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Is it possible to treat addictions with bio-energy therapy?

Just about everything in life can become addictive in some way. Various substances, activities, social relationships, and emotions can easily become addictive. We're all at risk of becoming addicted all the time. Our mind, on an emotional level, and our brain, on a chemical level, make us vulnerable to becoming an addict. The fact that we're electrochemical beings, and that we deal with all kinds of challenges, memories of our past experiences, and situations, has set the stage for us to be susceptible to addictive behaviors and dependencies.

An addiction can be anything that we do to the extreme, have a dependency on, or are unable to resist, regardless of the problems and consequences it may create.

Unhealthy relationships, mind-altering substances such as alcohol, drugs, or smoking, as well as activity addictions like gambling, overworking, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), and sexual excesses, are considered addictive dysfunctional dependencies. Of course, some personalities are more vulnerable to addictive behaviors than others, but we're all continually dealing with and drawn towards these behaviors. For example, if you're (somewhat) consumed with either eating too much chocolate, or consumed with not eating any chocolate, this is an addiction at some level. It may be a mild addiction, but it's an addiction none the less.

Regardless if we're happy, sad, stressed, bored, or excited, we tend to justify our addictions. We tend to justify who we are and why we do things, even if those things are a little or very dysfunctional and destructive. Some people are in denial or what I like to call "intentional denial" about these things, always looking to justifying their dysfunctional behavior and addictions. Most people make excuses and tell themselves things like, it's not a problem, it's not hurting me or anyone else so it's okay, or I'm in control and I can stop at anytime. Stress, anxiety, fear and obsession tend to consume some people's thoughts, until they develop OCD behavior. This is just another form of addiction.

Regardless of the addiction, we tend to get stuck in a situation where we can't seem to free ourselves. Too often we accept and give in to our addiction, even if it's slowly destroying our life and everything and everyone around us.

How to break free from addiction
We all deal with temptations and face the challenges of addiction, but we can do things to effectively cope and resolve these problems. We don't have to surrender to the addition and be a victim. It is possible to treat and free yourself, but it's important that you truly commit to stopping or, in some cases such as food, controlling the addition. You've got to keep trying regardless of how many times you're drawn back to the addiction. Find tools such as energy healing therapy to help you in your quest to free yourself.

The goal is rid yourself of your addictions, so that you can joy a healthy, fulfilling, loving and happy lifestyle. Bio-energy therapy, Life-Wellness and Qigong/Chi Kung are valuable tools you can use to help you free yourself of your addictions, so you can live the life that you really want to live. Be the person that you envision yourself to be, and not necessarily the person that you are now, that is dependent on everything and everyone. You can do it, just keep learning and keep adjusting your lifestyle, and you'll soon see positive results from your intentions and actions.

Benefits of Energy Healing Therapy
Bio-energy therapy can help you feel relaxed, clam, tranquil, as well as help to release stress, anxiousness, anxiety, and nervousness. It can also improve digestion, breathing, and boost your immune and endocrine systems, and bring relief from pain, and discomfort. In addition, bio-energy therapy is known to prevent or improve illnesses and help fight diseases. It can help you be in a calm, healthy and clear-thinking state, so you can comfortably confront your addictions. The result is that it can help you to detox from addictions to chemicals, obsessive and destructive activities, and help you to effectively cope and manage dysfunctional behaviors, such as eating disorders.

The benefits of bio-energy healing therapy are extensive. The therapy interacts with and stimulates the natural healing mechanisms of the bio-energy system, a subsystem of the energy-body anatomy. The healing therapy can remove energy blockages, rebalance, realign, and restore circulation in the bio-energy system. Left unattended, the blockages of used up, dirty energy, can cause physical and emotional problems and illnesses. Since the bio-energy system directly affects the body, mind and spirit, this therapy offers healing and maintenance treatments for a wide variety of problems and symptoms.

Is it possible to treat addictions with bio-energy therapy?
Yes. bio-energy therapy can help treat addictions, but it is not a complete solution to the problem. Even therapies such as acupuncture and acupressure that are known for targeting specific areas, can only contribute towards the healing process, but not necessarily stop the actual addiction. These and other therapies such as Reiki, Prana, Qigong/Chi Kung, and Tai Chi can help a person maintain a healthy bio-energy system. The ability to unclog, rebalance, and restore circulation of life-force energy is an important key step towards achieving and sustaining good health and well-being. It's a tool that you can use to help set up a situation that will free you from the bondage of addiction. Bio-energy therapy should be one of several tools that you use to deal with and free yourself of addiction. This with other tools such as exercise, good diet, and a healthy lifestyle, can help you position yourself to commit and work through the sometimes painful process of eliminating addiction, or in some cases like eating disorders, controlling it throughout your life.

The more you're able to incorporate bio-energy healing, Qigong/Chi Kung, and aspects of life-wellness into your daily activities, the greater chance you have to achieve and sustain a well-balanced, healthy, addition free lifestyle.


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