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Ways To Practice Self-Care

Ways To Practice Self-Care
We are guilty of this: we put ourselves and our needs on the back burner. We will take time for ourselves "when we get a chance.” We spiral into our own rabbit hole of work, family and other responsibilities. Instead of opening the door to our own personal relaxation oasis, we continue down our ordinary paths, straight into the mouth of anxiety, stress and other mental and physical health issues.

Here are some ways you can find some much-needed time for yourself and practice self-care, which will lead to more self-love:

Construct your self-care foundation.
Eat a balanced diet, limiting sugars, unhealthy fats, etc. Try to avoid fast food. Limit your coffee and alcohol consumption. Drink enough water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and keep your mind (and skin) clear, as well as other benefits. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule and ensure that you are getting enough sleep each night. Add anything else to your foundation that is very specific to you and your needs. If home cooking is important to you, then make time to do that every week. Spend time with loved ones. Start a new hobby. Do whatever will help you build your self-care routine.

Try your best to avoid stress.
If something stresses you out, try your best to combat it by not engaging in that activity or working through it in a healthy way. At work and on a personal scale, don't be afraid to say "no" when you can't or don't want to do something. If you're overwhelmed by the paper reminders of tasks on your desk, then don't take on an extra project until those items are completed. Say "no" when your in-laws schedule a last-minute dinner and you have something else scheduled. Be sure to take essential breaks from your cell phone, social media and other outlets from time to time.

Be sure to take an actual break!
Relaxation is key to self-care. This can be tailored to you and your particular interests and needs. Take a bubble bath and burn some lavender candles. Play your favorite retro video game on your Nintendo console. Do some yoga and meditate, taking deep breaths as you relax your muscles and mind. Read that book you have been meaning to get to but haven't even read the first chapter yet. Listen to your favorite band on Spotify. Get outside and enjoy nature. Exercise at your local gym. Buy that new lipstick you have been eying or that new technological gadget. The possibilities are endless. Do what relaxes you and makes you happy. Find some more tips here.

Talk through your stress with someone.
Spend time in a social setting talking with close family members and friends. Plan social engagements and belong to professional organizations. If you can't talk with someone close to you about your stressors and lack of relaxation, visit a site like BetterHelp. A licensed mental health professional can talk with you about ways you can relax, as well as anything else you are experiencing.



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