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5 Things You Should Do In The Morning To Fight The Signs Of Aging For Life

Create a morning routine that can help you look better and reduce the signs of aging.

There is the fact that we cannot prevent the aging process, but we can slow it down to look young at any age. Besides using cosmetics or natural remedies, lifestyle change is especially significant in keeping a youthful appearance. Here are the five things you should do in the morning to fight the signs of aging and keep your skin smooth and glowing.

1. Wear Sunscreen Before Going Out
It is necessary to wear sunscreen before going out, even in the cold and rainy day, to protect your skin from the UV rays. Notably, it helps to protect the facial skin, in which many signs of the aging process are located such as wrinkles, elastic loss, and brown spots. If you do not use sunscreen, your skin will be exposed to UV rays, which damage your skin by causing premature aging and changing the skin texture. Also, remember to choose the one with zinc, titanium oxide, and SPF of 30 or higher to thoroughly protect your skin. On the sunny days, you should wear a hat before going out even if you have already applied sunscreen. Taking a tan on the extremely sunny days is also dangerous. It will not only promote the aging but also cause skin cancer. Therefore, remember to wear sunscreen each morning before going out to prevent the aging process and make you look younger than your age.

2. Have Breakfast Of An Anti-Aging Champion
Having a proper diet will a significant amount of anti-aging foods is the most powerful method to fight the signs of aging. It is believed that breakfast with an omelet and fresh fruit is a great idea. Eggs and fruits such as avocado are rich in healthy fats, which can help to reduce the inflammation in your body to prevent its harms to your heart, brain, and kidneys. Also, it contains a significant amount of protein and antioxidants, so it helps to promote the cellular repair.

On the other hand, a breakfast with sugar, chocolate croissant, processed food, etc. can increase infection, which is harmful to the organs in your body. Also, having these foods for breakfast causes cellular deterioration, which increases the formation of wrinkles and other different signs of aging. Therefore, try to start your day with the healthy anti-aging foods to both ensure your health and take better care of your skin.

3. Massage Your Skin With Oil When Waking Up
The cosmetics, even the expensive ones, will sometimes cause irritation and allergies to your skin but the natural ingredients hardly do. The organic beauty products with fruits and foods have been used for thousands of years to provide your skin with enough vitamins and anti-oxidants. Massage your skin with coconut or olive oil to nourish your skin. These oils will help to moisturize your skin and reduce the wrinkles and loose skin. Moreover, to get the best result, you should give your skin a natural face mask (with one banana, one teaspoon of plain yogurt and one teaspoon of orange juice) from 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed. It will help to moisturize your skin and promote the growth of new skin cells. Besides, if you want to shrink the pores and exfoliate the dead skin cells, replace the above face mask with the lemon one (one teaspoon of lemon juice, one egg white and a half teaspoon of honey). However, try a mock test before deciding to use these remedies if you have sensitive skin to ensure that there will be no allergies happening to you.

4. Do Exercise Regularly
Experts pointed out that doing exercise is very important in keeping your body healthy and lowering the cholesterol level. Furthermore, exercising helps to get the blood with oxygen and nutrients pump to your skin, bringing you a youthful look. An adult is advised to do moderate exercise for half an hour per day. You can choose to lift weight gently or walk, go jogging, practice cardio, squats or push-ups. All of these exercises are beneficial to not only your skin but also your overall health. It keeps your body active and fights the signs of aging effectively. However, each person is suitable for each type of physical activities, so consult your healthcare doctor to decide which method to apply.

5. Drink A Cup Of Water Before Having Breakfast
If you want to have young and beautiful skin, drink a cup of water on an empty stomach in the morning. It will help you to not only remove the toxins from your body but also get rid of the pimples and clear your skin. Therefore, it detoxifies your body and brings more elasticity to your skin. This helps to effectively reduce the signs of aging and make you look younger than your age as it keeps your skin young and healthy all the time.

Above are five things you can do in the morning to fight the signs of aging. All of them are simple but very helpful. It is not time-consuming so even if you are too busy with your work, try your best to implement those quick steps. It will help you to be healthier and more confident. All the content provided in this article is for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you.


Emily Pham

This guest post is by Emily Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience in searching for the best natural home remedies for beauty and health issues.

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