Filler Time - The Time In Between The Big Events In Life

Filler Time - The Time In Between The Big Events In Life

    Most people try to accomplish various goals and live a satisfying and fulfilling life. That usually means staying on some type of a schedule and attending to everyday life.

    The phrases everyday life and daily life describes how a person lives their life on a day-to-day basis. Everyday life has to do with the routines and activities that we perform on a daily basis. So much so, that our routines and activities help define and become a part of who we are at any given point in time.

    The truth is that everyone is forced live with their version of everyday life. Everyday life in this case has to do with daily routines that capture the ways in which people typically act, think, and feel on a daily basis. For a lot of people, everyday life can be described as the mundane and normal daily routines that usually includes being on a very busy schedule most days of the week.

    Everyday life also involves the fact that everyone spends at least part of the day sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom. There is simply no way of avoiding these types of daily activities, hence the term, everyday life.

    Some of the things that occupy a persons' time can also include school, work, social activities, time with family, or attending to chores and self-care activities. Let's not leave out the millions of people that spend a portion of their time traveling to and from various places each day. For them, traveling is part of their everyday life.

    The time spent dealing with the day-to-day part of life is called "Filler Time".

    Filler Time is the stuff that happens in between the big occasions in life.

    Too often people tend to ignore or abuse the time they have between the big things like graduation, weddings, funerals, etc. That's a shame, because Filler Time usually accounts for a large percentage of a persons' life.
    What you do with your Filler Time is important, but how you choose to approach and behave during your Filler Time is just as important, if not more.

    If you're not OK with what you're doing, then it doesn't matter what you're doing, because you will never be happy.

    A lot of folks are depressed because they're not satisfied with the way things are going. Too often, it's because they're not getting what they want, or what they believe they deserve in life. Things aren't the way they should be, therefore, I am not happy. We often hear people say that they are stuck in in a rut, going to school, work, and doing the same old thing every day. It's not that there's something wrong, it's that it's boring, and my life is passing by right before my eyes.

    They are right; life is passing by faster than most people realize or care to acknowledge.

    The biggest problem with most of these people is that they need an attitude adjustment. They need a change in perspective and outlook that will create a significant change in how they live their lives.

    The attitude change will allow them to accept and enjoy the way things are, while still working hard to improve life, achieve goals, and live a happy and successful lifestyle.

    It's up to them to bring out the best and make the most out of their Filler Time by introducing positivity, fun, laughter, and joy into everything that they do, into their everyday daily life.

    Stop wasting valuable time complaining about what you don't have, or waiting for the next party or big event. Instead, try injecting vibrant life into your day. It will get easier with practice.

    Accept who you are, and the situation that you're in during that particular moment in time. Of course set goals, make plans, and try to achieve each one of them. Just remember to enjoy and make the most out of what you're doing.

    The trick is to make the best out of the Filler Time that exists in between the big events. Why disturb and ruin the moment that you're experiencing right now, for something that has happened in the past or something that might occur in the future. You're not getting another opportunity to enjoy today.

    It's up to you to make the most out of your situation, your life. Take advantage of your Filler Time before it's gone. Then, it's too late.

    Do something right now, smile.


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