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Are You Or Someone You Know Always Upset?

    Most people know someone who is always upset and complaining about one thing or another. And why not, there is always something to complain about in life. After all, life is imperfect, and full of problems and challenges that we all must overcome and endure. Sure, some people get hit with more problems than others, but everyone has them, regardless of who they are as well as their circumstances.

    If we stop to think about it, challenges and problems start from the second that we are born into this world. It's a shock and a struggle just being born, and that's without taking into account that we're all destined to die eventually. This may seem a little disturbing, but it's the truth.

    There is always something to be upset about in life. Even when we're happy and having fun, we know that this temporary, and that it will only last for a short period of time before it disappears, and we find ourselves right back dealing with some problem or disappointment. There is simply no way around it; it’s inescapable. Even the “lucky ones” have problems. No one lives a problem free life. Life is designed with problems, that some believe exist to create lessons for us to learn. Some people think that is our real purpose in life, to learn life lessons.

    Have you ever wondered why people tend to love movies? Most movies are made to catch our attention. And to make it interesting and enjoyable, most movies usually contain drama, adventure, love, sorrow, and maybe even a villain. Otherwise, the movie would be pretty boring, and most people wouldn’t watch it. Well, the same is true in real life, but unlike when we look at a film, we find it difficult to enjoy and appreciate all the crappy people and things that enter into and disrupt our lives.

    Sure, things can be frustrating and stressful at times, but a part of how things affect you depends on how you interpret and react to any given situation. The facts will not change, but how situations affect you will alter the dynamics of the situation. Your reaction can change your experience as well as the outcome of the situation.

    Of course, a lot depends on whether you're someone who is easy-going or someone who is easily upset and gets angry for any little thing? It’s easy to determine your personality. Let’s start off by answering a few questions. Do you find that you're often in a bad mood and that everything bothers you to the point where you're stressed-out, anxious, and angry? Does negative drama and your emotions play a big part in your everyday life?

    Take your time before responding, because answering "yes" to these questions means that some lifestyle and behavioral changes are required. These are all warning signs that some unhealthy things are going on with you.

    Maybe the reason why you’re always upset has to do with stress, depression, or that you're just nervous and anxious. It can also have something to with a current or past situation that is hanging over you.

    Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in all the bullshit, but you should know what's troubling you, and what's causing you to feel and behave badly. It's a good idea to set aside some time to review what's going on in your life and create an action plan to follow. The action plan will help you initiate healthy and constructive habits that create long-lasting positive results.
    This may seem like an odd question but one worth asking. Are there any recent changes in your life that are negatively affecting you, or were you always this way? Regardless of the reasons, it's unhealthy to always be upset and angry at the world. Initiating changes on your own terms is wise; otherwise, something may happen that will force you to make changes quickly and without options.

    You may want to start with some basic things to make sure that they are not contributing to the problem. Get a physical checkup. Make sure that you're eating healthy, nutritious foods, and that you are getting enough sleep and enough water. Exercising every day can help to stabilize and improve your emotional and physical health. Meditation and Gigong can also bring out your spirituality and calm the nerves.

    Keep digging and finding things that can help you to live the life you are met to live. You can do better if you give yourself the opportunity.
    Your thinking and your behavior define and shape who you are today and who you will become in the future. Observe yourself for a few days or a week, and then ask yourself a simple question: do you like yourself, and the type of person you are? Your answer should be “no”, not if you’re constantly upset and angry. Given a choice, who wants to feel that way and who wants to live that way? What a waste of time, energy, and most important, your life. It's important to avoid being angry, stressed-out, anxious and nervous. Nothing good comes from unhealthy and unpleasant behavior, only negativity. You can do better.

    You cannot change the things that are outside of your control, but you can modify the way you think and behave.
    Recast the way you think about things and start making small, positive changes in all areas of your life-wellness. Incorporate healthy techniques that can help you cope with all the stuff that is currently affecting your life.

    Do you remember the saying about “changing the things you can, and accepting those things you can't”? Well, it's true, you can't change the facts, but you can modify the inner-you and many of the things in your surrounding environment.

    It's up to you accept that there will always be annoying people in your life, and that things will not always turn out how you want them to, or how they should be. It's easier to accept things as they are, and work towards improving the things that you can change and manipulate.

    Understand that some things may not work out the way you want them too just because they should. It doesn't work that way in most situations, so you’re creating false expectations. Lowering your expectation of people and things will allow you to be less disappointed when something doesn't work out, and more appreciative and grateful when it does work out.
    Maintaining reasonable expectations is one thing, but expecting miracles is another. The chances are you'll be disappointed and frustrated by someone or something at any given time. If this is happening to you, you should take a step back to regain a better perspective of your reality, and your available options. Remind yourself that people are flawed human beings, and that life is full of imperfections.

    Continue to make small positive changes that can help you find inner-peace and a lifestyle filled with calmness and harmony. Only from a peaceful, calm, loving state of being can you live well, in spite of the negativity that exists all around you.

    It's up to you search out and find the goodness and the beauty in people and everything in your life. Life is short and bad stuff can happen at any moment, so let go of the “bad”, embrace the good, and enjoy the few moments you have left in your life before it’s too late.

    Live – Love – Laugh


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