Tips On Things You Can Do To Manage And Mitigate Your Chronic Pain And Discomfort

Tips On Things You Can Do To Manage And Mitigate Your Chronic Pain And Discomfort

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    Living with chronic pain or even discomfort is very difficult, stressful, and challenging. It is an ongoing daily battle, profoundly affecting every aspect of life. It's difficult for most folks living with those conditions to even imagine a life free of pain and anxiety. Too often, chronic pain sufferers develop feelings of fear, hopelessness, and despair thinking about their bleak future, and living with their chronic pain condition for the rest of their lives.

    At some point, they all have to dial with and accept changes that deeply affect their life and lifestyle. Change can include selling their house and moving, or having to move due to weather, job or career changes, changes in daily chores and activities, relationships, social interactions, financial, and on occasion, forcibly scaled down to have a more manageable life. Change seems to always accompanies the onset of chronic pain. Change is difficult for most people, but for chronic pain sufferers, it's debilitating.

    It is extremely common for chronic pain sufferers to experience anxiety, and develop some degree of depression that can interfere with their daily activities, there sleeping pattern, ability to concentrate, and other areas such as social interaction. It's not that they are selfish, but that they are overwhelmed and consumed by their uncomfortable or painful sensations.

    If you live with chronic pain or discomfort, you know how difficult and challenging life can be. There are steps you can take to help yourself and live the best life possible. The alternative is what, to lay down for the rest of your life until you die. That is actually much harder than it seems, and it will probably make you physically and emotionally worse. The human animal needs to remain active and functioning to survive.

    I would like to offer a few tips on living with chronic pain and discomfort. As you read this, please keep in mind that I know nothing about your health or your situation.

    • It is extremely important to keep moving forward and don't give up. Make the most of every minute for we will never have enough time. Absorbed each minute, because at the end when we look back, good memories of precious moments is all that matters.

    • Life can still have joy, meaning and fulfillment, in spite of the pain. It's up to you to see that way.

    • Learn to look inward to find peace, for that is your salvation. We learn that peace comes with acceptance and we adapt.

    • Keep hope alive and close to your heart as you continue on your journey of life.

    • Hope is like a seed. A little is all it takes but it does have to have fertile soil if it is to grow.
    • Bother to take care of yourself and your environment. Practicing good physical self-care habits will help you feel and look better, and helps when you interact with people.
    • Make your home a refuge, an oasis, where you can escape to and feel comfortable. Make sure your home feels more like a castle or palace and not a prison, where you become your own jailer.

    • Practice deep breathing and meditation. Deep breathing and meditation techniques will help relax the body, induce tranquility, and promote the flow of internal energy, called Chi, throughout the body. Lungs need to expand, and the mind needs to be calm.

    • Make an Action Plan - Develop an effective game plan that keeps you in the best physical and emotional condition for the rest of your life. Keep updating, improving, and tweaking the action plan throughout your life, for there is always room for improvement.

    • Learn to cope and accept living with chronic pain - Learning to accept that pain could last a long time, maybe the rest of your life, is extremely difficult and challenging. It may take a long time, but you can do it! Learn to use effective coping strategies that help isolate and minimize psychological feelings of anxiety, and remove any psychosomatic disorders that may exist.

    • Be mindful of your thoughts.

    • Eat food that is tasty, nutritious and healthy for you. Eating well-balanced diet can help you physically and mentally. Pay attention to what, when, and how much you eat. Learn to eat everything in moderation.

    • Keep a journal. Document your pain level and daily activities. Record when the pain subsides and when it increases, what helps and what hurts. Track which food negatively affects you and which ones don't. Document how you feel after a night of sleep. Reviewing the documentation will help you identify what's helping you and what's not.

    • Get Help - Seek help from a healthcare professionals who deal with physical and/or mental areas. Gather information from various resources and learn about your problem and solutions. You are not alone!.

    • Medication - Find the right medication. Take your medicine and vitamins as prescribed by your doctor.

    • Explore various passive and active therapy treatment options.

    • Self-talk - We cannot control our brain mind, but we can learn to consciously manipulate it. We can learn to develop self-talk techniques that will help minimize our negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. This process will help isolate the physiology problem as well as any psychosomatic issues that may be negatively affecting the recovery process.

    • Exercise - The physical and mental health benefits of exercising are amazing. Exercise must be an integral part of your lifestyle.

    • Practice Qi Gong/Chi Kung physical, mental, and breathing exercises.

    • Music and dancing - Music is good for the soul and makes living with chronic pain more bearable. Music can influence how you feel, your attitude and mood. Dancing to music is fun and healthy entertainment. Try dancing or practicing Chi gong/Chi Kung exercises while you listen to smooth, calming music. Visit the music room page on this website to listen to music.

    • Humming and singing can be very therapeutic and viewed as a type of meditation. The vibration from humming can help relax the body and improve the flow of Chi, internal energy.

    • Pace yourself - It is important to remain active, but don't overdo it. Go at the speed, length, and rhythm that works well for you.

    • Learn to relax and to reduce stress as much as possible.

    • Seeking Support - While family and friends can be supportive, it is important to meet and interact with people who are in the same situation and understand what you're going through. You will benefit from sharing ideas and you'll feel less alone. Join a support group or online forums with individuals are going through the same thing as you are.

    • Smoking can increase chronic pain and increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

    • Cut back on alcohol - Alcohol can have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health, and it can easily become addictive when a person is depressed or experiencing anxiety.

    • Find ways to distract yourself from pain so you can enjoy life. Track if your pain subsides when you are distracted. Document any findings in your journal.


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