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Faith, spirituality, and bio-energy healing

People often dismiss things they can't explain by saying that it's just a coincidence or fate. Some live in a state of quot;intentional denial", mentality avoiding having to deal with it altogether. We all know however, or at least suspect, that human life, as we know it, is much more than physical matter and simple electricity flowing through and around our bodies. There is something so magical and so incredible going on that allows us to live, experience, remember, and evolve the way that we do. There are energies at work within us and around us that are way beyond our comprehension. Energies that we have not yet discovered and cannot understand. Even if we don't understand all this, we can and should acknowledge that these energies exist and that they are truly special. These energies often lead us towards our spirituality and faith, and make us search for what is untouchable by our physical-body.

Bio-energy healing
Bio-energy healing is one of those energy-systems that while known by millions of people, is not fully understood and its powers not fully accessed. It is a holistic approach to body-mind-spirit wellness. It can be described as a mind-body connection concept or approach, that that treats the mind, body, and spiritual as one, while most tend to treat them as three separate areas. Bio-energy therapies and application such as mediation, acupuncture and acupressure, Reiki, Prana, Qigong/Chi Kung, and Tai Chi are known to work on the combined mind, body, and spiritual level.

Bio-energy healing taps into, manipulates, and works with our body's electrical, electromagnetic, and vibration sound waves energy-system in order to improve and maintain good health and well-being. The bio-energy healing process can be explained by science, but its effects go way beyond anything scientifically explained.

Bio-energy healing is known to relax and calm the body and the mind. Calming the mind can invoke a state of awareness, and a mindfulness of yourself as well as the environment around you. It can evoke an awakening and openness so you can view and feel more than just material things. It tends to bring you in touch with nature and its beauty, and you realize that you're only a tiny being in a great big universe. It awakens, and/or strengthens the spirituality within you and aids in your quest towards becoming a better person and a better human being. It can be, for folks who are unaccustomed to this state of being, a transformation in your mind, body, and spirit, and help you towards becoming a more mindful, nicer person, and living a more enhanced, fulfilled and joyful lifestyle.

Clearly, bio-energy healing can invoke and exercise spirituality in a person, but not necessarily invoke faith. While Bio-energy healing is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.

Faith healing
Faith can be described as a belief in the truth, the values, or the trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. Faith is simply a belief, a trust that it's true, without necessarily having or relying on logical proof or material evidence. That being said, having true faith in God is a wonderful thing. To truly believe in God, and not just go through the motion, as some people do in religion, can be a gift and a blessing like no other.

Faith healing practitioners believe that the healing of a person can be brought about by religious faith through prayer and/or rituals. Studies show that there are health benefits to practicing religion and embracing faith. This of course excludes extremists, for anything to the extreme is harmful.

A lot of folks that actively practice their faith tend to meditate while they're praying. It's actually common practice to mediate and even transcend while praying. Having true faith does incorporate many, if not all, of the spirituality invoked by bio-energy healing therapies. It does not, however, necessarily incorporate the physical benefits caused by manipulating and rebalancing the bio-energy system.

What is the difference between faith healers, spiritual healers, and energy healers?
Faith healing does not focus or rely on the body's electrical, electromagnetic, and vibration sound waves energy-systems. Religious faith healers rely on divine intervention by God to heal and cure pain, discomfort, illnesses, etc. This may involve prayer, a visit to a religious shrine, or to simply have a strong belief in a supreme being who will resolve everything.

Both religious faith healers and spiritual healers believe that there is a higher or greater source, but except for this, their views differ. Many spiritual healers believe that the universe has unexplainable, extraordinary powers, but they don't necessarily share the idea that there is one God in a man-like image.

Some people believe that having spirituality and faith is the same thing, and that God, nature, and the universe is the same thing as well. There are those who believe that beings from other worlds came to earth and created life as we know it. There are still others who do not believe in faith, spirituality, or bio-energy, but that there is an explanation for everything, and that practitioners experience a placebo effect.

Some believe that the word God is a label we that we humans use to refer to the source of all things and that all things are truly magnificent and divine.

I am not here to judge or push my beliefs, nor should I, for it's not my place to do so. Everyone must find their own path and learn their lessons in life. In this case, it is all about interpretation, perspective, and perception.

Energy healings' principles work on the premise that the subtle bio-energy vibrating at different frequencies affects the physical-body, but its effects can awaken your consciousness and spirituality which drives you towards becoming spiritual and this often drives people towards faith. It really doesn't matter if you're into faith healing, spiritual healing, or energy healing. What does matter is that you are actively seeking to be a better and healthier (physical, emotional) person; one who is full of joy, love, and peace.

Everyone should strive to improve their intellectual wellness by being open and willing to learn from all sources. In fact, we would all benefit in some way from learning and being open to all the wonderful things that faith, spirituality, and energy healing has to offer. For instance, faith practitioners would benefit from practicing and incorporating energy healing therapy into the lives. It would not interfere with their faith and it would enhance and enrich a person's overall experience.

Bio-energy healing and energy work are broad terms used for any type of healing that restores and balances the natural flow of life force energy within and around our body (bio-field - aura). It is known by different names among different cultures: The Chinese know it as Chi or Qi (pronounced the same "chee"); the Japanese refer to it as Ki; in India it is Prana and Loong in the Tibetan traditions; Bla, and Mana in Polynesia; in Greek it is called pneuma; and in Hebrew it's ruah, which means breath of life.


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