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The power to persuade and influence people

Your ability to persuade others can profoundly change your life.

Achieving social wellness and success in life has a lot to do with your ability to persuade and influence people. Done well, it can enable and empower you to get more things done than almost anything else. It is one of the most important skills you can possess in life. The power of persuasion involves using wit, charm, and an ability to communicate exceptionally well. Persuasion is the ability to influence others to do what you want them to do, change their behavior, or persuade them to your way of thinking and having this ability can make a huge difference in your life. In fact, it can make all the difference in your life. It can mean the difference between being powerful and being powerless, success and failure, happiness and misery, or a high state of social wellness or isolation, just to name a few Your ability to persuade another person determines whether they like, respect, value, appreciate, trust, admire, and want to be with you or not.

Using the art of persuasion will empower you and give you opportunities that would be difficult or impossible to acquire otherwise. This ability gives you the freedom to get things done and lead the lifestyle you always wanted. It can also give you the opportunity to help other people and the environment in ways you can only imagine.

Being proficient at persuading people not only earns you their support, trust and respect, but increases their efforts to please and do things for you. Everyone from family members, teachers, friends, bosses, colleagues and customers to acquaintances and strangers will admire and respect you, and try to satisfy your wishes. The fact that they will be on your side instead of trying to persuade, challenge, attack, control, or ignore you, gives you the freedom to do more with your life. It allows you to get things done quickly, and with little or no effort on your part. What is wrong with people wanting to help you and doing things for you? Getting others to do the things you want for you is liberating, empowering, and life changing.

People who have the personal power of persuasion have helped shape and define many of the situations and important events that are occurring today, as others before them have throughout history. Whether we're talking about a person who uses their skill to affect people on a massive global scale, their local community, their family, friends, or a stranger, it stills matters that they have the ability and power of persuasion. It is safe to assume that people who are truly effective at getting things done have mastered the art of getting other people to work with and for them in the accomplishment of their objectives. The power of persuasion should only be used to accomplish good, positive things and not for harmful, bad things. Adolf Hitler used his power of persuasion to persuade millions of people to do much harm and evil in the world. People like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr used their power of persuasion to help people and improve mankind. It is wrong to use the skill to take advantage of people or hurt them. It should be used to help yourself and others to live a better life and be a better person.

The power to persuade and influence people is highest level/stage you can achieve in social skills. Developing social skills can be defined as having four levels or stages. The first stage or level of social skills is the ability to barely cope, to have casual conversations and encounters with some difficulty and awkwardness. The second level is the ability to begin and maintain healthy relationships and social-network. The third level in social skills is the ability to finesse your way in and out of difficult situations and to negotiate well. The fourth and last level in social skills is the art of persuasion.

Regardless of your skills, the power of persuasion will not work in every situation or with everyone every time, but there is a better chance that things will work out to your advantage and in your best interest. The ability to persuade and influence does not guarantee results but it does tilt the scale in your favor.

Reading this should be enough to convince and persuade you to empower yourself with the skills necessary to persuade others, but how can we learn more and become proficient at it?

As with anything else, some people are born with the ability to persuade and influence people easily. Others don't have the natural ability, but are able to develop and improve their technique over time. Still others have neither a natural ability nor can they become proficient at it, regardless of the amount of time and effort they invest. These folks can improve this skill, but they never develop a real talent. The bottom line is that everyone can improve with practice, effort and time. The ability to persuade and influence people is way too important to ignore.

Chances are that if you're not persuading or influencing someone during a social encounter, they are persuading you. You can either persuade others to help you or be persuaded to help them. It is one or the other. Everything from TV, movies, advertizing, news media to most social encounters are trying to affect and persuade you in some way or another. A lot of folks take human interactions for granted or are unaware that it involves a complex process of persuasion and influence. These folks are usually the ones being persuaded to help others rather than the ones who are influencing people to help them. Be aware that it's happening, and be very selective about what influences you and how you react to them.

There is a difference between being in a position of power to tell people what to do and persuading them to do things. It is important to make a clear distinction between a person who uses their wit, charm, and abilities to finesse, and someone who has the power to persuade and influence people because they are in a position of authority. Just because a person has power and authority does not mean that they possess the power of persuasion. Both will get a person to do something but with persuasion they want to do things for you, to please you. A parent, teacher, boss, bully, police, etc. have power and authority over someone else, but in many of these cases they use force, fear tactics, and in some cases violence, to show, display and enforce their will on someone else.

People who possess the personal power of persuasion have certain personality traits and characteristics that seem to draw people towards them naturally, without the use of force or having a position of authority. People want to do things for the person with the art of persuasion, without fearing negative ramifications or consequences if they don't. The objective is to influence and persuade others but not control them. There are emotional and physiological areas where a person with persuasion and a person with authority overlap but there are clear differences between the two.

Social interactions and your social wellness are too important to take for granted and ignore. Your job is to improve your social skills so you can have healthy relationships and become proficient at influencing and motivating others to support and assist you in the achievement of your goals and the solving of your problems. As with other skills, you'll need to learn techniques, apply them, tweak them, and apply them again and again. Practice, practice, and practice your skills and you'll improve little by little, over time. Your goal is to learn this skill set and strive to achieve personal your goals and master the art of influencing others.



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