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Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Where to start?
Are you excited about creating change that will help you live a more healthy, fulfilling lifestyle? We are, too!

Start by doing one or more new things in each of the nine areas of wellness. Review how you're doing and what you're doing in each of these areas of wellness. Make a few small changes in each area and review how your contribution. Identify the steps, create a strategy, and take action, even if it's only one small simple step. You're planting seeds that can grow and develop into real and meaningful things. Create a journal to document your current situation, your goals, and track your progress in each area. Journaling is a great tool. The process of writing something down often forces you to collect and explore ideas.

There are five questions that you should ask yourself for each of the nine wellness areas shown below. Write down your answers under each area.

What is your current level (range is between 1 and10)?What is stopping you from improving?

What is your short term goal?

What is your long term goal?

What can you do throughout the day, daily, or weekly to improve?

Physical Wellness
Physical Wellness is your core foundation to achieving overall life-wellness. Physical Wellness includes Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Self-care.Physical Fitness
Are you exercising in a regular basis?

Are you eating a variety of healthy food most of the time? How much water do you drink per day?

Are you taking care of yourself and how you look? Do allocate time to relax and reenergize? Are you getting adequate sleep to give our bodies time to recover and grow?

Emotional Wellness
Are you calm or stressed-out? Have your dysfunctions taken over your life? Do you have joy and contentment in your life, or do you have negativity such as anger and resentment?Social Wellness

Do you have good relationships with you family and friends? Do you foster relationships well?

Mental Wellness
Are you mentally fit? What are you addicted to? Do you take any antidepressants? Nutrition and Physical Fitness plays an important role in a good Mental Wellness state.Spiritual Wellness

Do you pray or meditate? Do you pray or meditate in morning, during the day, and before going to sleep? A main objective of Spiritual Wellness is to calm the mind.

Financial Wellness
How is your financial situation? Are you looking for ways to improve your financial situation on daily, weekly, or monthly basis?Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness
Are you into learning? Are you learning something new and inspiring every day?

Occupational Wellness
What do you do? How can you improve what you do? What do you really want to do with yourself?

Environmental Wellness
How are your surroundings at home, school, work, and during your leisure time? Is your environment very bad, bad, okay, good, very good, or excellent?Expand, and update your answers on a regular basis. It's really up you whether or not you want to improve your wellness and your lifestyle.

Does investing in yourself mean that you are being selfish and inconsiderate towards others? In fact it is quite the opposite. The more health and spiritual improvement you achieve, the more your relationships will improve and the more your selfishness attitude will surface.

Life is a journey that passes so quickly, from the time you're born to the time you die, so do what you can to improve yourself, one small step at a time. Even though life is temporary, your intent, what you do and how you interpret and internalize your life will make all the difference.

Are you making good decisions and turning those decisions in actions? Learn to be optimistic, not pessimistic. Stop making excuses and start making small, simple, positive changes in your lifestyle right now. You can do it!

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