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4 Free Ways Anyone Can Practice More Health-Boosting Self-Care

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Self-care isn't unattainable or unnecessary. Just like air, water, and food, however, self-care is a basic necessity for physical and mental well-being. It doesn't have to be expensive to be effective either. There are plenty of reasons, including the ones below, why self-care can work for your schedule, your lifestyle, and especially your budget.

Self-Care Should Involve Fall Prevention for Seniors 
As we age, the way we care for our bodies and minds tends to shift. So, if you are an adult who is over the age of 65, you may need to be more mindful of how you practice your self-care routines. While exercise is always important for overall health, seniors need exercise to prevent potentially deadly falls. You can workout at home, or you can check to see whether you're eligible for fitness programs through Medicare plans offered by companies such as UnitedHealthcare. Aside from opening up a wider variety of workouts, such as yoga and tai chi, taking part in various fitness programs can provide seniors with opportunities to socialize and get out of the house a few times a week. Including health-boosting exercise in your self-care rituals can help prevent falls and other common senior health issues.

Stress Relief Is Core to an Effective Self-Care Practice
When you look at the list of senior health problems above, you can see that many can be connected to high levels of chronic stress. Stress doesn't just affect seniors though. Researchers at Harvard Health Center also attribute other health consequences to consistent levels of negative stress, such as high blood pressure and inflammation. Deactivating the chemical and emotional responses that cause these problems can be as simple as bringing more mindfulness into your daily routine. Mindfulness is a cost-free practice that anyone can work into their schedule, whether it's through prayer, breathwork, or meditation. If you need help getting started with mindful meditation, there are meditation apps that can help calm those negative stress responses. Most offer free trials, but some are completely free to use. 

Photo Courtesy of Pexels.com

Diet Can Determine Whether Self-Care Improves Your Health
As with any health or wellness habit, we ultimately get what we put into our self-care routine. The same can be said for what we put into our bodies since diet affects all aspects of our overall wellness. In fact, global reports indicate that at least 20 percent of all deaths worldwide can be attributed to diet. Food is crucial to our health, and poor choices can lead to declines in heart, body, and brain health. So, what is the best diet to compliment a self-care and wellness regimen? Diets such as the Nordic or Mediterranean diet offer the most benefits for your physical, mental, and cognitive health. These diets consist mostly of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and fatty fish. You can easily find budget-friendly recipes to make following a Mediterranean diet less expensive so you can experience these health boosts.

Professional Advice Is Priceless for Building a Self-Care Practice
You can find countless articles and reports across the internet to help you create a wellness routine that fits your needs and lifestyle. Still, it can be confusing to know which habits will make that routine more effective, especially if you have specific health concerns. This is why it may be beneficial to research health coaching when developing your self-care plan. Health coaches can be helpful because they approach wellness with a comprehensive strategy. A health coach can help you assess your individual needs and prescribe the right daily habits to prevent chronic disease and provide a major boost for your physical, mental, and even spiritual health. Not only are you likely to lose more weight and feel better when working with a health coach, but you will also experience a greater quality of life, which is crucial to personal and public health. Then, you can take the tools you've learned and use them in every aspect of your life.

Self-care can be accessible to everyone, no matter your age, fitness level, or economic status. Because the most basic self-care practices, which also happen to be the most effective, are the ones that you can add to your daily routine without any additional cost and minimal effort.


Jill Palmer

Jill is passionate about helping people, especially those suffering with mental illness. Her articles reflect her willingness and compassion to help and share her personal experiences with others. We thank Jill for her devoted work, effort and courage.

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