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Transform your yard and garden into an outdoor sanctuary

With winter just around the corner, lawn and garden care is more crucial than ever. While foliage will delve into a dormancy period, there is much under the surface. As roots draw in nutrients and bacteria to thrive and interact with one another to form a community of healthy flora, it’s important to make sure things are going smoothly on the surface. Afterall, it will play a vital role in how your garden flourishes once spring rolls around.

Trimming and Raking
According to Fine Gardening, raking leaves can increase your yard’s turf by implementing protection and shading throughout the winter. By sweeping small patches of leaves at a time, you’ll be more efficient at getting up all the dead ones.

As a plant goes through its life cycle, there are various ways in which plants can affect one another. While some plants release chemicals that are harmful to others, some can cause others to rot. Trimming the lawn also has multi-purposes, one for cosmetic, and the other for eliminating pests to keep your grass healthy.

Trimming is most useful in the dormant season, so avoid pruning, so that your shrubs remain alive, especially once winter comes. Like pruning, trimming also cuts down on extraneous leaves, which is beneficial for managing pests and insects.

Aeration and fertilization
While a nutritious diet has profound effects on the body, improving your energy levels and providing vitamins and minerals that help fight disease, the type of soil that you use can significantly affect the taste and nutrients of your fruits and vegetables. The quality of land and proper aeration methods matter so that your lawn can oxygenate and drain properly. Foods today have fewer nutrients than those even 30 years ago, due to soil depletion. However, you can cultivate a healthy garden by giving it time to rest during dormant seasons and choosing chemical fertilizers in favor of organic methods is one way to up the ante on nutrients.

Aeration involves perforating the soil so that air, water and nutrients can enter and drain properly. Fertilization, on the other hand, increases the productivity and growth of the plant. While chemical fertilizers are effective, organic is better, which reaps better quality flowers, produce and leaves.

Composting Your Garden
Though fertilizer and compost are seemingly the same, they are different. Fertilizers feed plants, and composts feed the soil. Compost works as vitamins in many ways, feeding the microorganisms and bugs within the ground so that your flora can thrive. Typically, gardens that have compost have plants that are better able to fight off diseases and also helps improve their flavor, according to Bonnie Plants.

You can create homemade compost by keeping healthy ingredients in mind to help your garden thrive and grow. Any plant material may is appropriate, whether it’s a flower, apples or broccoli spears. You may combine your products with weathered leaves, which is also suitable for mulching, another soil strengthener.

A healthy garden is a happy one. While lawn and gardening care require some TLC, you can make your neighbors green with envy with a well-kept lawn and garden.


Jennifer McGregor

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