Our Coaching Style and Approach towards Life - Health & Wellness Coaching

Our Coaching Style and Approach

    There are several different kinds of key styles and approaches to Life, Health & Wellness coaching. At livelifewell-health.com we primarily focus on Solution Focused Coaching and will incorporate certain aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching to create a cohesive platform that will help our clients.

    Our goal is to help you towards becoming the kind of person you want to be and obtain the types of outcomes desired personally and professionally. We accomplish this by creating a process that unlocks your true potential and enables you to take greater control of your own development going forward.

    The Health and Wellness coaching program is designed to focus on you as a "whole" person, as an entire being, composed of the body, mind, and spirit, as well as all of the other major life areas. The Life coaching program is primarily designed to help you gain a clear understanding and vision on where you are now in life and where do you want to be in the future. The programs are combined to help you achieve and sustain a well-balanced, well-rounded, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle.

    Throughout the process you're educated, guided, and encouraged to clarify your intentions and goals. You will also be motivated to take action and succeed by taking a series of easy-to-learn, simple steps. What is required of you is your desire to improve and your willingness to take action.

    We'll first work together to identify those areas of your life that you would like to change, and those that might be stopping you from reaching your potential. We achieve this by creating a realistic action plan that enables you to take charge and change the situation.

    We will acknowledge the problems you might have and how they affect and bother you. Our intent is to discover the real problems but not to analyze or diagnose them. We will encourage you to take action, focus on the present and future, and to put little emphasis on your past. This approach allows you to acknowledge past events but not to dwell on them. Focusing on what went wrong and what's wrong usually drain a person's energy, make them feel guilty and distracts them from focusing on their goals. We'll then use the information we have gathered to start the solution building process.

    We'll help you identify your internal strengths and traits which have brought you success in the past to help you learn how to utilize them to achieve success in the future. Together we will determine the easiest, most effective steps you can take to achieve success, and then put those steps into an action plan for you to execute. We will continue to review and modify the plan, so it keeps pace with your experiences and continues to serve you in the best possible way.

    Another step will be for you to specify and envision how would you like things to be in the future. Visualizing things being a little better helps you to progress because it allows you to see what can be and to set realistic, kind to yourself, short-term and long-term goals.

    During our meeting, we'll review and discuss completed homework, gather feedback from you about the session, activities and next steps. We'll develop an agenda for the next meeting and homework assignment, task and goals.

    The hope is that you will change your thinking, which in turn will generate different emotions and behaviors that will create a new positive perspective on your situation and your future. We will then identify what works and doesn't work for you. The general rule is if it works, you will do more of it. And if something doesn't work, do something else or tweak it.

    This is a step-by-step process that progresses one step at a time. Taking small steps is essential because it usually requires only minimal effort but there affects can be large because they often start a chain of positive attitude and events.

    Throughout the entire process we will provide you with the support you need, enthusiastically cheering your success, and encourage you to resolve any challenges and obstacles that get in the way of your progress.

    We're not here to tell you what you already know, but to help you relearn good habits and skills that will carry you through every stage of your life. We are committed to helping you be successful and live the lifestyle you always wanted. This process and our relationship is all about helping you.

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Image Our team is made up of passionate and driven individuals that are dedicated to sharing information, tips, and ideas that will help and inspire people to achieve their goals and enrich their lives.

The team is focused and committed to being a catalyst for positive personal improvement, by encouraging a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness.


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Maintaining good health is an essential part of achieving happiness and success in life. Pain and discomfort can stop you from living an active and productive lifestyle, because when the body doesn’t feel good, the mind doesn’t either.

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