You Can Do It - Practice - Repetition - Consistency

You Can Do It - Practice - Repetition - Consistency

    We train ourselves, we train each other.

    We're all creatures of habits, and consistency and repetition is a part of who we are. Whether we realize it or not, consciously or subconsciously, we train ourselves and we train each other. Most people tend to do things in a certain manner over and over again, and individuals around us quickly become used to our actions and expect certain behaviors from us. Try changing something that you do, or you have, on a consistent basis, and see if individuals around you notice the change.

    The reasons we develop habits that involve doing things in a consistent manner can vary greatly on a person by person, case-by-case basis. Some people love consistency, while others try to avoid it. We may do something because we're comfortable, or we think that's the way it should be. It could also be that we enjoy or like something done in a certain way, or done the way we envision it.

    The truth is that we all, especially children, benefit from a consistent, positive behavior and environment. All aspects of a person's self wellness, including relationships and social interaction, tend to thrive and flourish in a good environment where consistency is an essential part of the daily lifestyle. A positive, consistent environment helps us to develop trust that everything will be okay. It allows us to feel relaxed, emotionally secure, and with less stress and anxiety for the unknown. This type of environment minimizes fear, and opens the door to learning, helps to create good behavior, allows good decision making, and fosters a good, stable lifestyle.

    We should all strive to create a safe, structured, positive and consistent home environment. A place where we can experience a safe, caring, stable, loving, and structured lifestyle environment. Being able to participate in a healthy, positive school or work environment, where we can maintain a creative and consistent behavior is also important.

    Consistency actually strengthen and reinforce connections in the brain. That explains why consistency and repetition is so often in situations that involve learning or training. Time, consistency and repetition are generally the fundamental building blocks for any successful learning and training process. Progress is achieved through consistency, and ability to improve the repetition process, like steps in a staircase. Progressing one step at a time is a proven method towards achieving success.

    Physical wellness consists of physical fitness, self-care, and nutrition. Maintaining a high state of physical wellness, along with good habits helps create a strong, solid foundation that you can easily build on. Applying effort, time, consistency, and repetition to physical wellness on a daily basis almost guarantees positive results.

    We can be consistent, and yet remain creative and live a diverse lifestyle that allows us to feel free. Consistency without creativity can be very boring and lifeless. Life-wellness depends on maintaining a healthy balance between consistency and creativity.

    Creative thinking allows us to envision and explore exciting new ideas that can lead to innovations, activities, and products that are unique and special. Each person has their own type of creative talent that is unique to them. Results from creative thinking are an integral part of who we are. We see unique and creative thinking in art, movies, clothing, hairstyles, writing, science, technology, etc. Each one is unique, yet has a special purpose.

    Engage in creative physical activities that are fun, challenging and multi-functional. Creative physical activities, such as hiking, playing a sport, or participating in a walkathon, can create positive, and fulfilling social interactions with others.

    We should view consistency, repetition, and creativity as tools we can use to help ourselves.


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