Use Visualization To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Use Visualization To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Turn your goals and dreams into reality

    Achieving success often starts with setting clear goals and objectives. It's all about knowing what we want, knowing the steps necessary to get what we want, and taking action to get what we want. Applying goal setting to every aspect of our lives will inevitably produce the results that we want.It's that easy! Regardless of whether it's big or small, we'll get it done, no problem. 

    Of course, in reality, it takes lots of hard work and determination to accomplish the majority of our goals. Not to mention, all of the external challenges and obstacles that will present themselves throughout our journey to achieve these goals. That is just a fact of life that everyone has to overcome.

    Knowing what we want and having good intentions is generally not good enough to get the results that we want. Sure, we often start off great, but then, we can't seem to get beyond the planning phase to make it happen and enjoy the benefits. There are always reasons and excuses why we are unable to reach our desired destination. Quite often, it has to do with our inability to overcome fear, negativity, and our self-imposed limitations. Self-sabotage is also to blame for our misfortunes in life. The list of reasons why we are unable to turn our dreams and aspirations into reality is almost endless. 

    How we choose to respond to these challenges and obstacles, so we can move in the right direction, can make all the difference in whether we live a happy, healthy, successful life, or a life full of egrets.

    The first thing that we must do is to remove all the self-doubt and self-sabotage that we carry within us like heavy emotional baggage that weighs us down. If we can't remove the baggage, we will never believe in ourselves, and our ability to get things done in a timely and efficient manner.

    Telling ourselves that we can do it does help, but sometimes we need to see proof, before we can believe that it's true. We often need to see, feel, hear, and smell something to believe that it exists, that it's reality. This is especially true under adverse conditions. If you can see your vision with clarity, you are half way towards getting what you want. The more you can feel it with your senses, the more you will believe that it's reality, and therefore obtainable.

    Before we can believe that we can achieve our goals, we must first have an idea of how we're going to get there, and how we're going to feel once we accomplish our objectives. Anything less and our goals will remain a dream that we can't materialize into reality. This is where using visualization techniques and the law of attraction comes in. 

    Can you see all the issues and problems in your life? If you can see all the negativity, you must also be able to envision all the positive things in your life. Life can always be better, but making that happen is difficult to say the least. Well, we have a development tool that can help us turn our goals into reality.

    The idea is to use our imagination, and to visualize our goals until we fully believe that it can happen, as though we remember something that actually happed in the past. Our ability to use mental visualization and mental imagery to motivate ourselves and focus on the steps necessary to achieve our goals is vital. 

    This process is not new. In fact, we use it all the time without even noticing it. The brain is continuously storing and processing mental images on both a conscious and subconscious level. Dreams for example, can be very detailed and real as we watch them play out in our mind. A good story can evoke powerful mental images, and those images can create an emotional and physical response that is stronger than what is currently happening in our lives. When we recall our memories, we envision them in a type of a movie or image format that often includes audio. Our memories are real to us, and they help shape who we are today. So it makes sense that we use visualization to reshape our perception of reality, and once that happens, reality conforms to that perception.
    Use all of your senses to imagine the experience that you want. Below are a few ideas that can help you manifest the visions in your mind into a reality. 

    It's best to create the content in the visualization as though it already happened. It's much easier, stronger and more realistic when you process and move the visualization into your subconscious, when you believe that your vision already happened. It's just easier and natural to recall the past because it's already happened. Avoid visions that will occur in the future. If you visualize that it will happen in the future, it will probably never materialize, for it will always stay in the future.

    Using Dates
    Avoid using an actual date in your vision unless you fully believe that it's correct. Also, avoid using a date if you are unsure, or if you are fearful. If you are going to use a date, visualize that you are telling someone that this is the date you've been waiting for. Using a specific date will either help you, or create an obstruction. 

    Process and Outcome Methods
    There are two types of successful visualizations. Each of these serves a distinct purpose, but in order to achieve the greatest effect, they should be used together. The first method is Process Visualization. It involves envisioning each of the actions necessary to achieve the outcome that you want.  Focus on completing each of the steps that you need to achieve your goal, but not on the overall goal itself. 

    The second type of visualization is Outcome Visualization. It involves envisioning yourself achieving your goal. In the Outcome Visualization method, you see yourself already having completed your goal. 

    To do this, create a detailed mental image, or a movie in your mind, of the desired outcome using all of your senses. For instance, you may want to envision that you're in a video. First, see yourself doing it, and then see the video as though you're looking out, and seeing and experiencing everything around you. You did it! Good for you! Smile, and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Imagine the excitement, satisfaction, and thrill that you are experiencing. Can you feel it?

    Write or Draw the Visualization
    Some people find it useful to write their goal down, and then, in as much detail as possible, translate it into a visual representation. It could be a hand-drawn picture, a photograph or a diagram. It doesn't matter which media you use, just as long as it helps you to create a vivid mental image that makes you feel as though it's real. 

    Benefits of Visualization
    The advantages of using visualization techniques are extensive. In addition to visualizing your goals, it can help you to build self-confidence, maintain a positive mood, and acquire new positive behaviors. It can contribute to motivating and inspiring you.  You can use the techniques to learn and rehearse situations and outcomes in all areas of your life. Use it to envision and live the life you want to live. Utilizing visualization techniques is excellent for preparing for just about anything and everything. Whether you're trying to achieve successful outcomes, or doing a run-through for an upcoming event, visualization can help.

    How does visualization work?
    While we're awake, we are always taking in information. During sleep, we process that information and select what we want to move from our conscious (imagination) into our subconscious mind. And that's where the magic happens. Our subconscious mind doesn't know if the visions in our conscious mind are real and if they accurately reflect our actual experiences, or if we used our imagination to create them. When done correctly, the brain will believe that both our reality and what we visualized are real. When that happens, our subconscious mind will accept them and move them into our long term memory. It's a little scary to think that we can manipulate our perception of reality, but it's true. We are, in fact, attempting to create dreams and hallucinations, so that we believe our goals are real. How well we can move ideas from our conscious (imagination) to our subconscious (belief) will determine our success. 

    Developing our ability to utilize visualization techniques to the point where we can move our “self-created” visions into our subconscious requires plenty of practice and a good imagination. The point is that you can do it, and it does help. So, stop procrastinating and start doing it. You can do it anytime, anyplace, but to get the best results; you should perform visualization techniques right before going to sleep and just after waking up. Practicing meditation methods can help you focus and increase your visualization techniques.

    Our ability to visualize our ideal life can help turn our goals into reality. If you truly believe it, it's real to you, and that creates a better chance of manifesting your beliefs into reality. Decide what you want and be crystal clear about it.

    Focus on what you want and avoid thinking about what you don't want. For example, it's okay to say “I'm losing a lot of weight” or “I've lost a lot of weight”, but do not use “I have to lose a lot of weight”. The “I have to” indicates that it will happen in the future and the future, in this case, will always remain in the future. So always use the present or past tense when thinking and speaking about goals. 

    It's important that we have fun while performing visualization. We must allow ourselves to explore and experiments. It's fun trying to see yourself in your mind. If you see it as work, something that you have to do, the visualization process will not work. 

    It's also important to place ourselves in a relaxing and happy state, so that we can be open to our thoughts. 

    Use your senses 
    Imagine that you're holding a lemon. Now smell it, and taste it. Can you smell and taste the lemon? Now, imagine that you're holding sandpaper, and that you're rubbing it on your face. Can you feel the paper scratching your face?

    To help you feel certain that you vision is real, you must be able to envision it in various methods. This is another important part of making the visualization work. 

    If you close your eyes, can you see yourself clearly in your mind? Most people need a lot of practice. It helps to try a few things to see which ones you're comfortable with, and which ones will help most. First, look into a mirror, and then close your eyes. Try to see yourself as though you're looking in the mirror. Next, close your eyes and see yourself as though you're on a podium looking out to the audience. This next one may take some practice. Now close your eyes and try to see yourself as though you're looking at one or more cameras located in various places around you. You can also try to see yourself as though you're viewing yourself through a camera on a drone floating near you. Now play moving the drone around. It's exciting and fun to see yourself. Try it! Can you see yourself and everything around you in great detail? Practice, explore, and have fun!

    The fact is that in life, there is always a mixture of good and bad. What you decide to focus on is what will appear. You will notice that the things that you focus on will become more apparent, and the things that you're not interested in will become less noticeable with time. You will have more options if you're mindful and aware. 

    Choose and decide where to put your attention and focus. What you choose to focus on will appear in your life. You just have to decide whether you want to live a life full of expansion, miracles, and opportunities, or a life full of drama and limitations. What will you choose right now, that will create the life that you're capable of living?

    All possibilities exist, if you can envision it.


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