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Can bio-energy therapy be repeated?

It is important to note that your bio-energy system is easily affected by daily activities. Injuries, emotions, disease, stress, social interactions, bad posture, dehydration, poor breathing habits (shallow), and poor lifestyle and eating choices, disrupt the circulation of fresh, clean life-force energy (Chi/Qi/Ki/Prana/bio-energy). Eventually, you'll begin to feel worse, and then the physical and emotional medical symptoms appear. In fact, almost anything can negatively affect the bio-energy system, so it's up to you to maintain its health.

Can bio-energy therapy be repeated?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, you should invoke, or turn on, your bio-energy sensitivity state and healing functions several times per day. Your bio-energy system is always on, so it makes sense that you tap into it periodically to cleanse, rebalance, and restore good health. You're not going to hurt yourself by tapping in to make sure that it's working properly.

The bio-energy system is part of your energy-body, and just like the other systems in the physical-body, it is a natural part of who you are. Most people are not accustomed to taking care of their bio-energy system in the same way they're used to taking care of their physical-body systems, such as feeding, cleaning, exercising, healing, and interacting with it.

Examples of typical day:
1) Practice energy healing meditation (static) for 10 to 40 minutes after waking up.

2) Give your body a moment or two to adjust itself and get ready for activity. When you get out of bed, stand up and take a moment to adjust and prepare before transitioning into motion and activity. When you get up, align your feet evenly, and align and adjust your body while taking elongated, deep breaths. Now you can start moving around while feeling comfortable, aligned, and well-adjusted.

3) The next step before starting your daily activities is to practice Qigong/Chi Kung (moving meditations) for about 5 to 45 minutes. The objective of this session is to cleanse your bio-energy system of dirty, used up energy you accumulated while you were sleeping, and to rebalance and restore circulation.

4) Periodically throughout the day, invoke and heighten your sensitivity in order to feel your bio-energy system. Also hum, chant and practice affirmations. These mini sessions can be simple as opening your hands to feel the energy and taking a couple of deep, long breaths and letting out long, deep, sighs, expressing relief, and releasing negative, used up bio-energy, pain, discomfort, anger, etc. Say a few self-affirmations to strengthen and enhance the experience.

5) Before going to bed, practice Qigong to cleanse your bio-energy system of any negative energy you've accumulated throughout the day. Meditate in bed to quiet the mind, rebalance the bio-energy system and transition into a restful, healing sleep.

These are just examples for you to consider. Create your own routine and keep improving it by making small changes, a little at a time.

Although there may be times when you may be busy, not be in the mood, you feel it's not worth it, or you don't feel you're seeing the benefits, keep on doing it anyway, and soon you'll reap the rewards of feeling healthier. These sessions should help reduce any pain or discomfort, decrease stress, improve digestion, promote relaxation, facilitate sleep, etc. Consistence is very important in maintaining a well-balanced, healthy bio-energy system, so create a regimen that work well with your lifestyle. Even if you're busy or tired, allocate the time and make the effort.

In addition to self-healing, you may consider regular sessions with a healer that can help you to rebalance and restore your bio-energy system back into good health. A healer can also help you learn and develop your bio-energy skills and techniques.Invest in yourself, you're worth it.


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