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Environmental Wellness and Why It Is Important To You

Environmental wellness refers to your relationship with your immediate surroundings and expanding to nature and the world around you. It refers to becoming aware that we're are all a part of nature and recognizing that we need to take steps towards maintaining a lifestyle that maximizes harmony with the earth's nature environment. It's also to gain an understanding how your behavior and interactions affects and impacts your surrounding environment.

It's important to recognize that every action, big or small directly or indirectly affects us, our surroundings and nature environment. It is often easy to forget that the environment is an important part of our overall wellness plan and that our behavior towards it can have a major impact on our personal well-being. For example, when our personal surroundings are well cared for, clean and organized, we tend to experience a greater sense of comfort and satisfaction. It's hard to feel good when your space is messy or disorganized. Caring for our personal environments also helps us maintain a sense of personal care effecting our Emotional Wellness.

An environmentally well person will also recognize the need to keep a healthy personal environment. By helping the personal environment, you're also helping and protecting yourself from environmental hazards such as chemicals, air and water pollution, global warming, and second-hand smoke.

Environmental wellness involves a number of different aspects of personal and societal responsibilities.

  • Be aware of the earth's natural resources and their respective limits.

  • Lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

  • Be aware of everything you use, produce, buy and throw away.

  • Recycle paper, cans, and glass as much as possible.

  • Conserve energy (i.e., Shutting off unused lights or unplugging electronic devices when not in use.

  • Think how each action impacts the environment and then take action to protect the environment.

  • Enjoy, appreciate, and spend time outside in natural settings.

  • Do not pollute the air, water or earth if you can avoid doing so.

  • Avoid second-hand smoke.

  • Realizing the effects of your daily habits on the world.

  • These are all important aspects towards achieving a high state or optimal level of environmental wellness.


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