we react accordingly, and sometimes we tend to overreact even though it’s not warranted.

Energy Healing is a Holistic Practice That Activates the Body's Inner Chi Energy Life Force

What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is a broad term used for any type of healing that restores and balances the natural flow of life energy force within and around our body.

What is Mental and Physical Fitness, and Why Your Ability to Stay Healthy and Fit is Important?

Mental and Physical Fitness

What is mental and physical fitness?
In order for a person to be well-adjusted, healthy, and achieve their full potential, they need to reach and sustain the best mental and physical fitness state possible.

Learn How to Distract Your Mind, When You Want to Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts, and Why That's Important

It's Time to Change the Channel

From time to time, we may find ourselves in a situation, where our mind is flooded with negative thoughts, that trigger unwanted feelings and emotions.

During and After a Bio Energy Healing Session

What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is a broad term used for any type of healing that restores and balances the natural flow of life energy force within and around our body.

Learn How Adults and Seniors Can Become More Physically Active and Why It is Important

For argument's sake, let's agree that most people are at different stages of physical activity and wellness levels in their lives than others.  For example, some folks are extremely active and exercise on a regular basis, while others hardly move, and live a sedentary lifestyle...

Putting Your Needs First: The Importance of Mindful Self-Care

It's a sad irony that many of us get so wrapped up in our own affairs and trying to further our own interests that we lose sight of what it takes to stay mentally and physically healthy and find true happiness.

Everything is in Motion and Vibrating

Physicists have proven that everything in our world, both the physical (seen) or non-physical (unseen) is made up of atoms and subatomic particles that vibrate patterns of energy.

Physical Wellness is About Evaluating the State of Your Mental and Physical Health and Finding Ways to Improve

Physical Wellness can be defined as a state of high physical well-being that includes physical fitness, physical nutrition and physical/personal care. The objective is to create a healthy lifestyle that's capable of moving you towards an optimal level of physical health.

3 Easy Ways to Stay Happy and Motivated in Early Recovery

When someone makes the decision to turn their life around and get clean/sober from drugs and alcohol it is imperative that they enjoy their new way of life. If one is not happy in early recovery it will be very difficult for them to stay clean and sober.

Do Not Judge Other People and Then Complain and Gossip

What Does Judging Others and Gossiping Reveal About You?

It's human nature to analyze and judge other people to some degree. We assess and evaluate others based on their characteristics, attributes, importance, and our knowledge of them.

The Power to Persuade and Influence People Can Change Your Life

Your Ability to Persuade Others Can Profoundly Change Your Life

Achieving social wellness and success in life has a lot to do with your ability to persuade and influence people. Done well, it can enable and empower you to get more things done than almost anything else. It is one of the most important skills you can possess in life.

8 Dental Challenges Older Adults Face

Are your teeth not looking so white anymore? As time goes by, they show signs of wear and tear.

Self-Care, Self-Pampering, and Self-Indulgence

What is the difference between self-care, self-pampering, and self-indulgence?
People often believe that self-care, self-pampering, and self-indulgence are interchangeable. That is for the most part incorrect.

5 Effortless Tricks to Tidy Up Your House Every Single Day

This May Come as a Surprise but Keeping Your House Neat and Tidy Doesn't Have to Be a Huge Undertaking

Want to relax and unwind at the end of a long day? Studies say you should start with a clean house, but who has the time for that? This may come as a surprise but keeping your house neat and tidy doesn't have to be a huge undertaking.

Life Coaching

Some people believe that a life coach is someone who will assist you in setting and achieving specific goals, and help create strategies to overcome challenges. A life coach provides guidance, motivation, inspiration, support, and is action driven. Areas such as fitness, health, and wellness are a part of life coaching.

Are You or Someone You Know Always Upset?

Most people know someone who is always upset and complaining about one thing or another. And why not, there is always something to complain about in life.

Are You Taking Proper Care of Yourself?

We all know that we should be taking better care of ourselves. We also know lots of ways to take care of ourselves, but the majority of people do not take care of themselves properly, or on a regular basis. So what's the problem?

Exercising Vigorously Vs. Physical Activities Throughout the Day

Staying active and exercising are key components towards many things including weight loss, being physically fit, and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. To achieve your goals, you need to look at how much energy/calories you are consuming, how much energy/calories you are burning, and the amount of physical activity you are doing per day.

Tips on Things You Can Do to Manage and Mitigate Your Chronic Pain and Discomfort

Normal pain and discomfort
Living with chronic pain or even discomfort is very difficult, stressful, and challenging. It is an ongoing daily battle, profoundly affecting every aspect of life. It's difficult for most folks living with those conditions to even imagine a life free of pain and anxiety.

Learn to Take Care of Yourself

Gather some ideas to get you started in developing your own Self-care action plan. Deciding to make a conscious effort to improve your self-care can seem like an overwhelming and daunting ongoing project, especially if you’re currently neglecting your core self and any of the exterior life-wellness areas.

Emotional Neglect Can Affect Everyone, Including a Child, Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, Significant Other, and Friend

Are You Emotionally Abused, Or An Emotional Abuser?

Humans by nature are social creatures, and therefore have a fundamental need to live in a community-type setting, where they can seek out and establish relationships with others.

How to Start a Macrobiotic or Vegetarian Diet

Are you thinking about adopting a healthy diet?
Adopting a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet seems to be a healthy and smart thing to do, but it's important to ensure that it's well planned and nutritionally balanced in order to sustain a high state of well-being and an active and healthy lifestyle.

Who is Responsible for Your Health and Wellness?

Make Wise Choices and Take Action to Improve Your Health and Wellness so You Can Live a Healthy and Successful Life.

Everyone should try to do all they can to help themselves achieve wellness in all areas. If a person is old enough to take care of themselves and can, they have a responsibility to provide for the basic health essentials such as good nutrition, exercise, weight control...

How to Take Your Power Back in 6 Simple Ways

Have you ever felt powerless in a relationship? Or do your colleagues at work keep making you feel you're not enough? Or you feel your energy slipping away while under the watch of a toxic person.

4 Free Ways Anyone Can Practice More Health-Boosting Self-Care

Self-care isn't unattainable or unnecessary. Just like air, water, and food, however, self-care is a basic necessity for physical and mental well-being.

Live Life Well, While You Can

We're all aware that things are temporary and that everything changes, but it's easier to tell ourselves the opposite and not focus on the ugly truth.

Diet and Exercise: The Keys to Unlocking Weight Loss

Losing weight is never easy. However, if you are truly willing to make a few small changes, you can find yourself on the road to better health and longevity. Here are a few tips on fighting obesity through wellness-focused actions.

Your Ability to Extract Beauty and Meaning From Everything That You Do and Experience Will Enable You to Live a More Meaningful and Spiritual Life

Start Now Before It's Too Late

Are you one of those people who goes through life dealing with one situation after another trying to keep up, and maybe get ahead, but don't always take the time to see things for what they are, and take in the beauty and meaning behind it all?

Spiritual Wellness is the Ongoing Process of Cultivating Your Spiritual Inner Self and All That is Around You

Spiritual Wellness Dimension

Spiritual wellness is the ongoing process of discovering and cultivating your spiritual inner self. Spirituality, spiritual wellness and faith can be defined as a belief in something and can take on many different and unique meanings and forms for each individual.

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Seniors

Yoga and meditation has been used for years to help individuals relieve stress and anxiety, learn to cope with depression and other mood disorders, and find a healthy mental/physical health balance.

The History of Macrobiotics

The term "macrobiotics" comes from Greek; macro means long or great and biotic means concerning life .The earliest recorded usage of the term "macrobiotics" is found in the writings of Hippocrates, who is considered the father of western medicine.

Everything That Isn't Bad, is a Privilege, That Should Be Recognized, Acknowledged, and Celebrated

Be Mindful of the Beauty and Positivity That Exists in Your Life

Most people these days, have so much going on in their lives, that they don't have the time to do everything that they want or need to do. It seems like we're busier than ever, and it still isn't enough.

How to Create Effective New Year's Resolutions, or is It Even Worth Making Them?

Tips on how to set and stick to achieving your New Year's Resolutions

Each year, at the beginning of January, millions of people come up with various resolutions, so they can make changes in their lives, or make plans to start new goals. A New Year's resolution could about almost anything.

Intellectual Wellness is About Your Eagerness to Learn and Maintain an Open Mindset

Intellectual Wellness is achieved through self-directed behavior focused on learning. Any activity that inspires and stimulates your willingness, desire and intent to learn, explore and expand your mind intellectually in any way supports healthy Intellectual Wellness.

Get Mentally and Physically Fit by Practicing Self Care

Have you decided to embark on a new fitness routine? That's fantastic!

Everything You Need to Do Before Entering Rehab

Checking into rehab is the best thing you can do for yourself right now. However, you have to be prepared, so you can devote all of your energy to your recovery.

Is Everyone You Know Somewhere Between Normal and Abnormal, and How Do You Know?

We know that normal is the opposite of abnormal, but when it applies to people, it's sometimes hard to determine where normal behavior leaves off and abnormal behavior begins.

Acupuncture is a Holistic Care Practice That Can Help You Heal by Restoring Energy Flow and Balance

Acupuncture - an Alternative Approach That Has Been Around for Thousands of Years

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy used to promote health and alleviate pain by encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. Acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese philosophies of Dao or Tao, yin and yang.

Tips to Chill Out and Sleep Better on Hot Summer Nights

Getting a good night's rest is essential to feel your best during the day, but on hot summer nights, that quality sleep is often elusive.

5 Destinations for Your Self-Care Vacation

When you're a faculty member at a college, the end of the spring semester can be a busy time. But by carving out some time for a self-care “reset,” Verywell Mind notes that you can come back to school feeling recharged and ready to take on the new year.

Learn Why Self Care is Important and How It Can Help You

Why is Self-care Important?
Self-care basically refers to a fundamental level of healthcare activities made by individuals, families, communities, and government. to restore and enhance health, prevent disease, limit illness, etc. All human beings require some type of personal healthcare that they perform for themselves.

Finding Contentment Joyfulness and Happiness is Something That We All Want in Life

Being happy typically means being jubilant, excited and sometimes euphoric, and about feeling great and that life is wonderful. Some people believe that finding and achieving happiness is the main purpose in life.

Why is Managing What We Eat so Difficult, While the Consequences Are so Important?

Food fuels the body with the energy it needs to function properly.

Let's Put Your Drinking Habits in Perspective

Drinking, though a common social activity, can also be a loaded topic. After a night of overindulgence, you may have a few questions and concerns beyond, What's the best way to cure a hangover? You may be worried you're going to give yourself alcohol poisoning one day. How much liquor can your body handle?

Challenge Yourself to Learn Ten Words/Phrases in Ten Languages and Reap the Rewards

Learning Multiple Languages Can Improve Your Ability to Communicate, and Have Fun with Others

Our ability to verbally communicate with other people, is one of the most important and essential functions that we can use in everyday social life.

Can Bio-Energy Therapy Be Repeated?

It is important to note that your bio-energy system is easily affected by daily activities. Injuries, emotions, disease, stress, social interactions, bad posture, dehydration, poor breathing habits (shallow), and poor lifestyle and eating choices, disrupt the circulation of fresh, clean life-force energy (Chi/Qi/Ki/Prana/bio-energy).

Express Gratitude and Count Your Blessings

Express gratitude and count your blessings each and every day. Start by making a list of all the things to be grateful for in your life. Review the list daily and you'll start to feel grateful and thankful about the good things and lose focus of your problems and what you don't have.

What Does It Take to Be?

Do You Have What It Takes to Be and Do?

What does it take to become the person you have the potential to be in life?
Have a goal or a dream that you care about. You have to want to do it or be afraid not to do it.

The Healing Power of Sound

Sound has been used to invoke changes and aid in the healing in people in virtually every culture since the dawn of recorded history. Using instruments such drums, singing songs and chants is one of the earliest uses of sound healing that has been practiced by practically all major religions and spiritual traditions throughout the world.

How to Stop Difficult People From Making You Crazy or Miserable

You Have the Power to Stop It

We all have people that are somewhat difficult, or even crazy, in our lives. Whether it's a family member, a friend, someone on social media, or maybe it's someone at school or work. We know who these difficult people are, because they make our lives unpleasant, stressful, and in some cases, unbearable and toxic, but we need to deal with them.

5 Reasons Why You Need Copper Infused Underwear in Your Drawer

How often do you think about the underwear you're wearing, other than considering how it looks or whether it matches your outfit?.

Take Caution When Replacing Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth can have both aesthetic and psychological effects, hence the need to replace missing teeth.

Achieve and Maintain Good Posture and Alignment

Improve your posture and alignment
Maintaining good posture, and proper body alignment, balance, and positioning while you are standing, sitting or laying down is vital to sustain a physically fit and healthy body.

Learn How to Stop the Self-Sabotage, and How to Empower and Embrace Your Strengths

The struggle within us

It's safe to say that everyone faces challenges and obstacles throughout life that prohibit us from achieving all we can be, and living the life we are supposed to live. Of course, some people are blessed from the moment that they are born until the day that they die, while others are much less fortunate.

8 Tips on Caring for Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are slowly gaining popularity as an orthodontic treatment for fixing crooked teeth in both adults and teens.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

It's pretty common, and normal, for a person to experience body ache, discomfort, or pain at some point in their lives.

Why Your Financial Wellness Status Can Determine How You Live Your Life

Money - Money - Money

Money provides access to products and services, and affords people choices and opportunities. Money can bring a sense of security, peace of mind, economic freedom and enable options that help a person seek and achieve a lifestyle that promotes life-wellness.

Diet Program

When it comes to losing weight, fad diets don't usually work. You may have success on a fad diet for a period of time, but more often than not, the weight comes back when you\'ve completed the program. A better solution is to follow a sensible, healthy eating plan that can be maintained throughout your life.

Faith, Spirituality, and Bio-Energy Healing

People often dismiss things they can't explain by saying that it's just a coincidence or fate. Some live in a state of quote; intentional denial", mentality avoiding having to deal with it altogether.

Healthy Food Center

Eat Healthy - Be Healthy

The Healthy Food Center provides information and programs that focus on healthy eating, nutrition, weight loss management, food and cooking tips and recipes, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will introduce you to a number of techniques that have proven to be successful in promoting weight loss.

10 Incredible Benefits of Yogurt for Beauty and Health

Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products consumed all over the world. People of all ages enjoy it because of the delicious and various flavor as well as the nutritional values.It is made by the bacterial fermentation of milk.

Treat Your Teeth Grinding or Bruxism With Orthodontic Treatment

What is Bruxism?
Bruxism or teeth grinding is a medical condition where patients clench or grind their teeth.

Lifestyle Coaching

Help Your Teen Embrace a Healthy Body Image

When it comes to body image, our culture is continually bombarding young people with unrealistic expectations. The concepts of femininity and masculinity impressed on children are airbrushed and fantasy-like.

Self-Care Neglect is Abuse and the Opposite of Self Love

Self-care is not about being selfish; it's about taking the time and making the effort to take care of you properly. A few simple self-care and self-pampering activities can help you to energize, recharge, refresh and rejuvenate yourself, so can make the most out your day.

Only From a "Good Place" Can You Live...

Self Affirmations

One of the most important things that I can do in life is to put myself in a "Good Place", as often as possible throughout my life. The idea of a "Good Place", can mean a variety things, but in this case, it means physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

Get Life Back on Track Following Stressful Times

Addiction has a way of detouring just about every successful path we're traveling down.

Friend – Enemy – Frenemy – Who Are They Today and Who Will They Be Tomorrow?

Frenemy - Everyone Can Be One, and Everyone Can Have One

A person can be a friend who is there to help you or an enemy who wants to harm you, and sometimes, a person can be both a friend and an enemy. They are called your frenemy.

Pay Attention, G-d and the Universe is...

Pay attention, God/universe is . . . communicating with us and showing us the way, if we allow it.

God/universe gives us signs, signals, and whispers into in the wind, telling us things like what to pay attention to...

Memory Enhancement Techniques and Ideas That Can Help Improve Your Memory

Visualization Can Help You Remember

Some people are gifted with enhance memory that allows them to quickly absorb and accurately retain a large amount of information with little or no effort. A small percentage of people have a eidetic or photographic memory.

Finding Inner Peace is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do to Enrich Your Life

All you need is peace
Wouldn't be great if everyone got along and we were finally able to achieve world peace? Yes it would be great, but that's probably not going to happen any time soon.

Improve Your Social Wellness Skills - It is Too Important to Neglect

Tips to Persuade and Influence People

People will not like, admire, respect, value, trust, appreciate, want to please or want to be with you if you can't persuade and influence them and make them believe that you deserve those feelings and actions from them, and that you possess positive attributes that warrant their positive feelings and actions, and that you're worth it.

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Papaya Leaf Extract

Papaya is a tropical fruit that originated from North America and is popularly known for the wide range of excellent health benefits.

Living With Braces Need Not Be a Struggle

Read to Know How

If you are about to get braces or are already wearing them, it is essential that you know the right practices so that caring for braces and your teeth does not become a challenge for you.

A Complete Guide to Living a Healthier Lifestyle this Year

Fitness involves maintaining your body in the best physical shape and feeling good about yourself. The tips of this article will show you some easy guide on fitness. You should never neglect to take care of your body! Use the following fitness tips in this article to stay fit.

Top 8 Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Having a well-balanced body with a slim waist is always a dream of each man and woman. However, this is not an easy task to reach, especially to reduce belly fat. Abdominal fat greatly affects your aesthetic and your health, so if possible, burn them right away.

Self-Constructive Mode is About Having a Positive Attitude and Taking Positive Action to Improve

Constructive Mode or Destructive Mode

Are you sabotaging yourself and being destructive to the people and things around you? Do you find that you're often stressed out, negative, or in a bad mood? The answer may not be so obvious, so take your time and think about these questions before you answer yes or no.

Weight Management - Info & Tips

When it comes to losing weight, fad diets usually don't work.

Chiropractic Health Care Primarily Focuses on a Patient's Neuromusculoskeletal System, Which Include the Bones, Nerves, Muscles and Tendons

Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.

About Health & Wellness Coaching

Coaching has become so popular because it works for many reasons, at many levels, for so many people. Coaching has become acceptable to both business and individuals for numerous reasons, but people will generally work with coaches because they are ready to make some type of positive change, and they want positive results with a lot less hassle.

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Overbite

When your upper jaw overlaps your lower jaw, overbite occurs. An overbite of just one or two mm is common in people, but if it’s more than that, it can cause serious bite issues, leading to malocclusion or deep overbite.

Building an Empowering and Healthy Mindset

Our minds are very powerful, and the way we think has a profound effect on the way that we behave, and how we choose to live our lives. It's so powerful that our thinking can even skew and distort our reality.

Gain Mental Clarity to Improve Your Life and Understand Your Priorities

Take the Time to Think About Your Priorities

What is Mental Clarity?
Mental clarity has to do with a persons' ability to access something accurately and read someone correctly, and without obstruction.

The Difference Between Feelings and Emotions and How They Affect You

The words emotions and feelings are closely related. So much so, that we tend to use them interchangeably, even though they are actually different. In simple terms, feelings are thoughts and emotions are mental and physical reactions.

Psychological Factors of Back Pain

A person's perception plays a big role in whether they become sick or healthy. The mind and body work together in shaping our experiences, one directly affecting the other. There are some people with a high tolerance for pain, and can accept pain and discomfort naturally, while others have a pain-prone personality that tend to be developed physical problems such as chronic pain.

Your Social Wellness Level is Defined by Your Interactions and Relationships

Maintaining good relationships are easy in theory but usually difficult in reality

Life-wellness involves living a healthy well-balanced life that has harmony, joy, love and peace with nature and everyone around you.

Learn How You Can Achieve Wellness, Improve Your Health and Enrich Your Life

Living a healthy lifestyle is something we all aspire to attain. It's difficult, however, to reach and sustain a healthy lifestyle with our life being full of pressures and stressors that constantly bombarded us with obstacles.

Emotional Giver or Thief

Do You Give Love and Happiness, or Do You Take It Away?

Social interactions are dynamic and complex that give way to all types of good and bad situations and experiences. Quite often, a person's personality will dictate whether they are aggressive, forcing their emotional shit onto others...

Living in a La-La Fantasy World Can Help Your Mental and Physical Health

Reality for a lot of people can be described as tough, hectic, and filled with many difficult obstacles and challenges that they must overcome. Living in a state of raw reality can be ugly and sad, often filled with negative situations and feelings that can consume a person like a black hole vortex.

All About Sleep Apnea and How It Affects the Body

From Detection to Prevention and Treatment

How many of you know that heavy snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea?
Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder that happens when your breathing is interrupted while you sleep which usually leads to choking sounds or loud snoring.

Breathe Like Your Life Depends on It, Because It Does

It's all about breathing
To learn to breathe is learn to live. Breathing is vital and yet most of us take it for granted and often forget we are even doing it. Breathing can be both a conscious and subconscious function. In other words, we can control our breathing or our mind and body will automatically control our breathing for us.

Sleep is Essential to Achieving Good Health and Well Being

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, but it's far from being unproductive and a waist of time. Sleep is what allows us to spend the other two-thirds of our time living our lives.

Intro to Bio-Energy Healing

Before we discuss bio-energy healing, we should go over some information about energy, matter, and the human body.

Successfully Achieving the Art of Social Wellness Requires Skills, Finesse and Practice

The art of social communication

Human beings tend to survive and thrive better in groups then in isolation. We are social animals by nature, and social wellness is an important key aspect of achieving happiness, success, and maintaining a well-rounded and well-balanced lifestyle.

How to Achieve Your Full Potential in Life

Be All That You Can Be in Life

With a little imagination, most people can envision themselves as having a cool, charismatic personality and living an amazing lifestyle that allows them to enjoy all the good things that life has to offer. Practically everyone wants to be happy, healthy, and successful in life.

A Good Attitude Approach and Behavior Play an Important Part in Achieving Successful Weight Loss Management

Attitude plays an important part in eating healthy and in achieving successful weight loss management. I've heard people say in disbelief that they have to go on a diet.

Make Simple Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Last

Where to start?
Are you excited about creating change that will help you live a more healthy, fulfilling lifestyle? We are, too!

Holistic Strategies for Eliminating Environmental Allergy Symptoms

From pet dander to tree pollen, there are numerous environmental triggers that can cause an individual to experience an allergic reaction.

Strengthen Your Emotions if You Are Emotionally Needy and Clingy

Everyone wants to feel love and affection, be accepted, believed in, valued, cared for, forgiven, safe, supported, trusted, understood and appreciated by others. But it's when those feelings turn into desperation, due to insecurities and fears that they're not worthy or that they can't get enough validation, they become emotionally needy.

Learn to Accept and Love Your Body

Learning to accept and love your body type will make life, eating, and exercise more fun and enjoyable. Loving yourself means caring enough about yourself to make it a priority to maintain good health and physical wellness.

Health & Wellness Coaching

The essence of Health and Wellness coaching is to help people help themselves. It is a whole body, mind and spirit approach to unlock your full potential. Your Health and Wellness coach will help you take small, simple steps that will enable you to make slow, manageable changes towards creating the long-lasting sustainable changes that you desire in your life.

The Art of Qigong/Chi Kung

Why is Qigong so popular?
Qigong is a simple, easy to do exercise, breathing and meditation practice system with fantastic positive results that is free and can be done by anyone at anytime, regardless of age or health condition.

The Art of Plate Spinning - A Representation of Life

Life is Similar to Art of Spinning Plates

Plate spinning is a circus manipulation art form where a person spins plates, bowls or other flat objects on poles or sticks held vertically in stands.

Astigmatism - Causes & Treatments Including LASIK Eye Surgery

Astigmatism is a refractive eye disorder like myopia and hyperopia. It happens due to the uneven oval shape of the retina, like the back of a spoon.

Chronic Back Pain - Is It Physiological or Psychological?

How do we know if chronic back pain is physiological or psychological?
Chronic back pain is usually complex, and finding relief, or a cure, may require a combination of treatment options.

Stop Self Sabotage Behaviors and Live a Happier, Healthier and Successful Life

Learn to Love Yourself, You're Worth It!

Have you ever set reasonable and achievable goals and objectives that you were unable to reach? If your answer is yes, is it a reoccurring problem?

Tips for Great Oral Hygiene with Braces

The biggest reason people should get dental braces is that their misaligned teeth lower their confidence. However, braces do not just give us a beautiful smile; they fix even the smallest of issues which otherwise go unnoticed such as an incorrect bite.

What is Self-Care and Why is It Good for Your Health?

Self-care Concepts

Self-care is a broad concept that can mean many things, but it usually involves being aware of your Life-wellness needs, and your ability to take any deliberate and self-initiated action that will help you maintain and improve your own areas of Life-wellness.

Learn How to Love Unconditionally and Enrich Your Life in the Process

We all know that life can be difficult and cruel, but it's how you interpret and react to a situation that greatly affects the outcome and your memories of that experience.

Achieving Happiness with a Lighthearted and Easygoing Attitude

So, you want to be happy and have fun in life but your problems and obstacles are weighing you down and stopping you from achieving this enjoyable pleasure. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to change that, or is there?

How to Educate Your Children on the Risks of Alcohol and Drug Use

America is facing a national drug crisis, and it isn’t just adults that are afflicted. Around 100 people die every day from overdoses, and, tragically, some of them are our nation’s children.

Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence and Strength

Assessing Your Emotional State of Mind

Life is full of situations that we have to endure and overcome. Your awareness of your state of mind plays an important role towards maintaining a high level of emotional wellness.

FAQ's About Health & Wellness Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Wellness Coaching and psychotherapy?
While both wellness coaches and therapists are trained listeners and deal with a person's behavior, they focus on different methods to help their client.

Emotional Wellness is About Your Ability to Remain Emotionally Stable, Stay Calm and Cope Well

The emotional dimension of wellness refers to your ability to effectively manage your thoughts, feelings and incoming stressors in an manner that enables you to maintain a positive emotional state where you feel content, joy, love and happiness.

Health & Wellness Coaching Program

Our personalized lifestyle, health and wellness programs and services are specially designed and tailored to meet your unique needs, and to help you become your personal best in all major life areas. The coaching program and services are designed for you to explore and successfully implement and sustain wellness in your life.

Hands Have Amazing Energy Healing Powers That Most People Don't Know About, or Utilize, to Help Themselves and Others

Use Your Hands to Heal Yourself, and Stay Healthy

The idea of using our hands to create subtle energy techniques to clear negative, stagnant, or clogged energy, and restore vital energy flow to heal the body, is nothing new.

Managing Your Emotional Triggers and Behavior

Most of us have experienced situations where something happens that makes us react badly, and changes our mood and disposition for the worst.

Consistent Repetition Provides the Practice That We Often Need to Learn and Master Something New

Through Repetition We Train Ourselves and Inadvertently We Train Each Other

We train ourselves; we train each other.
We're all creatures of habits, and consistency and repetition is a part of who we are. Whether we realize it or not, consciously or subconsciously, we train ourselves and we train each other.

Fitness and the Path to Recovery

Drugs and alcohol take an enormous toll on your body. Studies show that drugs stunt your bones, atrophy and cramp your muscles, and injure your liver and kidneys.

Everything Happens Now, so Choose to Make the Most of It

Everything happens now. Not in the past or in the future, but right now. The problem is that "now" passes so quickly, that we often don't realize that "now" is happening.

Smoking Can Cause Back Pain and Joint Problems

People who smoke are more likely to develop back pain than those who don't smoke.

Our Coaching Style and Approach

There are several different kinds of key styles and approaches to Life, Health & Wellness coaching. At livelifewell-health.com we primarily focus on Solution Focused Coaching and will incorporate certain aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching to create a cohesive platform that will help our clients.

5 Beginner Tips for Strength Running

In order to build muscle throughout your entire body, strength running is extremely important. It’s a fantastic way to build muscle in your lower and upper body if done correctly.

Filler Time is the Time in Between the Big Stuff That Happens in Your Life

Life happens in between the Big Stuff

Most people try to accomplish various goals and live a satisfying and fulfilling life. That usually means staying on some type of a schedule and attending to everyday life.

Transform Your Yard and Garden Into an Outdoor Sanctuary

With winter just around the corner, lawn and garden care is more crucial than ever. While foliage will delve into a dormancy period, there is much under the surface. As roots draw in nutrients and bacteria to thrive and interact with one another to form a community of healthy flora, it’s important to make sure things are going smoothly on the surface.

What is Mental and Physical Fitness and Why Our Choices Matter?

What is fitness, and why is it so important that we strive to achieve it throughout our lives? Fitness can be defined as a condition or state of being, both physically and mentally fit and healthy.

Why Are People Overweight and Obese?

Over the past 30 to 60 years, the percentage of people that are overweight or obese has increased tremendously among both children and adults.

7 Tips For a Healthier You

A well-balanced healthy body is a great gift that can help you become a happier, healthier and productive person. With a healthy body, you can not only look better and healthier, but you can also reduce the risks of certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Macrobiotic Overview

The macrobiotic approach is based on the premise that we are what we eat, and that our environment and daily interactions influence our health, happiness, and well-being.

Overweight & Obesity

Being overweight and obese is a fairly common condition for many people in developed nations such as here in the United States where food supplies are plentiful, and people\'s lifestyle do not often involve a lot of physical activity and exercise.

Signs Are Everywhere, and It's up to Us to See Them

There Are Life Signs All Around Us That Will Reveal Themselves if We Allow It

We live in a universe where things are always changing and evolving. With so much going on within us and all around us, it's often difficult to notice everything that we are meant to see.

Learn How Small Simple Changes Can Create Big Positive Results

You are most likely reading this article to find out how you can make positive changes in your life. You should begin by asking yourself; what is your current situation and what action are you taking to change, improve and evolve into the person that you can be in life?

Is It Possible to Treat Addictions with Bio-Energy Therapy?

Just about everything in life can become addictive in some way. Various substances, activities, social relationships, and emotions can easily become addictive. We're all at risk of becoming addicted all the time. Our mind, on an emotional level, and our brain, on a chemical level, make us vulnerable to becoming an addict.

Occupational Wellness Assesses What You Do, Your Career and How It Affects You and Your Lifestyle

Occupational Wellness is one of the interconnected dimensions of wellness. Occupational wellness refers to state of a person's paid or non-paid vocational or work activities and environment.

Ways to Help a Grieving Friend During the Holidays

If a friend or a loved one lost someone close this year, the holidays can be a daunting time to face.

Learn to Expect the Unexpected, so You're not Caught by Surprise Again

Stuff Happens - Stress Happens

We all have plans, wishes and expectations of how people will act or how an event, our day and our lives will turn out. Unfortunately, things don't always work out as we hope.

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Braces and Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment

Taking care of your teeth can be one of the most challenging tasks once you get braces. They have tiny spaces which trap food leading to a build-up of plaque and many other dental problems.

The Benefits of a Clean and Orderly Home Can Include Feeling Productive and Happy

A Clean and Orderly Home Feels Good

Most people see cleaning and keeping the house picked up as a pain in the neck, a chore to be put off as long as possible.

The Mind-Body Connection

Healing The Body, Mind, and Spirit

It is obvious that a person's head physically sits on top of their shoulders, but people often overlook that the mind and the physical body/brain are constantly interacting, dynamically communicating and feeding each other. We know it is happening, but we often take it for granted, because it's simply a natural occurrence that is always happening.

Creating Good Habits to Replace Your Bad Habits

Are They Good or Bad Habits?

Most people go about their daily activities, attending to their busy schedules, and dealing with all the new surprises that appear throughout the day. They do this without paying much attention to how or why they are doing it.

Mental and Physical Fitness Health is Something We Should Strive to Achieve

Mental - Physical

What is mental and physical fitness?
In order for a person to be well-adjusted, healthy, and achieve their full potential, they need to reach and sustain the best mental and physical fitness state possible.

5 Ways to Earn an Income While in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a restart, a renewal, and a rebirth. It's the time to reinvent yourself, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes after hitting rock bottom.

Is It Normal to Experience Pain and Discomfort?

It is important to understand and distinguish between what is a normal discomfort such as body ache, stiffness or feeling sore, and experiencing abnormal acute pain and severe discomfort. Our body is alive and constantly changing throughout our lives, and especially as we get older.

Environmental Wellness and Why It is Important to You

Environmental wellness refers to your relationship with your immediate surroundings and expanding to nature and the world around you. It refers to becoming aware that we're are all a part of nature and recognizing that we need to take steps towards maintaining a lifestyle that maximizes harmony with the earth's nature environment.

What is Stress and How Does It Affect You?

Who Needs It?

Everyone, adults, teens, and even kids are experiencing more pressure to survive and succeed than ever before. Advancements in technology and globalization has intensified the game of life for most people.

Are You Drinking Enough Water Every Day and Why It is so Important for Your Health?

Water, Water, Water, enough cannot be said about water.

Water is far too important to be overlooked and taken for granted. Water makes up most of the world's surface and accounts for more than 75% of an adult's body. After oxygen, water is the most important nutrient the body needs in order to function correctly.

Back Pain Treatment

Proper treatment is a critical component to treating or preventing back and neck problems.

The Different Body Shapes, and How Your Body Shape Impacts Your Health

Which body type are you?
As we look around, we see that the human body comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A person's can be tall, short, thin, curvy, muscular, or rounded, and have body shapes that resemble an apple, a pear, a ruler, or an hourglass. Body shape, or figure, includes a person's skeletal structure or build, and the distribution of muscle and fat, including quantity of fat, on the body. Each body type has its pros and cons.

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