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Pay attention, God/universe is . . .

Pay attention, God/universe is . . . communicating with us and showing us the way, if we allow it.

God/universe gives us signs, signals, and whispers into in the wind, telling us things like what to pay attention to, what path to take in life, what to watch out for, what to do and what not to do and how much effort to place on what's important. However, if we're not awake, open-minded and listening, we won't see or hear anything. Some of the signs, signals, and whispers are obvious, but most are very subtle or hidden away out of sight from the people that are emotionally/spiritually lost or closed-mined and stubborn. After a while of not listening or paying attention, God/universe may make us change by creating problems for us which ultimately forces us to change in ways we could never have imagined.

For not paying attention and making necessary changes on our own, God/universe may make us confront challenges by taking something away, or causing a problem with our health, our relationships, finances, career, environment, etc. At that point we have no choice but to deal with the problems and make changes. Some people might say that this shouldn't happen and that it's not fair. Well, we probably had plenty of opportunities to be proactive and make changes in our outlook and lifestyle, but that didn't happen because we were too caught up in trying to physically succeed, while being unaware and closed-mind to the things that are actually important in life. So now we're forced to deal with these issues, problems, and challenges that are put upon us.

Some folks have to hit bottom before they can start to climb back up and reinvent themselves. Many go through a process that awakens their inner soul, and that makes them strive to become a more mindful and loving person. They aspire to be a better human being, on a quest to find their true purpose in life. Having gone through and surviving these harsh situations and experiences can make a person stronger and better able to forge ahead in life and work towards becoming a loving and enlightened energy/human being. Unfortunately, there are others who never awaken or recover and live in a world full of negativity, where everything is difficult and uncomfortable, regardless of their actual reality.

We're all here to learn lessons and to evolve as human energy beings. A person is extremely fortunate if they have someone that loves, supports, and guides them in the right direction towards optimum life-wellness and enlightenment. The large majority of people do not have a person with the knowledge, skills, and experience to mentor them properly in what is truly important in life and to help them find their purpose. Ultimately, each of us has to become mindful and aware, and strive to find the path that will lead us towards enlightenment and on our journey towards fulfilling our purpose in life.

The majority of people tend to become lost at some point in their lives. They seem to live in an emotional fog, not paying attention or searching for their true purpose in life. As a result, many of them end up paying the consequences for their emotional blindness, insensitivity, greediness, negative actions, etc. Some of them believe that they're supposed to experience bad things, and it was simply meant to be. They believe that this is their fate, their destiny. That may be true, but chances are that they've missed or overlooked something that could have totally changed their attitude, behavior, and how they approach everything and everybody in life in a good way. Maybe they were too busy, fearful, lazy, or self-absorbed to notice the opportunities that would enhance and enrich their lives with blessings, joy, and spiritual happiness.

Each of us has to figure things out for ourselves and take action to make things happen. Below are a few ideas I thought might make you ponder.

  • True strength is being a humble, loving and mindful energy being. Too often, closed-minded ignorant people believe it's a weakness that they can take advantage of, but it's them who ultimately fails in life, for they do not understand why we are all here. Believing that true strength and power always requires blunt force is actually a weakness. Sensitivity, smoothness, and subtle techniques are usually the best approach.

  • Those that are close-minded and stubborn cannot see beyond the obvious nor do they experience the things that an open-minded, mindful person does.

  • Discover your purpose; you'll know when it feels right and natural as though you are suppose do it. Then simply forge ahead with passion, zest, and positivity.

  • There is more to life than just what is obvious. See with your eyes and with your mind (third eye) beyond the obvious, for there is more to life than what is visible in front of you.

  • Don't take things for granted, for everything, including life itself, is a miracle.

  • Privilege is invisible to those who enjoy it. Remember to give thanks and gratitude for all that you are, and all that you have.

  • Be open, sensitive and mindful of every moment you experience in life, for that is the only time you have a choice, and a chance to see (observe, and capture) that moment in your mind.

  • Your spiritual self, your energy, and your emotions make up who you are. The physical things you do are just "what you do". Strive to maintain a sense of calmness and mindfulness, and focus on who you are and your approach, regardless of what you are doing physically. The physical thing you're doing is secondary. Otherwise, it's difficult to be in "good place" mentally.

  • Stop, breathe deeply, and experience the moment in a meaningful, loving way. Exhale bad negative energy and inhale clean cleansing energy with each breath.

  • Learn to calm and still the mind so you can adjust yourself physically and mentally.

  • Keep improving your attitude and approach towards everything you do and everyone you encounter.

  • Seek to be a spiritual energy being, for that is the only way towards inner peace, enlightenment, joyfulness, and fulfillment.

  • Pay close attention to things, and look for clues that provide messages to guide you.

Not everyone has to endure a harsh experience before making meaningful changes in their lifestyle. Become aware and mindful of your inner-self and all that surrounds you. Keep making small positive changes and you will soon be on your way towards becoming the person that you are supposed to be in life. The process is a lifelong journey, so pay attention because God/universe is showing you the way.


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