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Just Get Over It!

Acknowledge how the situation should be but accept it as is, focus, and move forward.

Do you have it pretty good or pretty bad?
It's easy to complain because things and life itself are imperfect. Some people are born complainers and whiners who believe that it's normal to constantly complain and whine about everything and everyone in life. Many of them have developed deep rooted habits to negatively talk about everything they can't control as well as everything that they can control. They are addicted to spewing out negative thoughts on to anyone who will listen. They don't seem to care how their behavior is negatively affecting them or anyone else. They believe they have the right to complain and don't understand what's wrong with complaining.

It is depressing if you only see what's missing and what still has to be done. Instead, try to see what is already done, and then focus on what else you can do to improve, build on, and make it better. Feelings of contentment, joyfulness, and happiness can only come when you stop complaining about the troubles you have and how things should be, and begin to focus on how to best handle the situation. It is also important to offer thanks for all the things that you do have and the troubles that you don't have. Focus on what you can do right now, instead of continuously dreaming and complaining of how it should be.

For some people, if it's not this, it's that, or it's something else, but there is always something that is wrong with something or with someone. Yes things can always be better and yes there is always something to complain about. Imagine a list detailing how things should be and how people should act. That list would be endless because things and people are not perfect. In fact, the journey through life isn't perfect. Things can be really good for a period of time, but it's never perfect because all good things have to come to an end.

A lot of people have it difficult, with a life full of problems and bad experiences. There are many others that are blessed and have things pretty good, but they may not necessarily see it that way. Of course, they face challenges and obstacles on a daily basis, but those are considered "normal" and within reason. So what determines those who have it pretty bad and those who have it pretty good? The difference for a lot of these folks may have to do with how they themselves perceive things and how they approach life in order to deal with the challenges and obstacles that confront them. It often comes down to how a person views, acts, and reacts to something that distinguishes whether their personal experiences were good or bad.

For instance, some people spend way too much of their time thinking and complaining about how things should be or how people should act. Yes, of course it's normal and important to be aware and mindful of how things should be and how people should act, but the time spent thinking about this should be limited. Otherwise, we'll turn into chronic complainers who negatively take away or impact each and every minute of our life.Acknowledge how it should be, but then focus on how to best handle a situation. Too often we tend to spend too much time to focus and complain about how things should be, but all that does is create negativity and really accomplishes nothing. It is important to be aware of what we like, don't like, as well as have a clear vision of how things should be. It's also fine to take a few moments periodically to dream of how things should be so we know what to strive for and achieve. We should not however, spend a great deal of time to focus on how things should be, for that is a waste of that time. People who focus on how things should be always seem to be complaining, and spewing out negative thoughts and energy. Many of these people are often unhappy, depressed, and miserable, but they can't figure out why they feel that way. They may not even realize that they are creating a negative situation for themselves and for those of us around them. This type of negative behavior is often the result of deep-rooted habits that have developed over time. They justify their behavior and believe that it's normal to think and act that way.

It is much easier to look for negative things and complain about them. The world is full of negativity if we choose to see it that way. Negativity is actually the default for most people. Most people seem to be drawn to negativity like a moth to a fire or like a magnet. That is why the media news is usually all about bad things and not focused on the good things that happen. From the moment we're born we're destined to die. Although this is true, we should focus on the fact that we're alive and not that we're going to die sooner or later. We should only use the fact that we're going to die to remind us that every moment we have is precious, and to use these moments to enjoy things and make the best situation that we can. Complaining prohibits us from enjoying life.

Focus on coping and resolving the problem. Accept the situation and work forward from there. The objective is to deal with the situation and remove the obstacle(s). We really don't need to know why it isn't right or the way it should be, but we do need know how to cope and resolve the problem if possible.

Are you focused on thinking and talking negatively about a person, place or event and not offering any solutions to fix or accept the situation? If the answer is yes, there is a strong possibility that you're may be unhappy, depressed, miserable, moody, and don't know why that you feel that way. Well, your negative disposition may have something to do with it.

To know if you qualify as a chronic complainer, write down each time for one week. Then see how often did you complain? What did you complain about? Was it something within your control or was it something out of your control, such the weather, traffic, or a long line at the supermarket? Was it something you had to complain about, or was it something you wanted to complain about? Be fair and realistic. Did you really have to complain? Most likely the answer is no.

You have a choice. You can choose to create new positive habits to replace the old ones. It may take time, effort, and practice, but it is well worth it. Begin with stopping yourself every time you're about to say something negative, or think about something negative. Start training yourself to identify these negative thoughts and discard or dismiss them from your mind. Instead, think about something positive or pleasant. Little-by-little, and one step at a time, you will progress towards positive thinking.

You are doing yourself an injustice by focusing on the negative instead of the positive? Just follow the law of attraction which says whatever you think of happens. The more negative thoughts you have, the more negative things will happen. The more positive thoughts you have, the more good things will happen.

Let go of your bad and negative habits of complaining and whining, and move forward towards the positive side of life. You'll be more content, joyful, and happier for making the change. It is your responsibility to inject some positivity and beauty into every minute and every experience in your life.

As you take a breath, another person takes their last. So stop complaining and live your life well with what you got.


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