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Everything Happens Now - Choose To Make The Most Of It

Everything happens now. Not in the past or in the future, but right now. The problem is that "now" passes so quickly, that we often don't realize that "now" is happening. We know that the minutes are passing by, but too often, our focus is caught up in dealing with the issues, challenges, and possibilities that arise. We are often daydreaming about what could or should be, but isn't. For some people, it may feel as though it's an ongoing struggle not to become overwhelmed with everything that's going on. While others, are lost and depressed, because of things that are lacking in their lives. Everyone is trying to stay afloat, and trying to figure out how to make things smooth and easy breezy, so that they can finally live the problem free life that they have always dreamt about.

It's only when we stop and take notice, that we realize that being in the "now" is the most important place to be. Being in the "now" allows us to live in the moment, and take in all the beauty that life has to offer. It also allows us to look at the ugly and unpleasant things that are happening, and accept that those things are also part of life. We can see that these imperfections are what makes life special and perfect. Being present in the "now" makes us remember that life is very short, and that we need to salvage and make the most out of every precious minute that we are allotted in life. Being present allows us to take a breath, and remain clear headed and calm, while everything goes on all around us. Envision yourself as though you are calm, in the eye of the hurricane, while chaos is going on all around you. The calmness is what allows you to extract and encapsulate the amazing experiences that are happening throughout each day. The simple things we see and experience are amazing, if we choose to see them that way. We just need to be present in the "now", awaken our senses, and take it all in through our third eye.

Let's pause for a moment and try a small experiment. Close your eyes and make your breathing slower and longer. Awaken your senses. Feel the air touching your skin, and the air you're breathing in. Sense the saliva that's in your mouth. Make an effort to feel each area of your body including your head. The body starts to feel lose, and a cushion of air around you feels as though you are starting to float. You may start to feel itchy, but don't scratch. After a few minutes, open your eyes slowly and take one long deep breath through your nose and let out out slowly though your mouth. That should help you relax and become present. If you felt anxiety and nervousness while doing the exercise, more work is needed, which we can't cover in this article.

Develop your ability to invoke mindfulness while being present in the moment, so you can help find calmness, inner-peace, and joyfulness.

Practice, practice, practice, and you will improve your ability to be in the "now" and take advantage of what each and every moment has to offer.

Being present in the "now" is a lifelong, ongoing process, that requires your participation. Near the end of your life, the ability to look back on your experiences will be of great importance to you. In order to make that a good reality, you need to start to live in the "now", and encapsulate each and every experience into a memory bubble, so you'll have plenty of great memories to look back on later in life.


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