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Contentment - Joyfulness - Happiness

Achieve contentment, joyfulness and sometimes happiness

    Achieving perfect happiness is a fantasy that only leads to disappointment or depression if we insist on chasing it as though we're entitled to it. There are many ways to achieve happiness but most are temporary.

    Many people believe that happiness is the result of external situations in life. Unfortunately, that kind of happiness is short-lived if it's not accompanied by contentment and joyfulness stirring within the soul. This is the only path to true satisfaction in life.

    Seeking happiness through momentary feelings of pleasure or seeking perfection in the outside world will ultimately result in disappointment and cause failure at some level. Attaching happiness to high expectations and desires is short-lived when successful, and disappointing, depressing, and painful when unsuccessful.

    Achieving a state or feeling of contentment, joyfulness, and happiness is the result of doing things, but it's more a way of being who you are, your attitude, and your approach towards things that's important. Achieving contentment, joyfulness and happiness is the result of your intention to evolve daily as a person, as a loving human being.

    You must first look inward before looking outward for peace, contentment and joyfulness. Look into yourself, your inner self, to find, reach and sustain a high level of contentment and joyfulness. Focusing on looking inward, into yourself, allows you to somewhat detach or reduce dependency and yoyo effects caused by seeking pleasures, perfection, expectations, and desires. The Wellness model recommends that you take time from your busy lifestyle to honor, respect and attend to your own personal basic self-care and health maintenance needs such as exercise, eating habits, and reflection time. Taking the time to take care of yourself correctly should bring you peace, tranquility, joy, and contentment. You will then be in a better position to give love and appreciate your relationships, nature, and everything else life has to offer.

    You have to think and believe it's true or it's not. Contentment, joyfulness and happiness are a state of mind in that if you perceive it to be true, it's true. Although exterior events affect you, ultimately it's how you think, interrupt and view things that will make you content, joyful, happy or miserable.

    It's important to draw a distinction between contentment, joyfulness, and happiness. Happiness is more about feeling great and excited that all is wonderful in our world. Contentment and joyfulness are about being comfortable, secure, confident, and having a sense of acceptance, tranquility, and inner peace as well as having meaning and purpose in life.

    Happiness can be determined by one's circumstances. On the other hand, contentment and joyfulness are more of a permanent state of being and is not necessarily determined by one's present circumstances. Happiness tends to disappear when something temporarily makes you unhappy, but you can remain content even when things are going badly.

    When we view it this way, it's easy to see why contentment and joyfulness can be a long-term state of mind and happiness a short-term state of mind. Therefore, our objective is to achieve contentment and joyfulness, and add happiness whenever possible. Being content and joyful creates a platform that we can use to springboard up emotionally when happiness presents itself and fall back down to when happiness dissipate or disappears.

    There are things you can do to reach and sustain a healthy state of contentment and joyfulness for long periods of time. It is similar to learning to ride a bicycle in that it's hard work in the beginning but it's easier once you learn. To become comfortable, secure, and confident usually requires that you put effort, time, and a lot of practice. It also requires that you have a strong willingness to achieve a high level of contentment and joyfulness. Understand that it's not a quick fix but a way of approaching life. It may require restructuring your current perception and behavior but you'll probably gain an entirely new appreciation of life.

    Achieving contentment and joyfulness is about pursuing life with a certain attitude and state of mind that promotes gusto and perseverance while maintaining inner peace and harmony. Contentment and joyfulness is about being satisfied and accepting of who you are as a person, as a human being. It's about accepting and enjoying the simple things in life. It's knowing that you're part of nature like a leaf on a tree, in a forest. It's knowing that you can only manipulate and never control things, people, or events. It's knowing that life is really short, so simplify, ride the wave, go with the flow, and not a against it.

    Satisfaction in this case is not about being complacent, just sitting around doing nothing, without ambitions, goals, or desires. It does not mean that you are completely satisfied with your life. It means that you're satisfied and accept who you are, where you are, and that you're striving to improve yourself and submerge yourself in harmony and inner peace, tranquility, and joy with the people, things, and environment around you. Having satisfaction and acceptance creates a foundation that allows you to learn, create new things, and to seek out new experiences throughout life.

    You cannot find contentment, joyfulness, and happiness unless you're satisfied and accept who you are as a person. For instance, people who are greedy, pursue pleasures, material things, perfection, or seek a lifetime of happiness will most likely never be truly content or joyful because they are never satisfied.

    Contentment, joyfulness, and happiness can be achieved when you apply effort and care into all aspects of the life-wellness model. It's being healthy and spiritual. It's also when you have meaning and purpose in your life, when you see opportunity instead of problems, when you express creativity, when you are in meaningful relationships, and when you make other people happy.

    To achieve contentment and joyfulness, you simply need to take the necessary steps and make up your mind to be content. It is really that simple.

    • Look inward to find contentment and joyfulness

    • Start working on the three core aspects of life-wellness

    • Start each day with meditation/energy healing, payer of gratitude and blessings, and Qi Gong

    • Create a sense of balance and harmony

    • Become aware of what you say to yourself and consciously use self-talk to modify

    • Build self-respect and self-esteem through your intentions and actions

    • Focus on the present and future

    • Do not dwell on the past - use self-talk and intentional-denial to modify

    • Avoid becoming deeply submerged in negative emotions - use self-talk and intentional-denial to modify

    • Remain optimistic in knowing that it could be much worse

    • Smile and laugh throughout the day, even if you have to fake it sometimes

    • Do things where you can apply creativity, devotion and gives purpose to your life

    • Self-care - Part of Physical Wellness

    • Exercise - Part of Physical Wellness

    • Nutrition - Part of Physical Wellness

    • Give back to others often - Part of Social Wellness

    • Remain consistent on improving and performing key routines on a regular basis


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