Live a Better Life

Live a Better Life

    We all know someone or know of someone, who seems to have everything that they want in life. These people appear to have everything and get everything done with little to no effort. It’s as though they have achieved perfection.

    Yes, some people are doing very well and are truly happy. These folks are blessed. The myth, however, that someone can reach perfection and live the perfect lifestyle, is unrealistic and unobtainable. Someone could come close, but they’ll never be able to achieve perfection, especially over an extended period. On the other hand, even though perfection is out of the question, everyone has the responsibility to strive to become the best version of themselves that they can and to live a lifestyle that allows them to experience life to the fullest, with meaning and substance.

    Part of the problem is that everyone is busy dealing with their hectic schedules and the daily challenges that arise. To make matters even more complicated, we have to remember that life is short, and we only have 24 hours in a day. There will always be countless things that demand your attention and endless things that you want to do in life. But how can we do everything and achieve everything we want, before we run out of time? The answer is that we won’t be able to attend to everything and get to do everything we want. It’s just a fact of life that we have to accept. It's not enough to be busy, that you try hard, or that you have issues if you're going to live life well. You might be asking yourself, but what can I do to improve my lifestyle and create a life that I love? There are many things that you can do to improve your life. An important question is whether your current way of coping and managing things is creating the results that you want, the results that will allow you to live your life well.

    Regardless of how well, or how bad, things are going, there are always things that you can do to make life better. But how to go about improving your health and your lifestyle can seem complicated, and for some, it may seem as though that lifestyle you want is an out of reach and just an unobtainable dream that will never come true. The truth is, there are always options and choices that we can make on a daily basis, that will help us achieve our goals and objectives.

    One of the first things to figure out is what you want out of life. You have to decide what's important to you in life, so you know what doesn't matter and to stop wasting your time and energy on the things that will not get you to your goal. Knowing what you want in life allows you to focus on taking the steps towards the path that will lead you to achieve your targets and aspirations.

    So what exactly is the problem? Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers so you can ponder about them later. Is what you are doing now working towards your greater cause? Are you busy doing things that help achieve your goals, or are you just doing busy work, and trying to survive? Is the stuff that you devote most of your time to on a regular basis creating a healthy, well-balanced, and well-rounded lifestyle? Where are you spending your time and energy? What areas require your attention? Is what you're doing now going to give you the best results and the dividends that will help you to succeed? These are important questions that require a lot of thought. Remember to write down your questions and spell out your answers in a clear and articulated manner.

    Maybe part of the problem is that you are making some bad choices on a regular basis. We all make hundreds of choices every day, and some of those choices won’t be the in your best interest. Whether it’s because of self-sabotage or our circumstances, we make bad choices more often than we should. Even selecting something small, that we believe is insignificant, can result in a large, negative outcome if we do it often enough, and over an extended period.

    It’s safe to say that everyone struggles with making good choices and doing the right thing. Whether you're making a decision based on emotional feelings, options, or circumstances, there are usually pros and cons to each decision. So what's the best method for making good healthy choices? One approach is to live in the "now" and to look at the "big picture" when making a choice. But what exactly does the "big picture" mean to you? In other words, what comes to mind when you think of the "big picture"?

    What is most important to you, and is it a priority in your life? Once you understand your most important life priorities, you can use the "top of the pyramid" approach to setting your priorities in the proper order. For example, if you understand what's most important, you should place a high priority on any decision you make for it. With that understanding, let's start with the most important, "top of the pyramid" priority you have, your life! We can spend tons of time debating what matters most in life, but it’s safe to say that life cannot exist without you.

    What should your priorities be?
    Below is a priority list that may work for you. Feel free to use it as is, or modify the list to meet your own needs and perspective.
    1. Health (mind and body)
    2. God/faith/spirituality
    3. Relationships
    4. Career
    5. Leisure (Fun, Health)
    6. Everything Else

    How can setting life priorities, help you to live the life that you love?
    Having a clear understanding of your priorities in life, helps you to focus on how to spend your time best and your efforts. Setting priorities will also help you to make healthy choices. The trick is to set realistic, achievable priorities that empower you to create a well-balanced and well-rounded lifestyle.

    What happens if your priorities are incorrect?
    Knowing what you want and creating a list of priorities is an important task. It is, however, extremely critical that the priorities are in the correct order. Otherwise, you’ll most likely be spending a lot of your time and effort doing things that will limit your chances of creating the life that you want to live, and the life that you will love. Or, even worse, setting the wrong priorities could create problems and unrest in your life. It is, therefore, important to take your time creating a realistic and achievable priority list and doable tasks. Continue to learn and apply new ideas to help change, grow and modify your priority list, as well as your schedule, and associated functions. 

    How important is your life? What are you willing to do to improve your life? Are you willing to change your lifestyle so that you can live a better, more fulfilling and happier life? For simplicity sake, we'll assume that you answered "yes" to all of these questions.  Even if you're doing fairly well, there are always things and choices that you can make to improve your life.

    Train yourself to pause and think before you say or do something, and before you react to something or someone.

    Invest in you by selecting your options carefully and by making positive and healthy choices.


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