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Live Life Well, While You Can

We're all aware that things are temporary and that everything changes, but it's easier to tell ourselves the opposite and not focus on the ugly truth. Most of us go through our daily lives without fully understanding and accepting that regardless of how long we live, life is very short,. We seem to be in denial about many things until something happens that puts everything in proper perspective. Waking up to the reality that life is very short and can be taken away quickly and so easily, is a rude awakening for most people. And why not, it's a difficult concept to accept that life can end at any time and without any notice. No one wants that and no one needs that. It is easier to avoid the subject altogether and wait until we have to confront it.

Reminding ourselves that life is short just gets in the way of living and doing things. The fact is that it is quite the opposite. Everything is temporary and change will happen sooner or later. It is simply a fact of life and a natural part of nature. You really cannot fight it, so why not embrace the idea that everything is temporary and allow the fact that life is short work to in your favor, and to your advantage and benefit. Live your life like any day could be your last one. Unfortunately, it's true, and change and death can happen to anyone at any time. We can and should live our lives as though it is limited and things are temporary. To live and be mindful that life is so fragile and that it can stop suddenly can really change your perspective and how you see and approach things.

Being reminded that life can be taken away makes us appreciate life itself and all the things it has to offer. Privilege is invisible to those who enjoy it, and this may be the reason why so many of us take things and life for granted. What does it take for a person to wake up and realize that everything is a privilege and life is a precious gift that we should cherish? Unfortunately, some folks only wake up after something bad happens to them, or after hearing horrible, disturbing news.

Imagine being told that you have a heart problem, cancer, or some other illness or disease. That kind of news would probably make you think about how limited time is, and about what's really important. A life threatening disease or illness would make most individuals confront their mortality and ask questions like "who am I, what's really important, what is the meaning of life", etc. Certain things become very apparent and very important while other things become less important and less significant. It will likely change what the people in your life mean to you, how you think of them, and how you should treat them.

Lot of things won't have the same meaning as they did before. Now, each moment becomes so important and everything seems to have special beauty and meaning. And yet at the same time, a lot of folks in difficult situations will develop a new carefree attitude which helps them cope and see life for what it is, amazing and temporary. They gain more clarity and a new prospective about life and how they should live it. Many will search for peace and tranquility, and develop a hunger to give and receive unconditional love. They seek to develop their spirituality and some discover religious faith where none existed before.

People who have a life threatening experience usually have a life changing experience of some kind. They usually change their perspective, outlook, and attitude, at least until the crises is over. Many of them, unfortunately, do return to their old ways, their "normal ways" and lose their newly found perspective on life. Others take advantage of the time that they have left and make the most out of their situations. They know to extract meaning and substance out every minute of every day. Many of these people will often take on a positive attitude and reach levels of clarity and meaning that were invisible to them before. These folks are now on the right path in life. After all, our experiences and our memories are key factors when we look back at our lives, right before we die.

When something rocks our world, we think "if we could only". When something bad happens, we just want things to get back to normal, back to when we were unhappy with everyday life, bored or frustrated with the challenges of life. We believe that we would be happy with just the basics and that we would appreciate everything. We would definitely change and strive to be a better, more loving person. If only . . . we would or could.

If a life changing or life threatening situation arises, you will most probably take stock on you how you should live your life. It will probably make you think about what is important and about all the things that are not. The little things that bothered you yesterday will probably seem so petty and unimportant now. What were you thinking, is a question you might ask yourself. It's normal to do a lot of thinking and pondering about your lifestyle and your life. Being mindful that life is short and subject to change makes you realize things about life that may have been invisible or unimportant, and bring other things to the forefront making them important to you. Being mindful and thinking that life is temporary helps you put things in perspective and realize what's really important. It helps you prioritize your time and focus on becoming a better person, one in harmony with life and nature.

This way of thinking can help you see the beauty that is all around you and in all that you experience, if you choose to view it that way. It should remind you that you need to look inward and do some soul searching. The fact is that you were born alone and that you will die alone, but what you do in between and how you live your life is what really matters. This way of thinking can help you gain the clarity to see people as they really are, in their true form, and with all their beauty and flaws. It is easier then to accept them as they really are, and to love them unconditionally. This will minimize your frustration and disappointment because they are imperfect and unable to complete and fulfill you. To think otherwise is a recipe for failure.

This way of thinking should make you realize that it's better and easier to accept that you are here on a temporary basis, and that nothing really matters that much and yet, it forces you to see, experience, and feel substance and meaning in every little thing and every little minute. These add up and accumulate over time. Thus, this way of thinking enhances and enriches your everyday lifestyle and your life.

Does it really take something shocking, like a near death experience, to make you understand what life is about? Being told that you can die will certainly jolt and rock your world, but you don't have to wait for something bad to happen to do you. You do not have to go through a life crisis or life changing experience to have a new perspective and new attitude on life. You do however, need to be mindful that life is precious and fragile, and it can change or stop at any time. Being aware and mindful should rock you world enough to inspire you to change your prospective on life, and how you want to live it.

You can change your attitude and embrace life right now. Why waist another minute of the allotted time that you have left in life? You have a choice to start making small positive changes in areas of your life-wellness. Start focusing on obtaining a well-balanced lifestyle and becoming well-rounded in all areas of your life-wellness.

It's not just what you do but how you do it that creates your experience and ultimately your memories. Strive to approach every minute of every day in a smooth, peaceful and gentle manner, without force, resistance, and nervousness. This is the core, the foundation from which everything else comes from. From there, add positive excitement, positive energy, joyfulness, and if you're lucky, you'll reach a state of happiness.

Get your priorities in order, for everything is temporary and life is very short.

Create meaning and substance in each and every moment, for we are all time poor.

Free yourself and live life well, while you can.


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