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The Wheel of Wellness

What is a Wellness Wheel?

The wellness concept and wellness wheel are tools to help us evaluate, set goals and take action towards improving a our health and well-being. The wellness wheel provides a visual representation of the wellness concept as well as a visual snapshot or gauge of each area that may need additional attention. The wheel demonstrates a person's overall health and major life areas by using spokes to convey a number of important aspects of wellness. The wheel is a good metaphor for the wellness concept because it shows why it's importance to reach and sustain a well-rounded and well-balanced lifestyle.

In order for the wheel to roll along smoothly, all of the aspects of wellness must be functioning at their optimal level. The optimal level of wellness is uniquely different for each person and their needs, experiences, and circumstances.

The wheel demonstrates how each wellness area comes together to function as one and how each aspect is interconnected and dynamically affects the others. It also demonstrates how applying time, effort and care into each area of life-wellness will help promote a degree of balance, stability and reliability.

It's normal for areas to overlap or to go in and out of balance as you encounter bumps, obstacles and challenges, but how well and fast you can rebalance the aspects of wellness depicts how healthy and smooth your lifestyle will be. For instance, over developing, under developing or neglecting one or more areas (spokes) of the one's wellness for any length of time will cause the wheel will be out of sync, off balanced, thus having an negative adverse effects on your health and well-being.

Looking at the wheel reminds us that wellness requires balance and harmony between the different aspects that make up our lives. Looking at the wheel gives us a quick snapshot of what we're attending to and what we're neglecting.

A well-balanced, well-rounded wellness wheel

The Wellness Wheel shown below encompasses the nine major life areas of Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Financial, Occupational and Environmental.

The wheel shown below would belong to a person who is applying care and effort into improving the major aspects of life to the best of their ability. The result is that the person is rolling along smoothly, living a well-balanced, well-rounded lifestyle.

It's actually very difficult to successfully apply equal effort into every category of life evenly but we should try to improve as many areas as possible to maintain a sense of balance and harmony. A fully inflated, perfectly round wellness wheel that represents our life is like saying that we are perfect in all areas of life.

It's not about perfection but an awareness and eagerness to improve our lifestyle and quality of life. The idea is that we are aware of the categories and we're constantly striving to improve them to the best of our ability.

Healthy Wellness Wheel
Healthy Wellness Wheel
Well-balanced Wellness Wheel

A not balanced, not round wellness wheel

The Wellness Wheel shown below is that of a person who is only focused and obsessed with a couple of the aspects and neglects or overlooks the need to develop the other areas of wellness. There're numerous reasons why a person might not allocate time or attend to all areas. In fact, they may not even realize that neglecting or not putting enough effort will create potential problems across areas in their lifestyle.

This wheel represents a person who is only focused and obsessed with socializing, making money and advancing their career. The wheel clearly shows that other vital areas including physical, self-care, spiritual and environmental are greatly impacted by lack of care and neglect. It also shows that metal and emotional levels are very low and are therefore more venerable to daily stressors, obstacles and challenges. It's only a matter of time before the neglected areas manifest themselves into physiological and/or physical problems or illnesses.

Unhealthy Wellness Wheel
Unhealthy Wellness Wheel
Unbalanced Wellness Wheel


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