Building an empowering and healthy mindset

Building an Empowering and Healthy Mindset

    Our minds are very powerful, and the way we think has a profound effect on the way that we behave, and how we choose to live our lives. It's so powerful that our thinking can even skew and distort our reality. If it's real in our minds, it's real as far we're concerned. It doesn't actually change reality, but it's our perception and beliefs that make it seem real to us.

    Our thoughts can very easily become beliefs that can affect our feelings in positive or negative ways. They can affect our emotions and our perceptions in the way we think about ourselves and everyone and everything around us.

    It's safe to say that the majority of people have encountered at least a few bad experiences throughout their lifetime, if not more. A lot of folks have been subjected to people telling them all kinds of negative and hurtful things, that have emotionally scarred them, and because of it, they may have drawn inaccurate conclusions about who they are and their capabilities.

    For many, these negative thoughts and feelings have been reinforced time and time again, to create their current mindset. Their mentality has slowed their potential to develop self-confidence, and their ability to achieve happiness and success.

    What we think about directly influences our beliefs, how we feel and how we behave. So, if we think that we're a failure, we'll probably believe it, feel and behave like a failure. Our thoughts will most likely continue to reinforce our negative beliefs, unless something happens to make us change our mindset. We can either wait to see if something happens, or we can actively do things and take steps to make that happen.

    What is mindset?
    A mindset is a setting of the mind; a frame of mind which drives an individual to a particular set of perceptions, expectations and conclusions. A mindset is the established set of attitudes and beliefs held by someone. Our mindset helps to determines how we choose to view and experience each moment. That's a really big concept to understand and except, but once we do, we can use the information to help ourselves. Our mindset has a role on our emotions and our well-being.

    Types of mindset
    Fixed mindset - Everyone has a fixed mindset that's been put in place to help and protect us. We are hard wired to have a fixed mindset, so that we are not easily influenced, persuaded and manipulated by people, events and advertisements. Just imagine the harm it would cause if we were open and susceptible to everything and everyone, telling and manipulating us.

    A person with a fixed mindset means that they have a somewhat rigid, closed minded kind of thinking. We're talking about someone who is, for the most part, inflexible to the point where they tend to have a hard time adjusting to changes, especially ones that they don't practically like. They tend to reject ideas that go against their own preferences, and may remain stubborn even if there's proof to the contrary. People with these personality treats are often difficult to deal with in social and work settings. Then the question is how rigid and close minded are you?

    The ideas, choices and experiences that we've had throughout our lives have helped to create our current fixed mindset.

    Think about it this way, our fixed mindset is the base, the foundation that we rely on to, keep us safe and on course to forge ahead, but we can also have additional mindsets that work together with, and sometimes conflict with, our fixed mindset. These also affect our personality, our beliefs, and the way we think and approach everything. Each of our mindsets offer something special, and together, they give us the ability be open minded, learn and evolve.

    Growth mindset - People that develop and acquire their skill sets and knowledge. These are people who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies and determination.

    Opem mindset - Being open-minded, means that you're willing to listen to others even if you don't necessarily agree with what the other person is saying. It's about having the ability to consider other people's perspectives, and trying to be empathetic to their situation. Being open-minded means admitting that you don't have all the answers. Acceptance is an important part of being open-minded.

    Being open-minded does have its limits. This works best when we're able to have a balance between having a fixed mindset that protects us, and being able to be open to things, people and events, without being too susceptible to persuasion, manipulation, and brainwashing.

    Flexible mindset - A flexible mindset means you are open to changes, and able to adjust to those changes. A person with a flexible mindset is willing to undertake and seek new experiences and new ideas.

    Develop a healthy and powerful mindset
    Our mindset matters and changing it would improve and enhance our lives. If we have the right mindset, we can accomplish almost anything.

    We would greatly benefit by continuously making small positive adjustments to our mindset. Doing this will produce an incredible result over a period of time.

    The placebo effect
    We've all heard about the placebo effect, where someone if given a sugar pill, instead of medicine, and the person feels the effects of the medicine. The placebo effect is a powerful and robust demonstration of our mindset's ability to control our body and mind. Our ability to use the placebo effect to our benefit, when we need to, would be a game changer in every area of our lives.

    Numerous studies consistently show that if we shift our mindset from something that is fixed, rigid and unchangeable thinking, to something that is changeable, pliable and able to improve, we can significantly alter our ability to heal and increase our academic, personal and professional successes.

    Can our mindset change how we age and get older?
    Some studies show that people who view getting older as a way to gain wisdom and growth, while remaining healthy, strong and vibrant, actually do better than those who don't. This kind of mindset is believed to even extend longevity.

    Congratulations! You've made the decision to improve your health and mindset.


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