Express Gratitude And Count Your Blessings

Express Gratitude And Count Your Blessings

    Express gratitude and count your blessings each and every day. Start by making a list of all the things to be grateful for in your life. Review the list daily and you'll start to feel grateful and thankful about the good things and lose focus of your problems and what you don't have. Express gratitude for everything you've have now and for the accomplishments of those goals and desires yet to come.

    Begin each day with positive thoughts and feelings of gratitude for all the good people, good experiences and things you already have and that will come into your life. Every morning when you wake up say "Thank you." that I'm alive. Even if you're in bad health be thankful you're still alive. Be thankful for the brand new day that is unfolding and if you have food and a roof over your head. Give gratitude if you have any relationships and that they're doing well in life.

    Slowing down to appreciate things will make your life better. Make it a habit to be aware and acknowledge gratitude for everything, even for the smallest things that happen throughout the day by saying "Thank you". Think of all the wonderful things in your life to be happy for and you'll soon see that the list is long and impressive!

    You'll start to feel different about what you already have and you'll will start to attract more of the good things. The more things you're grateful for, the more positive things will happen. Positive, grateful thoughts lock you into the frequency that generates positive energy which in turn creates positive motion and emit an abundance of subtle positive vibration within and around your body known as Chi.

    On the other hand, if thoughts and feelings are full of ungrateful and negative emotions you'll most likely attract negative things, situations and people into your life. Depression, jealousy, resentment, dissatisfaction, or feelings of "not enough" usually cannot bring you what you want. You are sabotaging yourself by having those negative thoughts and emotional feeling.

    Our thoughts and perspective affects our behavior, and our behavior affects what happens to us. Our dominant thoughts will generate actions, where positive thoughts and energies attract positive things and generate good events and negativity will attract more negativity. This is known as "the law of attraction".

    The law of attraction is basically whatever you express verbally or mentally, you send out energy to the universe to absorb and then return to you. Sending out positive energy will return positive energy and sending negative energy will return negative energy. It will send out what you truly believe in you inner being and not just because you said it once without applying thought. Therefore, it's important that you genuinely feel good about the gratitude and blessings you express.

    This is where using self-talk can change and focus your thoughts and feelings. Self-talk is basically how you consciously talk to yourself or what do you say to yourself. We're always talking to ourselves but not always aware of what we're saying. Using self-talk to change your perspective will help you modify your behavior, and that will cause you to experience a transformation in your reality. In other words, use self-talk to convince yourself. By expressing gratitude and counting your blessing on a regular basis you're using self-talk to change or ingrain your perspective, your feelings, your new actions, and in turn your desired results. Using self-talk will help shift your mind set from one of scarceness and doubt to one of abundance and faith.

    The Law of Attraction works on the principal that your thoughts are set in motion and sent out to the universe. The universe picks up those thoughts, generates more just like them and returns them to you.

    Using the law of attraction to actually receive what you want involves expressing gratitude as though your wish has already been granted and you've already received it. It works better in the now, present state instead expressing gratitude as thought you'll get it in the future. For instance, I am so happy and grateful now that my relationship with my partner has become more loving and passionate. Or, I'm so grateful and thankful for the money I received to pay the bills. Although the things listed in the example above haven't happened, your giving gratitude and thanks as though it has already happen.

    The effect of a grateful, thankful outlook on psychological and physical well-being was examined in several studies. In these studies participants were randomly assigned to groups and ask they keep daily records of their moods, coping behaviors, health behaviors, physical symptoms, and overall life appraisals. The gratitude-outlook groups exhibited heightened well-being across several, though not all, of the outcome measures across the studies, relative to the comparison groups. Results suggest that a conscious focus on gratitude and blessings will most likely have positive emotional and interpersonal benefits.

    Other research studies have shown that expressing gratitude creates a pleasant state of mind and is linked with positive emotions including contentment, happiness, pride, and hope. They found that expressing gratitude was clustered in a category of positive, interpersonal feelings that included admiration, respect and trust. Expressing gratitude, thankfulness and counting blessings can create an intrinsically rewarding state that may lead to other positive subjective experiences, enhancement and expansion of self. It also shows that thankfulness is rated as highly similar to joy and contentment, and is highly dissimilar to contempt, hate, and jealousy. Most participants in studies indicated that expressing gratitude helped them to feel extremely happy or somewhat happy.

    Regardless if you're a religious person or not, expressing gratitude and counting your blessings to God or the universe has a remarkable positive effect on all aspects of life-wellness. Continue to express gratitude and blessings on a daily basis until it becomes your way of life.

    Expressing gratitude is a wonderful, powerful exercise that helps you generate and send out positive energy which brings you closer towards achieving peace, harmony, joy, contentment and sometimes happiness.

    You have a choice to either manifest negativity or to manifest and focus on the positive things in your life.

    Gratitude helps attitude and an attitude of gratitude certainly helps you focus and be grateful for what you have in your life.


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