Top 8 Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Top 8 Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

    Having a well-balanced body with a slim waist is always a dream of each man and woman. However, this is not an easy task to reach, especially to reduce belly fat. Abdominal fat greatly affects your aesthetic and your health, so if possible, burn them right away. Most people realize that during weight loss, belly fat is the hardest to change. This is quite true because the biological structure of the fat concentrates around the abdomen is very different from the one in other parts of the body. Some people mistakenly think that just dieting or changing usual diets or doing full body exercises can burn off belly fat quickly. The truth is not as it should be. To get rid of abdominal fat quickly, you need to have separate exercises for your belly together with having an exercise routine at the right time of the day. According to high-class experts, the best time to practice fat loss is in the early morning. Remember this and incorporate the specific abdominal exercises we recommend in the article below to get rid of belly fat and have a desirable waistline.

    1. Crunches
    Crunch is one of the top exercises which help burn belly fat effectively. Most of people with the hope of getting rid of abdominal fat perform crunches every day. Not only does it help burn fat, but crunch also helps to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen. If you practice crunch regularly, you will have a slim and healthy waist with attractive packs. With beginners, they will feel pain in the abdomen at some first days. However, this situation will quickly disappear after a few days after your body has become accustomed to this exercise.

    How to do:
    * Lie flat on the floor and put your hands behind your head for stability and balance.
    * Crunch forward to squeeze the muscles just below the ribcage. The form involves the upper back and the middle back crunching forward to squeeze the upper abs. While doing this exercise, do not bend your neck forward.
    * After reaching peak position, return to neutral posture position.

    During performing a crunch, remember to breathe in as you come up and breathe out as you go back to posture position. To get the most pressure on your abdominal muscles and effective fat-burning, when lifting your torso, your back, and the floor should create an angle of 30-45 degrees. You should repeat the exercise for 20 times a day. Once you get used to the crunch, you can increase the number of times as you want. But do not overdo it.

    2. Crunches Twist
    This is a higher level exercise of the crunch as the practitioner wants to challenge more and burn fat faster. When you are familiar with crunch and feel the practice of crunch is easy, do more with twist crunch. Twist crunches also bring you a strong core and good balance ability. Of course, the requirements for this exercise are also higher than the ones of crunch.

    How to do:
    * At starting position: bring your legs out forward, hip-width apart feet and flat on the floor and put your hands behind the head and keep your feet on the floor.
    * Just lift your left shoulder towards the right. Keep your right side on the floor.
    * Alternately perform with the right side
    * Repeat this exercise 10 times

    3. Side Crunches
    Side crunch is also a variation of traditional crunch exercises. It is similar to a regular crunch, but the difference is that you’re turning to either direction. Same as twist crunch, side crunch gives the performer more effectiveness in burning fat and strengthening muscles.

    How to do:
    * The same position as crunch with your legs, 90-degree angle and the feet flat on the floor and put your hands behind the head.
    * Turn and hit the obelisk which is the side of dominoes.
    * Turn the opposite side.
    * Keep your chin neutral, don’t look down and straight your neck and move steady and slow.
    * Repeat this performance 20 times.

    4. Reverse Crunches
    Another variant of the traditional crunch exercise is the reverse crunch. Reverse crunches use the transverse abdominals which is the deepest muscle in the stomach. This exercise is more challenging than the above three crunch exercises, so it is more effective in reducing belly fat. Besides, it is also good at improving your body's balance.

    How to do:
    * Lie down on your back and bring your knees up and put your hands comfortably behind your head. Make sure you don’t lace the fingers, keep your fingers spread out nice and wide thumbs behind your ears so that they support your head like it is a ball.
    * Heels can be next to your buttocks or up in the 90-degree angle whatever you’re comfortable with. You can also cross your ankles as you want.
    Breathe out and lift your torso close your head to the knees.
    * Breathe in and stretch it out. You stretch it out so that your knees go in line with the hips and then come back up.
    * Avoid bringing elbows to the kneecaps. Keep all in the center of the stomach and try to get the lower portion of your abs. And don’t pull the bottom up off the floor and spring in the back.
    * Repeat this exercise 20 times.

    5. Burpee
    Burpee is an exercise that combines many organs on the body, so it not only is effective in burning belly fat but also helps to conserve calories very well. Burpee exercises require the practitioner to move from the push-up position, jump up and back to the original position so it will work well for the leg, abdominal and arm muscles and your flexibility. However, players need a lot of effort when performing burpees, so you need to persevere and avoid giving up.

    How to do:
    * Start in a squat position. Keep your body flexible through the toes and put the weight in the heels for the floor with your feet.
    * Drop your torso down and kick the legs out.
    * Come back start position and jump straight into the air.

    When doing burpees, you should perform at a rapid rate to maximize the benefits of burning fat. You can increase your training time over time as you become familiar with the exercise.

    6. Donkey Kickbacks
    Donkey kickback is a lower body exercise that the tones, the glutes and isometrically strengthen the hamstrings. It is an effective fat-killing movement, especially fat in your abdomen and thighs as it works your core. Despite being very effective, this exercise does not require high technology or any other factors, so it is great for beginners.

    How to do:
    * Start with 4 point position: your hands are right under your shoulders, and your legs are right under your hips and look down the floor. Keep your head, neck, and spine in line.
    * Without moving in your back, tuck your left knee in and then kick it straight back in and back.
    * Repeat it eight times and again alternately do with opposite side of your leg.

    7. Plank
    Plank not only works your abs, but it also looks all four sets of your abdominals such as internal and external obliques and rectus abdominis and transversus abdominis. Plank works for all the muscles down your spine as well, so it is a really good exercise for the function of the core and spine and belly fat removal. Your upper body strength is also improved quite significantly with regular planks. You can also really get those inner thighs working by squeezing your legs together.

    How to do:
    * Come down to the mat and have your forearms down and lift your knees off the mat.
    * Squeeze your legs together, squeeze your glutes and draw your belly button in towards your spine.
    * Keep your hips down, flat back and belly in.
    * Try to press your chest forward, flatten the back and squeeze your legs together.
    * Draw your belly button in towards your spine and squeeze your glutes.
    * Avoid sinking in the lower back because it hurts, or hips up in the air as it is easier on your abs and cannot bring any burning effect makes harder on your arms and shoulders.
    * You should hold it for at least 20 seconds or as long as you can.

    8. Body-weight Squat
    Many people think that body-weight squat is an exercise for just glutes and quads. But that thought is completely wrong. It can be said that body-weight squat is a good exercise for the whole body, and especially effective in reducing belly fat. This exercise is a combination of many parts such as buttocks, thighs, hips, calves, hamstrings, and core. It also helps boost your body’s balance.

    How to do:
    * Stand tall with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart.
    * Bend from your hips, knees, and ankles. Lower yourself until your hamstrings are pressed against your calves before returning to a fully upright position.
    * You can reach your arms forward on the way down to maintain the balance or experiment with crossing arms or bringing your hands behind your head for an added challenge.
    * Make sure your heels stay flat on the ground during the entire range of motion and do your best to avoid rounding your spine.
    * In case you’re not able to perform a full squat because of the lack of balance or mobility, you can hold on a sturdy object for support, you can also sit back onto a bench or step for assistance if you feel like you’re going to fall during the descent.
    * If the mobility is your issue, try the deepest squat you can manage while using your elbows to push against your inner thighs for a deeper stretch.

    We’ve just brought you eight best exercises to burn belly fat. Hope that you find out the article are informative and helpful for your workouts in your training for killing belly fat. Thanks for reading!


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