How to take your power back in 6 simple ways

How to take your power back in 6 simple ways

    Have you ever felt powerless in a relationship? Or do your colleagues at work keep making you feel you're not enough? Or you feel your energy slipping away while under the watch of a toxic person. Don't worry, this article will teach you how to take your power back.

    I understand how it feels when someone or something takes your power away from you — unsatisfactory and limiting. It makes you feel like a vegetable, immature, increases your stress levels, and doesn't encourage you to focus on yourself.

    So, let's go on by first, knowing what taking your power means.

    What does taking back my power means?
    In simple terms, getting back your power means getting back or regenerating your willpower. It means taking back control over your life in terms of making good decisions, doing great at time management, having your vital energy, being in control of your finance, etc.

    This initially means that you have lost the power to make your own decisions, plan your future, and control your resources, to another person. But now you've acknowledged that fact and want your freedom back.

    Learning how to take your power back doesn't always turn out an easy task. You would always need the right knowledge and some qualities, like patience, wisdom, emotional intelligence, etc to pull yourself through.

    Meanwhile, here are some tips to help you get your power back.

    1.   Be Original
    It's all good to have a model. Having a model helps you understand and do things easier. Most people have people they model for riches, skill, talent, attitude, etc. There's a lot to model.

    But if you're stuck copying someone else's life, how are you going to be original? Don't be that person who models someone's else' smile, walking step, gestures, voice, etc. It makes you a duplicate and not an original. Being original is one way to learn how to take your power back. Learn how to be content with yourself. Be yourself — The very best version!

    2.   Claim Responsibility
    If you keep pushing away responsibility, there's a higher chance that you're losing your sense of independence. This means that you're always on the lookout for someone to blame on.

    If there's a mistake in the report document, own it. If the cake got burnt in the oven, agree it's your fault. Stop shifting blames, it makes you lose your power to someone who's taking responsibility for it.

    3.   Speak out
    When you hold your voice back, you become limited and your opinions are never heard. This is one way you can get your power taken away from you.

    When you stand up and speak out for yourself or someone, you express the power you have inside of you.

    4.   Learn to say no
    Saying no takes a lot of courage. But when you learn to say no to the things you don't want, it gives you control over your life rather than denying yourself the right to happiness.

    Most people have no idea how dangerous it is to say "yes" to everything and everyone. Saying "no" isn't a bad thing. Instead, it means that you are in control of your decisions. When learning how to take your power back, saying no to what you don't want or are not comfortable with stands helpful.

    5.   Focus on yourself, too
    Most people get lost trying to play the "I'll save you" game. I know it's ideal to be a good and helpful person, but if you take it too far, you might lose yourself in the process.

    The idea here is to have a balanced life — as you reach out to help others, you also make out time for yourself too. Only a few people look into self-care practices.

    6.   Move away from toxic people
    We can never fully teach you how to take your power back if we don't tell you to move away from people who try to take your power away from you.

    Being around toxic people will only leave you confused, inferior, and drained of energy. Creating healthy boundaries and standing on your right is an ideal way to deal with toxic people.

    Learning how to take your power back requires patience, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence. Now stand up for yourself and take back your power from wherever you left it or from whoever snatched it away.

    Over to you. What is one thing you can do today to start the journey of taking back your power?

    You can tell us about it in an email. We are all ears!


Ben Danor
Image Ben Danor writes on a wide range of genres, including sustainability, improving his environmental impact, self-improvement, and learning new ideas to better himself. In his spare time, he is a lover of music and composition, writing lyrics and composing various songs. He is also a lover of animals. Feel free to follow his works.


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