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Finding Contentment, Joyfulness and Happiness - Be Happy & Healthy

Being happy typically means being jubilant, excited and sometimes euphoric, and about feeling great and that life is wonderful. Some people believe that finding and achieving happiness is the main purpose in life. Happiness is something we all want for ourselves and our loved ones and yet the pursuit of happiness often leads to unhappiness.

People seem to have different opinions on how to find happiness and to define what happiness means to them. Some people are convinced that they'll find happiness after they finish school, start their career, find a better job, have a committed relationship, get married and have kids, or any number of other possibilities. Others believe that their happiness is linked to money and work on money-related activities, including spending, accumulating, managing, or spend most of their time working. But do these things guarantee happiness?

Let's not forget those who believe that people will bring them happiness, and focus on finding love and getting approval, attention, admiration, or acknowledgement from others. Still others might pursue momentary pleasures, believing that they'll find happiness using and abusing substances such as alcohol, drugs, nicotine, food or through activities such as sex or gambling.

You probably know people who seem to have all the things that should make them happy, yet they don't seem happy. In fact, some of them are downright miserable. They may have lots of money, but struggle with health issues, or have a thriving career but have relationship issues. They probably feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and unappreciative of who they are and what they have.

The root cause, in many of these cases, is that people look to achieve happiness through pleasure or they expect perfection. They ultimately remain unsatisfied, because happiness passes very quickly for them. With these high expectations, they rarely find deep and abiding happiness, so they need to keep on repeating what they believe will bring them happiness over and over again. This repetition creates negative behavioral cycles, and patterns or addictions which then bring on other problems.

First and foremost, happiness, joyfulness and contentment are a state of mind, and if someone perceives it to be true, it is true. Being content, joyful, happy or miserable is not a result of anything that happens around you or to you, but rather how you perceive the situation and view things. Stuff happens. You will be presented with stressors that will present challenges and obstacles, but will it cause you stress, make you unhappy, depressed and miserable?

To some extent, you can make a choice whether to be happy, joyful and content, or sad, depressed and miserable. The concept of choosing to feel content, joyful or happy may seem a little difficult to accept, since you're probably dissatisfied with things in your life, but is everything wrong in your life? If your answer is no, then you can choose to be content and joyful or depressed and miserable. You don't have to be completely satisfied with every aspect of your life in order to feel content, joy, or happy. You need to take a moment to think about what you do have, and all the good things in your life, and most probably, you'll shift to a mind-set of abundance and joy. When giving thanks and gratitude for all the positive things in your life, you'll feel a jolt of positive energy also known as positive stress. Imagine if you always thought about the positive aspects and not the negative ones. Practice, practice and practice thinking about the positive side of things, and practice all the aspects of wellness to create a well-rounded and well-balanced lifestyle.

To achieve a state or feeling of contentment and joyfulness is very different from achieving a feeling of happiness. The difference between these is that contentment and joyfulness can remain with you for long periods of time, while happiness is something that tends to remain for short periods of time. Contentment and joyfulness is about being comfortable, secure, confident and having a sense of inner peace. It about appreciating what you have, and the gifts that each day brings. Being joyful and content can carry you through the hard times, even when you're feeling very sad. Feeling content and joyful is wonderful, when the feeling of happiness quickly disappears.

Happiness is about feeling great and excited that everything in your life is wonderful. These feeling of happiness tends to go up and down depending on what's happening at that moment. If you view it this way, it's easy to see why contentment and joyfulness tends to be a long-term state of mind, while happiness is short-term.

So, your objective should be to achieve a sustainable state of contentment and joyfulness, and add happiness whenever possible.


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