What is mental and physical fitness and why our choices matter?

What is Mental and Physical Fitness and Why Our Choices Matter?

    What is fitness, and why is it so important that we strive to achieve it throughout our lives?

    Fitness can be defined as a condition or state of being, both physically and mentally fit and healthy. It's the ability to function efficiently and effectively in all aspects of daily life, including at home, work and school, or during leisure activities. It is a key foundation and core component that affects our well-being and state of wellness.

    Fitness can also be described as the ability to resist diseases and illnesses. It's also the ability to mentally cope and behave without experiencing dysfunctional episodes, and outbursts that are inconsistent with the situation, and with disregard to the negative impact it inflicts, on others.

    Physical and mental fitness can be considered a measure of our ability to live a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle throughout our lives. We can therefore, apply fitness measures to all areas of our lives. In this case, fitness can be thought of as a gauge, a tool that we can use to measure how we're doing, and assess what areas need more attention and work.

    Physical and mental fitness are directly related, and intertwined. The relationship between the two types of fatnesses’ is that they affect and impact each other in every possible way throughout our lives.

    How to achieve fitness?
    Achieving fitness is an ongoing quest that we have to actively strive for, each and every day. We have to keep trying to achieve high fitness levels, and not just rely on what we did in the past.

    It's important to be mindful that just about everything we do, will either have a positive, or a negative reaction, that directly affects our health and emotional thoughts.

    The bottom line is that we have to do physical activities to the best of our ability, and often. It’s up to us to make wise, healthy choices throughout the day. Choices, big and small, that we make every day, adds or subtracts from our healthand fitness levels.

    It's not about trying to make healthy choices one hundred percent of the time, it is about understanding that the more good fitness choices you make, the better off you’ll be throughout life.

    Every single choice that we make during each day, including quality of sleep, the amount of water we drink, the amount and types of food we eat, will have a positive or a negative impact on our health and fitness levels. We may not be able to immediately notice or feel the impact or consequences, but our choices will have an impact, regardless of whether it's large or small, noticeable or not. We should try to remember that before we make a choice. Of course, that's easier said than done, but getting into the habit of pausing before making a choice, and asking yourself a few questions, is very doable in most situations, especially with some effort on your part.

    Try asking yourself questions before making choices throughout the day for a few weeks, and see if it helps you make better ones. Make it a game, and have fun challenging yourself, to see how well you can do it.

    Although we don't like to admit it, there are times when we know that we’re making poor choices. We will actually do things to sabotage ourselves, and we'll make all kinds of excuses, telling ourselves to do it anyway, regardless of the long-term consequences that we can experience as a result of our choices. We even do this in order to get something very inconsequential now. I like to call it, our own personal credit card plan, where we’ll get some instant satisfaction now, and have to make a large health payment at some point in the future. You do not want to be health poor now or in the future, so we have to pay attention to all the choices that we make throughout each day.

    One of the first objectives to avoid self-sabotage, is to become more mindful and aware of our thoughts, actions, and the choices that we make. It may take some getting used to, but it will become easier with practice and patience. Take the time to learn what self-sabotaging triggers are stopping you from doing and enjoying fitness activities. Learn how to manage your reactions so you can avoid negative emotions and hurting yourself and other.

    The next objective is to incorporate those healthy choices and actions into everything that you do. Have a fun and healthy mindset and attitude toward everything you do throughout the day. Exercise of course, is a very important part of achieving and maintaining a healthy level of physical and mental fitness.

    I hope that this helps you think about your physical and mental fitness levels, and what you need to do to help yourself.

    We can talk about it, but it’s up to you to do it.

    Take one step at a time in a positive direction, and you'll be one step closer towards achieving your goals and objectives.


    Namaste - a way to see and honor the reality of others. We bow our heads to acknowledge.


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