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What Is Self Care And Why Is It Good For My Health?

Self-care Concepts

Self-care is a broad concept that can mean many things, but it usually involves being aware of your Life-wellness needs, and your ability to take any deliberate and self-initiated action that will help you maintain and improve your own areas of Life-wellness. Self-care is a lifelong process that requires you to make a conscious effort to allocate enough time and effort to care for yourself. It also requires that you remain committed to helping yourself achieve and maintain good health and success throughout your life. Your overall objective is to remain as healthy and successful as you can for as long as you can. The more positive things that you have going for you, the more likely you’ll be able to enjoy life, and effectively cope with the various adversities that will challenge you.

Self-care is a lifelong process that is done on a daily basis. Almost every daily activity that you perform is part of “Self-care”.  Everything from your sleep quality, waking up peacefully and calm, and personal hygiene such as brushing your teeth, shaving, combing your hair, and getting dressed. Self-care is also the nutrition that you get from the type and quality of foods you eat, any sport and leisure activities you perform, your health status, social interactions, habits, cultural beliefs, and exercise.  Other factors such as you economic status and your living conditions, will also impact you. Your willingness to seek professional help for your healthcare is part of your overall self-care resources. Think of it this way, whatever you are not doing for yourself, you’re doing to yourself. Everything in your day will work either for you or against you in some way. Everything will either, directly or indirectly, help you or it will hurt you. This concept may seem a little odd at first, but if you stop and think about it, you’ll realize that it’s true. Try it for yourself for two weeks. Every time you’re about to do something, stop and ask yourself; “Does this activity/behavior help me or does it hurt me in some way.”

Self-care is about making healthy choices, developing good habits, and taking actions which enhance a healthy, well-balanced and satisfying lifestyle. Self-care also means to make an effort to take care of yourself to the best of your ability, and to respect and love yourself.

Any area of your life that requires attention and ongoing maintenance, requires proper self-care.  Life-wellness methodology and philosophy helps you to identify all important areas of self-care. It also provides you with helpful ideas and valuable information on how to achieve your optimum potential level for each self-care area.

The major core areas of self-care Life-wellness include physical, emotional/ mental, and spiritual. Other external areas include social, intellectual, financial, occupational, and environmental. Each area affects you in some way. For example, the social interactions will either be pleasant or unpleasant. Your occupation will either provide great satisfaction and financial rewards, or it can be difficult and unfulfilling, leaving you financially poor and with numerous problems. Environmental factors can help you to be safe, secure, comfortable, or not. All of these areas are codependent on each other and they all lead back to how you are doing, the level of your self-care and to your life-wellness state. All roads lead back to you.

A lot of factors are involved in your proper self-care, and most of it has to do with how much you are willing to do for yourself, and for your quality of life. Again, all roads lead back to you!

Proper self-care mostly relies on you doing something. You decide whether you want to help yourself, or if you want to continue sabotaging yourself. Introducing and incorporating small simple self-care routines into your daily life, will help you live a better life. It’s simple and it’s easy, so what’s the problem?

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