The Mind-Body Connection

The Mind-Body Connection

    Healing The Body, Mind, and Spirit

    It is obvious that a person's head physically sits on top of their shoulders, but people often overlook that the mind and the physical body/brain are constantly interacting, dynamically communicating and feeding each other. We know it is happening, but we often take it for granted, because it's simply a natural occurrence that is always happening.

    The mind-body concept, or philosophy, promotes an awareness, a mindfulness approach to address the mind, body, and spirit as a whole person, an energy being, and not as separate components. It is an approach to wellness and healing that involves being in touch with your self-awareness. The approach is a comprehensive wholesome outlook towards health that includes therapies and techniques that focus on healing, enhancing and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. It promotes an understanding that we must physically take care of ourselves, and that the mind, body, and spirit require an ample amount of water, breath, sleep, exercise, nutrition, positive stimulation, positive social interaction, rest, self-care, and spirituality to achieve and sustain a well-balanced, healthy state of life-wellness.

    The concept also promotes an acceptance that everything in the universe, including us, is made up of energy, not physical matter. An acceptance that the mind (non-physical), body (physical body/brain), and spirit (spirituality, soul) are actually various types of energy, flowing at various speeds and frequencies, dynamically generating a continuous exchange between mental/emotional energy, Chi/Qi energy, and the body/brain. All is energy, and a small subtle shift in energy balance effects health and wellness. All areas must be healthy and functioning well, for one directly affects the others.

    The fact that everything is energy is not so difficult to accept if you think about it this way. Water, H2O, is always water, whether it is in a frozen state (ice), a liquid state, or a gaseous state (steam). The difference is the vibratory rate of the water molecules. The slower it vibrates, the denser the substance, and the faster it vibrates, the less dense the substance is. Slow vibration leads to ice, and fast vibration leads to steam. The same thing applies to us. The physical body/brain is dense energy that vibrates slowly, and the thoughts (mental energy), and Chi/Qi energy vibrate faster.

    The concept teaches you how to use your thoughts (mental energy), and Chi/Qi energy, to positively influence some of your body's physical responses and to improve your state of health and wellness. You thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitude can positively or negatively affect the body's health, and what you do with your physical body (what you eat, how much you exercise, even your posture) can impact your mental state in either a positive or negative manner. This complex interrelationship between your mind and body are essentially inseparable. For instance, if you recall a time when you were angry and upset, your mind tends to race with negative thoughts, and your body reacts by increasing your heart rate and with shortness of breath. If you recall a time when you were calm and content, your mind and body tends to relax, invoking periods of deep breathing and soothing sighs of relief. On the other hand, if you don't drink water, dehydration will hurt your body/brain. If you consume too much caffeine and sugar, you can become nervous and anxious, and lack of sleep can negatively affect your thoughts, mood, attitude, and behavior.

    In our definition, we make a clear distinction between the brain and the mind. The brain is alive and always learning and changing throughout our lifetime. The brain allows us to experience the mind, which consists of mental states such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perspectives, attitudes, and images. The brain must receive a sufficient amount of oxygen, water, and a well-balanced amount of chemicals to be healthy and function properly. In turn, the mind is directly affected by the health condition of the brain.

    The mind-body concept is not new. In fact, it is a 5,000 year old philosophy practiced primarily in India and China. Today it is practiced daily by millions of people around the world. The mind-body concept is also known as the mind-body approach and the mind-body connection. Many variations of the mind-body concept exist, with different names, but all share the same basic principal methodologies. All of the mind-body concepts include some type of meditation, breath awareness, and static and/or dynamic flowing movement. Most of the concepts also include focusing on increasing the flow of positive internal Chi/Qi energy life force. Some include specific self-care therapies, and concepts that involve creating an environment, or surroundings, that allow the flow of natural energy to create balance and harmony, resulting in a pleasant atmosphere.

    The mind-body philosophy is known to help reduce stress, illness, and disease, and improve health and wellness. Mind-body techniques and therapies can be very useful when integrated into daily life. Ironically, it mostly involves adding or modifying small, simple routines into your daily life. Too often it's a person's stubbornness and refusal that is stopping them from freeing themselves, letting go, and embracing a wholesome approach towards improving their health, well-being, and lifestyle. What is stopping you?



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