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Living In A La-La Fantasy World

Reality for a lot of people can be described as tough, hectic, and filled with many difficult obstacles and challenges that they must overcome. Living in a state of raw reality can be ugly and sad, often filled with negative situations and feelings that can consume a person like a black hole vortex. Sure there are good times and experiences, but it's usually not enough for most people. Even for those individuals that are privileged and have it better than a lot of others the world, life is far from perfect. Our reality is our realty, but there are things we can do to help us cope and make the best out of each and every moment. We have to make a conscious effort to create a state of mind where we experience mental and physical relief from a world full of stressors, disappointments, and imperfections.

Someone recently told me that I want to live in a la-la land fantasy world where everything is good and everyone is happy. Yes it's true that I do try to view and approach things with a certain special something. It's good to sometimes skew and distort how we see and perceive things, so that we can turn and steer each experience in a positive manner. Skew and distort your thinking just a little to change your perception of the situation and experience. It can have a profound and positive effect on your reality. Can we create or alter our reality using our thoughts? Perception, illusion, and fantasy are tidily intertwined, affecting and altering our reality. Our thoughts and attitude color our world, which is our reality as we know it. We cannot change the past or control the future but we can manipulate and slightly alter our thinking of the current moment to our advantage and benefit. We may not be able to change our current situation, but we can change how we think. Changing the way we think will in turn change our perception of the situation, and thus, change our perception of reality to some extent. We can do this naturally, and without using any drugs, just by making small changes in our thinking, our intention, and how we approach each moment and situation.

With all the things going on in our lives, it's necessary that we periodically put ourselves in a state of mind that is calming, peaceful, and a place that brings hope. We should have a place where we can escape to, a refuge where we can cope and plan. Being in this state of mind allows us to figure out what to do, and how to do it. This does not mean that we should mentally live an illusion that replaces reality.

Having a certain approach towards life, people, and situations, enables you to experience things that are unique to you and to your life. Your social wellness and your memories that you create throughout your life are what will matter to you right before you die. Not money or anything else will be as important. If you don't include this way of thinking and this way of being, your life will be incomplete to some extent. You may not even realize something is missing but it is.

I believe we should all try to make the best of every moment, every situation and insert positivity and beauty into every experience. Even when things are bad, we need to remain calm, so that we can deal with the problem and be in a position to see and mentally extract the beauty and the good from the bad. Every situation, including bad ones, have something special that makes the experience and the memory of that experience meaningful, if we choose to view it that way. A lot has to do with our perception, and how we approach, perceive, and interpret a situation that makes up what we remember from that experience.

It's all about you how see it, feel it, and experience it. Your belief of what is real is only your perception of it, and it does not have to accurately reflect reality. So choose how you wish to perceive things wisely, for it will determine your experience. And take advantage that our thoughts help to create our perception and our reality. It is up to you to look for, see, and feel something special in every situation, even the ones that seem boring, uneventful, or bad.

This does not mean we should try to live in an imaginary make-believe fantasy world and not deal with real situations or reality. Living in a la-la fantasy world does not mean you should create daydreams and fantasies for things we wish we could do, or things we wish we had done.

It's about putting yourself in a calm state of mind where you can be mindful and aware of how you feel about what's happening to you and around you, so that you can absorb each moment and experience in a special, beautiful way. A way that's meaningful, so that you'll remember it accurately, even though it's a little skewed and distorted. There is something special in every moment on our lives if we choose to look for it, and if we choose to see it for what it really is; something that is incredibly special and meaningful. All these moments together make up our lives. Not just the really good or the really bad moments.

You can think of yourself as the director in a movie that is unique to you, titled "my life". Your destiny maybe written, but the path and the moments as they unfold in the film must be captured in our minds in a special and unique way. The actors, scenes and situations that occur throughout our life if captured correctly, will be more meaningful and significant then they would be if you didn't bother to view and approach each moment as though it is special and precious. Each moment in our lives is precious and is a unique privilege if we choose view it that way. Privilege is invisible to those who enjoy it. This means that we tend to take the things we have for granted. You have a choice about the way you think, perceive, behave, and react toward each moment of your life, and these actions make up who you are as well as your life.

This way of thinking does not actually change our reality, but it does allow us to change our perception of the situation and what we take from our moments and experiences. Choose wisely, for you will never get this current moment again.

Try this right now and see how you feel afterwards. Take a deep breath and filling breath, followed by a slow, smooth sigh of relief that invokes relaxation, tranquility, calmness, and clear headedness. Think of nothing but the breathing and how your body feels. Breathe in clean energy and breathe out used, dirty energy. Take a moment to see if you feel different. It is a form of meditation that you can use to help yourself invoke a good state of mind. Stop the deep breathing if it makes you feel dizzy or lightheaded. You're just not used to doing it.

Focus on seeing the big picture, your spirituality, making small changes on how you think, and what you want out of it. We're all here to learn lessons but they are not always obvious.


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