Signs Are Everywhere

Signs Are Everywhere

There are Life Signs all around us that will reveal themselves if we allow it

    We live in a universe where things are always changing and evolving. With so much going on within us and all around us, it's often difficult to notice everything that we are meant to see. It would be a lot easier if everything had a sign which would make easier for us to see that it is there, providing us with valuable information and a clear path in life. Well, signs do exist in everyday life. It's up us to notice that they are there, and extract from, and interpret their meanings.

    We are mostly accustomed to seeing road signs, such as stop, one way, and speed limit. But if we take the time to stop and look around, we'll also notice that there are all different kinds of signs everywhere that we look. God/the Angels/the Universe/Destiny sends us “life signs”. These signs can help us to shape and define our lives. These “life signs” provide us with an excellent opportunity to learn valuable life-lessons from each and every situation we experience throughout our lives.

    Unlike the physical road signs that we can easily see, "life signs" are often difficult to see and understand. They don't have flashing neon letters spelling out our name and the secrets of life. These signs are visible if we accept that they do exist, and if we take the time to look for them. Sure, we'll notice the obvious ones, and if we look closer and deeper, we'll see other signs that are hidden away in plain sight.

    For instance, one day when we look up, we notice that the sky is incredible and beautiful beyond belief. From that day forward, we can look up at the sky and extract meaning from the wonderment that something so amazing and magnificent exists. The sky was always there; the only difference is that we stopped and took the time to take a close look. Taking the steps to enjoy a state of mindfulness allows us to be present in every moment of our daily life. Our ability to see the sky for what it really is, a miracle, would go unnoticed if we didn't stop to look for the “life signs” that exists all around us.

    It's important also to look for the small signs that may seem unimportant and insignificant at the time. We may find out later that those little signs can pack big consequences. Life signs can be about our environment or our physical, emotional and spiritual health. The fact is that these signs can be about almost anything, and they can appear almost anywhere.

    There are also signs within us too. Our body must express itself through a wide verity of methods so we can communicate with our conscious mind and let us know how it is doing. Quite often, the body will provide subtle tell-signs, letting us know of a potential problem.

    Interestingly enough, our emotional memories from past experiences are stored and expressed in our body. Every time we experience an emotion, which is every time we experience a thought, microscopic peptides are released somewhere in our body, storing that new emotion for future use. Too many unpleasant or traumatizing experiences can cause a buildup of peptides that can be harmful to our health. We should all be aware that they exist, and know how to express them so we can remain healthy. Unfortunately, most of us go throughout life without even knowing that our body reveals physical and mental signs of our past emotional experiences.

    Listed below are a few tips and ideas for thought: 
    Be aware and enjoy looking for signs and interpreting their meaning without becoming overwhelmed or consumed. Let it become a natural part of your daily life. Reading and understanding “life signs” should always be a natural and flowing experience that you can enjoy throughout your life. You have a better chance of finding signs when you’re calm, relaxed and in harmony with all that exists.

    There are signs everywhere that will help you to make sense of any life situation at any moment. Signs are everywhere. We must train ourselves to notice, read, and interpret their meanings.

    The unfolding of each day holds meaning and significance. Each day is your own, personal movie right before your eyes, and yet we may not know how to find the meaning or the answer to our questions.

    The more you pay attention, the more signs will start appearing in your daily life.

    Look around, pay attention, and experience a peaceful state of mindfulness.

    Use your senses to see, hear, smell, touch, and feel all that is within and around you, and you'll notice and experience things that were insignificant and invisible to you before you became mindful.

    Have you ever had a Déjà Vu experience where you sensed that something happened before?

    Nature and animals are teachers too. Enjoy and learn lessons while you interact with them.

    Explore energy vibrations and all that they have to offer.

    What's the condition of your inner-house? Is it time to rebalance and cleanse?

    Have you ever experienced something that seems to have come out of the blue? Is it really out of the blue, or was it meant to be, and you just can’t find the connection?

    Although they are sometimes difficult to spot, look for patterns in people and circumstances throughout your day. Sometimes it requires a lot of time just to see a pattern, but they are there. Learn to change unhealthy patterns to meet your needs best.

    While in a state of mindfulness, take a look around. Ask yourself if you see or feel anything that you are supposed to learn? Check if you can see a pattern that relates to something else in your life?

    Remain open to this and see what happens. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. It's going to happen regardless if you're aware that it's going on or not. You will never know what you are missing.


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