5 Beginner Tips for Strength Running

5 Beginner Tips for Strength Running

    In order to build muscle throughout your entire body, strength running is extremely important. It’s a fantastic way to build muscle in your lower and upper body if done correctly. Strength running involves running with or without weights to gain much needed muscle throughout the body. However, if not done correctly, it’s possible to lose muscle mass through this exercise. There are various techniques to strength running for body building. Here are five tips that will get you up and moving towards your overall body building goals.

    Perfect Your Breathing
    All of us were born with an innate sense of breathing. However, when you run, it’s possible to lose track of your breathing which can cause your performance to suffer. Strength training is strenuous and calls for certain breathing techniques.  As you run, it is important to take deep timely breaths instead of quick shallow breaths. Your body is losing oxygen this way, causing your strength and stamina to decrease. If you can, breathe rhythmically as you run. You can train yourself to use your breath to strengthen your abs instead of breathing with your shoulders.

    Use Your Strength Training
    Your body can run fast and in long distances thanks to being fit. However, your leg muscles are only meant to carry so much weight. As you gain muscle in your upper body, you also need to gain strength within your lower body. Make sure you are using your strength training in the gym to strengthen your leg muscles and to tone. Added strength in your legs will allow your body to sustain the added weight from your upper body. This will diminish possible injuries that can keep you from competing or gaining strength such as torn muscles. It’s important to take it slow until your muscles have built up to match your weight.

    Take in Your Water
    This seems like a basic and very simple tip. However, it is of utmost importance for your strength running circuit. As you run, your body is losing water through sweat. You must replenish this water through drinking it to keep your strength up as well as your body hydrated. Water will aid in your muscles recovering quicker and will also keep them hydrated. This will decrease your chances of injury as well as strength training. Make sure you are drinking water besides coffee, tea or other electrolyte beverages. There is nothing better than basic water for your body’s needs.

    Take in Your Natural Supplements
    Of course, natural vitamins and supplements are great for your body, especially those that work your muscles while you work. A natural muscle building supplement can enhance your overall performance while aiding you in your quest for lean muscles and bulk muscles. These muscle building supplements work well with other supplements, reduce fatigue and support lean muscle mass. They also enhance muscle pumps and vascularity within your skin. These supplements can do quite a bit for your body, your health and your mindset.

    Free Your Mind
    Above all else, it’s important to find your natural rhythm when you run. Your body knows what it is doing and can follow through the process voluntarily. It is important for you to free your mind and clear your head of damaging thoughts that will mess with your progress. Your mind gets tired before your legs do. It may seem difficult for you to grasp the concept of running without thinking. However, if you can master this skill, you will be well on your way to strength training the right way.

    Final Thought
    As you can see, strength running combines all of the aspects of training and running with the aspects of muscle building. Your body is meant to run and meant to gain muscle. Through perfecting your breathing, relaxing your mind and taking in enough water, you are sure to succeed with this type of fitness. Build muscle and feel yourself run faster than you ever thought you could with these tips.


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