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Who Is Responsible For Your Health And Wellness?

Make wise choices and take action to improve your health and wellness so can live a healthy and successful life.

Everyone should try to do all they can to help themselves achieve wellness in all areas. If a person is old enough to take care of themselves and can, they have a responsibility to provide for the basic health essentials such as good nutrition, exercise, weight control, and avoiding high risk factors such as smoking and drugs, as well as environmental and occupational hazards. These factors all play a role in wellness.

Therefore, we all should make conscious decisions and assume responsibility for improving our health and fitness which will result in improving our lifestyle and quality of life. The choices, big and small, that you make, will influence and impact your health and wellness.

You are ultimately responsible for your health and wellness and not your doctor. You are robbing, sabotaging and hurting yourself by not accepting this responsibility and assuming that your insurance plan will cover the cost of the problem. Your focus should be on investing in yourself, and in your health, instead of allowing a sickness to happen and then relying on doctors and your health plan to fix it.

Western medicine generally focuses on treating symptoms and looking for cures, instead of focusing on wellness and preventive medicine. Most health plans should be called "sickness plans", because they are generally used when a person is sick, and not when they're healthy. Yet, insurance companies still gamble that they will make money if we remain healthy and lose money when we are sick. A good health plan should focus on being proactive and improving health, as well as providing education on maintaining wellness and preventing sickness.

Recently, there has been a shift in the philosophy of western medicine. There is now a greater focus on preventive medicine, and an understanding that our bodies are designed to heal themselves naturally, and that disease usually happens when our bodies and lifestyles are out of balance. There is also a growing understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Numerous lifestyle and environmental factors, such as what we eat, drink, our levels of stress, sleep patterns, exercise habits, as well as how we think, and our perception and attitude, all impact our health and well-being. Our health is clearly affected by how well we take care of ourselves.

As we look around, it's often easy to see, and admire people that can and have taken responsibility for their health and wellness, as well as those who don't seem to bother or care about themselves. Why some people take care of themselves and others don't may have something to do with genetics or circumstances, but some has to do with attitude, behavior and placing value on what happens to them.

We must ask ourselves if we value our life and if what happens during our life matters. If we answer yes, then we need to empower ourselves by taking action. If your answer is no, then we should seek medical expertise, to help you find out why you don't care.

As you take action and gain clarity about your own personal health, you'll most likely value your life more and take better care of yourself in mind, body and spirit. This result will give you a sense of purpose, confidence and self-worth. As your behaviors align with these positive life values, you will create balance across all aspects of wellness.
Educating and acting on improving you health and wellness is a lifelong quest. The fact that you're reading this article means you're investing in yourself and your future. Good for you!

Wellness is a practice and a process that requires willingness, patience and persistence. Practicing wellness will generally include learning new life skills that address the positive and negative aspects of your life. It is a state that is closely associated with your lifestyle. Since lifestyle has been found to be the single most important factor in determining your general health, it's important to commit to consistent self-care. For example, taking charge of your attitude, behavior and creating healthy lifestyle goals.

I'm too busy, I'm not interested, I'm fine as I am, it's too hard, are some of the excuses you hear from people who don't take as much care of themselves as they should. Ironically, not taking the time or putting in the effort now, will most probably have a greater negative effect on your health and quality of life later. It's like driving your car and not caring if there's gas in the tank or oil in the engine. It's only a matter of time before negative things happens.

So commit right now to empowering yourself and taking responsibility for your health and fitness. Once you tell yourself that you're responsible for your health and start acting on it, you've begun the process of empowering yourself and creating a better life.


You will feel healthier and look better, so start now!


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