How to start a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet

How to start a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet

    Are you thinking about adopting a healthy diet?
    \r\nAdopting a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet seems to be a healthy and smart thing to do, but it's important to ensure that it's well planned and nutritionally balanced in order to sustain a high state of well-being and an active and healthy lifestyle.


    Switching to a diet that includes whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetables is healthy for you but it's essential that you transition correctly and carefully from a diet that includes meat, dairy products, and greasy and processed foods and beverages. It's imperative that you are mentally ready to modify your eating habits and make the transition towards a total or partial macrobiotic or vegetarian lifestyle. Take your time and remember that it's a lifestyle transition, not just a temporary fad diet. It is best to transition slowly from your current diet to your new healthier lifestyle.

    Be kind to yourself and don't be so strict with yourself for we are not perfect. Don't put too much pressure on yourself for not being able to instantly convert to a strict macrobiotic or vegetarian diet. Some people take more than a year to switch over, and others never completely convert to a strict plant-based diet regimen. The important thing is that you keep modifying and improving your diet, habits, and lifestyle.

    It is easy to think of reasons why it's difficult to convert to a strict macrobiotic or vegetarian diet. The taste, convenience, cost, and satisfaction are common reasons why people refuse or have difficulty converting to healthy and primarily plant-based diet. Following a healthy diet also requires a little planning, care, and thought. It may also cost a little more than unhealthy processed food many of us eat, but you'll save money by not buying expensive meat products.

    Food products that are high in fat, sugar, or salt are also addicting, and the more you eat, the more you want. Some people push their products so they can get your money, and certainly not because they care about you and want to help you be healthy. It's so bad that you may actually get sick if you just stop eating the unhealthy foods. You may also experience physical and emotional withdrawal from eliminating certain fat products such as red meat and sugars found in ice cream, soda, etc. Veggies and fruits are amazing for you as well as tasty, but you may have to become accustomed to eating them.

    Your physical and emotional food addiction will probably fight you and make you crave unhealthy, but tasty, foods that you've been accustomed to eating. Chemicals that are released in the brain create cravings that are difficult to resist. It's okay to give in once in a while, but instead of giving up, keep making small changes and introduce something healthy to replace the unhealthy food that's causing your craving. Be aware of situations or things that trigger a negative food craving and binging.

    Accept the fact that you're introducing new foods into your diet and that you and your body need time to adjust to the changes. Don't try to make your new plant-based foods look or taste like your old diet. It may take some time for your taste buds to prefer plants and fruits. It can be a very slow process, so be patient. Keep modifying and improving your diet one meal at a time and one day at a time. Remember that this is a lifestyle change that requires introducing new healthy foods to replace the unhealthy ones, as well as improving the taste and nutrition of your existing healthy foods. You will need to continue with this transition for the rest of your life so a phased-in approach is perfectly fine.

    If you want to like to start a macrobiotic or vegetarian diet, start by introducing more vegetables, fruits and whole-grain foods into your meal plan, once a day or four to five times a week. Keep modifying each meal until you really like it. You will slowly learn how to cook well and have the ingredients necessary to prepare things easily and quickly. There is a lot to choose from and you can make your meals tasty, filling, and nutritious. After a while, you will develop good healthy eating habits that you will find easy to fit into your lifestyle. When you are ready, add a second meal to your daily regimen until it becomes a natural part of your lifestyle.

    Remember, there is no need to hurry or become frustrated. This is a lifestyle change. You can transition to a full or a partial macrobiotic or vegetarian lifestyle. Anything you achieve is better than nothing, so focus on building and not on what you don't like or didn't work. This is an ongoing process and not something you do once.

    Other areas of your life directly affect your ability to successfully maintain a healthy diet. Your physical, emotional, environmental, social and economic state all contribute towards your health and well-being, so make adjustments and change what unhealthy for you. These changes will also take time, effort, and thought. Focus on making small positive changes in each area of your life-wellness.

    Make sure to let your doctor know about your new diet. Everyone is different, and your doctor and nutritionist can help you to understand what might be best for you. It's also important to have your doctor review your medications, so that he/she can adjust your dosage if needed.

    Strive to improve but not to achieve perfection, for that is surely a recipe for failure. Discipline is a good thing, but being too strict is physically and emotionally unhealthy, so don't overdo it. Eating and drinking are necessary to our health and it's something we will do throughout our lifetime. The main thing is that you keep making healthy choices throughout your life.


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