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During and after a bio-energy healing session

What can I expect to feel during a bio-energy healing session?
Whether your session is with an energy healing practitioner or if you're using self-healing techniques, the experience can be wonderful and the benefits life changing. Bio-energy is a noninvasive therapy that requires no special equipment or physical manipulation.

Each session is unique and different from any other session, and each person will perceive the results differently than someone else. With bio-energy healing, whatever you feel is just right for you. Bio-energy healing can be a very relaxing and comforting experience. For some, a treatment feels like a wonderful and subtle energy is flowing all around and through them. Others may experience a deep meditative state, sometimes falling asleep, and later becoming calm, centered, and recharged. Some describe the feeling of giving, accepting, and the rebalancing of life energy force as a tingling sensation (pins and needles), or muscles twitching, or warmth, coolness, or even throbbing or numbness. And there are those who may feel a burning sensation, fatigue or body movement, dizziness, drowsiness, vertigo, or an uncontrollable need to laugh or cry. Clients often report feeling heat emitting from the healer's hands, due to the exchange of energy.

During a self-healing session, I often feel some of those sensations in my body, including my back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet. I often feel like electricity is flowing through my body where an electromagnetic field pulling, and creating amazing and odd sensations in and around my body. I can usually focus the electromagnetic field to target certain areas, and then move it around at will. These sensations do not hurt, and usually pass quickly.

Do not be alarmed if you feel that bio-energy is not working for you or if you are not experiencing the same feelings or results as someone else. The range can span from very powerful sensations to none at all. Although you may not feel it, chances are that the bio-energy session is work at some level, so don't discard the entire healing process. On the other hand, if you feel something during therapy, it's an indication that is working, but not necessarily an indication that it's completely resolved and that you'll never have to do it again. Remember that results vary from person to person, so just focus on yourself and how you feel.

Some people don't feel anything during the first couple of sessions, but are able to increase their sensitivity over time and enjoy the experience and benefits. Unfortunately, there are those who never feel anything, regardless of how often or hard they try. The large majority of these folks, however, can overtime feel sensations and benefit from a healing session, but does require some changes and some work. Generally, in cases where nothing is felt, it is because the person's mind and energy body is filled with clogged negative bio-energy, and deep-rooted negative thoughts and emotions. They tend to resist change, and have difficulty reaching and sustaining a calm, well-balanced state of mind. It may take ten or a hundred sessions before this person is able to enjoy the benefits of a healing session. It should also be noted that a person does not have to believe in bio-energy healing for it to work properly, but they should not resist it. They should have an openness and accept that it might work at some level. It's well worth the effort, so keep doing it.

Remember that each treatment session is unique and thus the results will differ from session to session and from person to person. You should share your experiences but not compare your effects to that of others.

How can I enhance the bio-energy healing session?
Although there are several things that you can do to enhance your bio-energy session, you should not try to over concentrate or force it to happen. Simply relax and allow the bio-energy to flow naturally on its own. Take this time to enjoy, unwind and relax.


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