Focus On The Now - Live In The Moment

Focus On The Now - Live In The Moment

    While life unfolds in the present moment, being able to live in the "now" is generally easier said than done. We tend to let the present moments just slip away unobserved, squandering the precious seconds of our lives until we're time-poor. Too often we're caught up in trying to deal with whatever is happening, consumed, worrying about the future, or reflecting about what has past.

    The problem usually has to do with distractions, confronting challenges, or the mind becoming filled with speeding negative thoughts that can make anyone feel anxious and fearful. We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed and besieged by obstacles that prohibit us from being able to absorb the present moment with inner peace and enlightenment.

    For some people, there are too many things clamoring for their attention. They are too busy trying to keep up with the demands that are put upon them, as well as demands that they put on themselves. They often feel overwhelmed, stressed-out, and unable to maintain a good state of life-wellness and well-being that's required to achieve and sustain a well-balanced, well-rounded, healthy and happy lifestyle. Juggling a busy schedule and lifestyle can be extremely challenging, taxing, and in some cases harmful. It negatively affects all aspects of life-wellness. Trying to keep up with a career, school, home life, diet, sleep, social relationships, financial demands and lack of time, etc., can quickly become toxic if not managed correctly. The demands are often so high that the person can't handle it, regardless of how much they struggle and fight it. The symptoms appear first, and then the problems begin to surface. These people tend to lose their train of thought, forget what they're doing, and have trouble re-engaging in a task. Mood swings due to ongoing stress and anxiety makes them feel like they're on an out of control roller coaster. How can they cope and stop the madness before they crash and their lives completely break down?

    The first step in managing and containing a hectic lifestyle is to identify your tasks and prioritize them to make sure they will realistically fit into your schedule. It may take time to figure out how to improve your schedule and lifestyle, but keep making small positive changes. Making easy, simple changes will accumulate and create positive, noticeable results.

    The second step is to change your attitude and your approach towards everyone and everything you do. You may not be able to change your schedule at this moment, but you can change how you experience or internalize your moments, which in turn changes the overall outcome of the situation.

    The third step is to quiet and relax the mind and the body as often as possible throughout the day, and especially before going to sleep and after waking up. This process can take from a few seconds to a few hours.

    Other people have the opposite problem, in that they don't have enough to do, but they tend to have similar symptoms. Sitting around with nothing to do or not having enough to do can cause emotional havoc on a person. They can become bombarded and inundated with negative thoughts that overwhelm and consume their mind; sometimes resulting in paralyzing and dysfunctional behaviors. They tend to spend much of their time worrying, enraged with negative thoughts that include words like "if, how, and why", trying to make sense of it all, or trying to make it all go away. For many of these folks, a state of depression, fear, and anxiety takes over their lives. A feeling of hopelessness, despair, and darkness drains their emotional and physical energy, propelling them towards a life filled with illness, hardship, and suffering. Upon reading, this some would say that is not me or that it can never happen to me. Well that maybe true, but it does happen to a lot of people, so don't assume it could never happen to you, even to some degree.

    Do not let your past experiences dictate and consume the present moment or the future, for that is truly a waste of time. Remember the past but don't dwell on it, for you cannot change it. Plan and think of the future, but don't dwell and worry about the future either, for it has not happened yet.

    A common theme between these two scenarios is that the mind is very powerful and can alter how we experience a situation as well as how we recall what has happened in the past. The mind is also vulnerable to external and internal challenges and conditions. Most people have unique tendencies to inflict their mind with thoughts of worry, regret, guilt, fear, stress, anxiety, or pleasure seeking of some kind. Therefore, it's important to create a mindset that focuses on being present in the current moment. Being able to focus on the present moment helps you manage your time and schedule effectively, and work towards achieving a well-balanced state of life-wellness. People that are mindful and live in the preset moment tend to be happier, more fulfilled and satisfied than those folks who tend to live their lives on autopilot, not paying attention to how the moments are unfolding as they pass by quickly into the past. Those folks are caught up in trying to survive, lost while going through the motions of what's happening now, without actually absorbing the meaning and significance of the moment. They seem to be in an emotional fog, unable and unaware of how to extract the beauty of it all, regardless of the circumstances or the situation.

    Be aware and mindful of what's happening in the present moment and situation, but remain disconnected at some level, observing your thoughts without judging them or your situation. This philosophy or mindset allows you to pay attention to what's happening, while remaining nonjudgmental and maintain awareness so you can make the best choice on how to handle the current situation. This will help create the best possible outcome. Mindful people tend to deal with situations and hear negative feedback without necessarily feeling threatened or becoming defensive. Mindful people who follow this mindset can create a positive situation, which helps improve their lifestyle and creates good and accurate memories when reflecting back on their life experiences. It is normal to face challenges, but how we handle and what we extract from a situation determines our experience.

    Focus on the now, and live in the present moment. You do not have total control of the present moment. but you do have some ability to manipulate it as it unfolds and quickly passes. Regardless of the situation, you have choices that you can make which will change the outcome of the experience. You have a choice to focus on what you should be thinking about and avoid focusing on what you should not be thinking about. Focus on the options and the choices that you have at any given moment in order to help determine the best outcome of the situation. Know what you want the outcome to be in any situation. Staying focused on the outcome while remaining emotionally disconnected at some level helps to create a positive moment and experience.

    • Remind yourself to be mindful. Remind yourself to remember your priorities.

    • Take care of your health, for without it you're useless.

    • Whenever you feel anxious about your situation, your future, or your past, just breathe. Take a few long, deep breathes and a quick meditation (visualization, hum, affirmations) in order to calm the mind.

    • Life-wellness, Qigong/Chi Kung, meditation, spirituality, and energy healing are all vital tools that you can use to achieve and sustain a well-balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle.

    • Allow some time to practice stillness and clam.

    • Disconnect yourself emotionally and physically from reality and awaken your spirituality.

    • Review your life-wellness wheel to check on the status of each aspect, and keep making small positive changes to improve.

    Situations quickly turn into experiences once the moments pass. Focus on improving the now, the present moment, for that is the only time you have some control over what happens.


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