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What is Chi Energy life force?

In Chinese, the word Chi (a.k.a. Qi) can mean several things. The most common meaning of Chi is air. This life energy comes from the combination of three things, the air breathed in through the lungs, the essential Chi from the kidney, and the Chi absorbed from food and water through the digestive system. Chi circulates throughout the body, performing many functions for maintaining good health. The stronger Chi you have, the healthier and stronger you are.

Chi can also mean the flow of subtle spiritual energy, a life force energy, a breath that moves within and around the body. It is a flow of energy; the cosmic breath or force of nature that animates and energizes all things.

In order for us to better understand why Chi energy can be so therapeutic we have start with the basics. Everything in the universe, including us, vibrate according to a certain rhythm and frequency. This is a result of electrons and protons moving inside every atom of every molecule of every particle. Even inanimate matters vibrate. We are familiar with the rhythm of our own heartbeat or the ringing of a bell. We're able to feel some vibration as light, feel some vibration as heat or hear some vibration as sound. The vibrating waves of air molecules are heard as a vast variety of sounds.

Our human body is a bioelectrical system made up of mostly water that is affected by the circulation and rebalance of our vibrating Human Energy Field / Universal Life Force Energy known as Chi/Qi. In traditional Chinese medicine, problems with the improper movement and flow of one's Chi can cause illness.

Chi is made up of interconnected fields of energy that seems to be extremely sensitive and can easily become unbalanced by all kinds of negative physical, emotional and mental situations. For example, Chi can become clogged and unbalanced by the types of food we eat, bad posture, negative thoughts or by stress, tension and anxiety. Unbalanced Chi can also turn into a physical problems such as headache, muscle aches, indigestion or subtle structural misalignment. When a human body is not well, it is usually the result of one or more of these Chi energy fields being unbalanced. To reestablish a person's good health, the body will often need help to rebalance and increase Chi from low (negative vibration) to positive (higher vibration). Your Chi energies flows more freely and can then effectively heal and eliminate toxins and negativities.

Dietary changes, meditation, proper breathing techniques, Tai Chi, Qi Gong (a.k.a. Chi Kung), sound healing, massage, acupuncture, physical exercise and Chiropractic techniques are ways of resolving the blocked Chi.


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