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How's Your Breathing?

It's all about breathing
To learn to breathe is learn to live. Breathing is vital and yet most of us take it for granted and often forget we are even doing it. Breathing can be both a conscious and subconscious function. In other words, we can control our breathing or our mind and body will automatically control our breathing for us. As a result, we sometimes forget how much breathing can affect our health and wellbeing.

Breathing supplies our body and brain with oxygen which is essential for us to live. Oxygen purifies our blood stream and without it we would die within a few minutes. Our entire body including internal organs, nerves, glands, skin and especially the brain all require ample amount of oxygen in order to function properly. Effects from not getting enough oxygen can range from irritability, nervousness, negative thoughts, sluggishness, depression, lower immune system to a heart attack. Some reports show lack of oxygen can be a major cause of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Oxygen is extremely critical to our wellbeing and increasing the supply can have amazing positive effects.

While breathing should be natural to the physical, emotional, and mental demands of the moment, it should also be able to fluctuate in both depth and speed depending upon the situation. Unfortunately, most people tend to breathe in a very shallow manner and rarely take a good deep, cleansing breath. We are often unaware that our breathing is shallow and that we may not be getting the proper amount of oxygen that both our body and brain needs. Have you ever yawned and noticed that you open your mouth but no air is going in or out? Sighing or yawning is often a sign that the body/mind is trying to adjust and regulate the amount of oxygen it's taking in.

Many methodologies such as yoga place much emphasis on the learning of specific breathing techniques appropriate to both sitting and standing forms of practice. These breathing techniques often require the person to hold their breath or to take many quick short breathes. We believe that those breathing techniques are meant for someone who is well trained, with experience and can cause harm if done incorrectly by someone who is inexperienced. It's very important to always consult your physician before stating any physical exercises or breathing techniques.

We believe that the rejuvenation process can start with becoming mindful of our breathing. Proper abdominal/diaphragmatic breathing is simple, straightforward and can be emotionally and physically rejuvenating. It can help stabilize the nervous system, improve internal body organs, improve digestion, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase energy, improve sleep, release carbon dioxide and other toxins, improve posture, strengthen muscles, increase the blood flow throughout the body and brain and massage the heart.

Applying these simple breathing techniques can help your breathing become stronger, deeper, fuller and smoother. As a result of increasing your natural oxygen intake, you can become healthier. Since oxygen provides energy, you can also become more energetic. Practicing breathing techniques can have a positive affect many areas of your life.


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