Physical Wellness -- Evaluating The State Of Your Mental And Physical Health

Physical Wellness -- Evaluating The State Of Your Mental And Physical Health

    Physical Wellness can be defined as a state of high physical well-being that includes physical fitness, physical nutrition and physical/personal care. The objective is to create a healthy lifestyle that's capable of moving you towards an optimal level of physical health.

    A Simple breakdown:

    Achieve good physical health through exercise that focuses on

    cardiovascular conditioning

    muscular strength

    muscular endurance


    body composition

    Nutrition can be maintained by keeping a balanced diet that includes

    vitamins & minerals

    good carbohydrates

    unsaturated fats




    Personal care
    Personal care, in this case, addresses how well we take care of ourselves in areas such as
    medical and dental care
    getting enough sleep
    personal safety

    These are all important aspects towards achieving a high state or optimal level of physical wellness.


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Maintaining good health is an essential part of achieving happiness and success in life. Pain and discomfort can stop you from living an active and productive lifestyle, because when the body doesn’t feel good, the mind doesn’t either.

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