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The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

When you hear someone say that their friend is "living a good healthy lifestyle" or " living the good life" what comes to mind? Is living a good healthy lifestyle the same as "living the good life" or "living life to the fullest"? They more or less mean basically the same thing, but what does it mean to you? It can mean that everything is perfect, or that the person is doing well in a major area such as social, health, wealth, or spirituality. For some folks it can mean that they're doing well, spending all of their time with their family and friends, and doing the things that they enjoy. For others it can mean that they've slowed down and are appreciating life's simple pleasures, or that they feel a sense of joy and fulfillment.

It makes sense that most people want to live an amazing lifestyle, but what does it mean, and how does one go about achieving it and maintaining it? This is an excellent question, and each person should take the time to answer it for themselves.

It is extremely difficult for me to even try to define the meaning of living a good healthy lifestyle or living the good life and how it specifically applies to each person. It can mean different things for different people, depending on their situation, attitude, and perception. One reason it's so difficult to define is because there are people that have so much, and there are others who have so little. Some folks are healthy and wealthy while others are have poor health and live in poverty. We should always be appreciative and grateful for life and what we have, but that is easier said than done for a lot of folks, who usually move on to the next thing, and then the next. Privilege is visible to those who enjoy it. It basically means that everything we have in life, including life itself, is a privilege, but we usually take most things we have for granted. Some people live their lives as though nothing is a miracle and others as though everything is a miracle. It all depends on the person's perspective, attitude, and how they choose to view it. What is your vision of "living a good healthy lifestyle" and " living the good life"?

Do you agree that we could never have enough money, clothes, cars, gadgets, houses, and always be around beautiful people? When is enough, enough? Far too many people get caught up in trying to do everything and get everything in an effort to achieve this good life or the life of the rich and famous. It's not about trying to achieve perfection or having it all, for you will eventually fail. Sure it's great to have material possessions, but having material things and living a lifestyle that's beyond your means should never control your life, nor should it put you into a financial debt hole that you can't easily climb out of. A lot of folks often fail to realize that they would be better off focusing on and striving to create balance between the life-wellness areas, and enjoying the little, simple moments that pass by so quickly. Having the right amount of balance throughout the nine major areas of wellness, and your eagerness to learn and progress as a person will help determine your outcome.

Living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle often depends on the person's abilities and willingness to do well, regardless of their situation. It is not about their intensity, but their ability to create progress while maintaining a sense of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony, even as situations change and challenges emerge. It's not about having it all, but about having the right combination of simple things that work well together for your lifestyle. Ingredients to achieving a good lifestyle includes lots of love, good health, good relationships, good food, good environment, good learning, good songs, etc. You must know how to articulate and be able to envision yourself living the good life, this healthy good lifestyle, or it will probably never become a reality. It is important that you make yourself believe and feel that your vision of the future is happening now, in present time, and not in the future. Envision in the now, even if you have to make-believe and talk yourself in to believing and feeling that it's true. Thinking of what will be in the future will most likely remain in the future, beyond you reach. You must also know what it will take for you to achieve and sustain a feeling of fulfillment, joy, and contentment. Otherwise, you may not recognize these feelings when they occur and never feel satisfaction. We do not include happiness in this scenario, because happiness is a temporary state that is almost impossible to sustain for a long period of time.

Living life to the fullest is about you making the most out of life, your situation, your world. Do not compare yourself to a rock star, a movie star, or anyone else for that matter. You are unique. It's all about you making the most with what you have and doing whatever you can to improve and evolve naturally as a well-balanced, well-rounded and loving person.

Achieving a good and well-balanced lifestyle is a lifelong effort that must include striving towards achieving good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Behavioral changes are often challenging, but they are achievable with persistence, determination, and the right techniques.

It is really about applying what you learn in an effort to maintain balance while creating healthy ways to improve in all the areas of wellness and lifestyle. Even making small and positive changes in your attitude and behavior can snowball into big, positive results that can improve your lifestyle and contributions to others and the world around you.


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