Time - Everything in life has a price

Time - Everything in life has a price

Are you time rich or time poor?

    Most people go through life focused on surviving challenges and obstacles, and on getting what they want in life. Many of them are fortunate to have a good life filled with friends, family, health, wealth, etc. Others unfortunately, are not so lucky, and live a life full of sorrow and misery. It all depends on the cards we're dealt with and the choices we make. It's really unclear why there is such a disparity between those who have and those who have not, but there is.

    Although most people tend to struggle with themselves and their surroundings, we have the tendency to take many of the things that we have for granted. We don't always remember or fully realize that everything we have, including life itself, is a privilege that can be taken away quickly, and without any notice.

    We often do things and make choices without weighing all our options or the price and consequences associated our actions. Many of us tend to avoid or be in denial about how much time we have left in our life. We're not always mindful that the minutes are passing by quickly, and that we'll never get this time back. Sometimes we're able to do something again, change direction, forge a new path, or reinvent ourselves, but we cannot go back in time to redo something or do it over differently. There are no do-over's in life. There are no second chances at life; once your time is over, you've run out of chances to do something else.

    Every move we make and minute that passes uses time; so make your next move your best move. One that is meaningful. It doesn't mean that you have to be busy each moment of your life, or that you should live carelessly in a party-like fantasy world. It has more to do with being mindful of each moment and your ability to put something special and meaningful in to it. Accomplishments and success are great, but are incomplete without spiritual substance and meaning.

    Time is a precious resource that we should not squander or take for granted, for we're only allotted an infinite amount of time throughout our life. Everything that happens and every choice that we make can be measured against our time. Time does not stop and we're using our allotment as each minute passes. It seems harsh, but it's reality. We're only here on a temporary basis. We can therefore conclude that each minute is a precious resource that has a price or a worth associated to it, and that everything in life has a price or a worth connected to it in one way or another. It's easy to go through life without understanding or paying attention to this. The fact is that we're paying for everything in some way, including how we spend our precious time.

    Every minute from the time we are born to the time we die has a price or worth attached to it. There are obvious and not so obvious tradeoffs to everything, and every choice and action you make. Everything you do costs time where you could be doing something else. There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to do one thing verses another. Maybe there are benefits or advantages for doing something or maybe they feel an obligation to do it. Whether or not you learn a musical instrument, play a sport, maintain a healthy lifestyle, fall in love, have a family, have a good career, you're still going to pay for it. The list describing all the things you haven't done, didn't do or couldn't do and should have done is endless. Regardless of what you do or don't do, sooner or later you'll pay for it in one way or another; there is simply no way around it. It also doesn't matter if you make a choice or if something just happens to you, there is a price to pay. Everything in life has a price connected to it, so the questions are; what you are paying for, how much will you pay for it, and how often will you pay for it?

    Some things are out of our control and we only manipulate the things that we believe we can control. It's an illusion to think that we have 100% total control over anything in life. So what can we do to improve ourselves, our quality of life, achieve our optimum potential, and evolve to become a better person? This is a complicated question that each person has to think over and reach their own conclusions. There are a few basic things that everyone can do to help themselves.

    • Continually take small steps towards improving each area of life-wellness.

    • Be mindful that your thoughts, perception, intention, action, and reaction always need tweaking and improvement.

    • Make smart choices and weight them carefully for there is always a price to pay for everything that you do or don't do.

    • Make the most out of what you have and the time you have, for it's a waste of energy to obsessively focus on what you don't have.

    • Strive to maintain a state of calmness and peacefulness for they are the roots from which you begin everything else.

    • Mindfulness and spirituality are key components towards achieving the best in you.

    • You must look inward before you look to others.

    • Make every minute count in a meaningful way.

    • Embrace the positive.

    • Emit positive energy into everything and everyone.

    • Focus on maintaining joy and contentment, and if you're lucky you'll get happiness every once in a while.

    • Be independent and maintain healthy relationships.

    • Expect more of yourself and less of others.

    • Stop judging everyone and adjust your expectations, for no one is perfect.

    • Strive to achieve and maintain a well-balanced and well-rounded lifestyle.

    • Make time for and incorporate music, art, laughter, fun, and dance into your life.

    • Open your eyes and mind so you can see and experience things that a closed minded person can't.

    • Be a loving, caring, and humble person.

    • Help people without expecting anything back from them.

    • Life is short, so find your passion and follow your path.

    • Be mindful to insert beauty, love, and meaning into each and every moment that passes.

    • Strive for good health and wellness.

    • Continued focus on self-care, self-presentation and self-improvement is a wise investment.

    • Maintain focus on the big picture and not on the small, negative, inconsequential things that really do not matter.

    • Keep learning, searching, and evolving.


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