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Happy Movements

It’s no secret that spending too much time sitting or lying down can have numerous unhealthy physical and emotional effects, especially when it is done for a long period of time. Unfortunately, health problems caused by living a relatively inactive and sedentary lifestyle continue to grow. Sure it feels good and who doesn’t want that, but at a certain point it’s really bad for you.

Inactivity usually comes from living a lifestyle where a person spends most of his or her time throughout the day being inactive, including sitting or lying down morning, noon and night. This persons' daily and weekly routine goes something like this; they drive to school or work, and then sit all day at a desk, probably in front of a computer, until it’s time for them to go home. After communing home, they usually sit in front of a TV or a computer until they go to bed. On their days off, they may go out for a little while, maybe see a movie, and return home so they can sit and lay down until they go to sleep. Living this type of lifestyle is so unhealthy in so many ways, that it’s depressing just thinking about it. Does this in any way describe you?

People who are physically inactive have an increased risk of health problems that include type 2 diabetes, heart attack, cancer, risk of obesity, back problems, or a weakened immune system that makes the body susceptible to disease and illnesses such as colds and flu. Their muscles start to waste away like balloons that are deflating. The list of problems caused by living a sedentary lifestyle is very long and very scary. 

It almost doesn’t matter whether you are sitting or lying down, being inactive for an extended period of time, tends to create both mental and physical health problems. The reality is that anything beyond the time that is needed to rest and sleep is actually unnecessary and unhealthy. 

The human body wasn’t meant to remain inactive for long periods of time. Nothing good can come from being a “couch potato”. We need physical activity and we thrive and flourish when we get it. We are built for motion that stimulates the mind and activates the body, which is the way it was designed to work.

Newton's first law of motion stated that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. The body will adjust accordingly and become comfortable and accustomed to being either inactive or active.

Being physically active is healthy for you, but being busy doesn’t always mean that you’ll gain the same benefits from all activities. A lot has to do with the activity itself, and it also has to do with the approach you take and how you go about doing it, that will make all the difference. For example, it’s good to go food shopping at the supermarket, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are moving around enough to gain a lot of benefits. However, if you change how you walk, breath and pickup your groceries, you can gain many health benefits, including how you feel about your experience.

Going to the gym is one of the best things you can do to help yourself. The benefits of exercising at the gym are extensive, but not everyone has the time, and not everyone enjoys going to the gym. We’ve all heard excuses about why exercising at the gym isn’t for them. And let’s face it, for someone who is unaccustomed to going to the gym, it can be a time consuming and daunting task. Disliking going to the gym is a common excuse to remain inactive. Luckily there are a lot of alternative options you can choose, instead of going to a gym. Many of them may not be as healthy for you, but the main thing is that you become more active and be able to enjoy physical activities that will stimulate your mind and work your body.

You are more likely to participate in activities that you like, and ones that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. And if that isn’t enough, finding those activities is much easier than you might think. Just getting outside helps to activate your brain, awakens your senses, and makes you feel good. Walking around and moving your body makes you breathe, engage your muscles, increase your blood flow circulation, and improve your mood, etc.

Knowing the pros and cons of living an active lifestyle is important, but it’s you who has to want to feel better, stop being a couch potato, enjoy life, and be happy every once in a while. If you’re not sure how to go about it, start with this idea and you’ll quickly experience positive results.

The key is to perform movements that make your happy and mentally and physically fit. The body is constantly communicating with the brain, providing all kinds of information on a constant basis. Why not take advantage of that process by making "Happy Movements" that make you feel better.

Happy Movements can include walking lightly, skipping, stretching, hopping, etc. In fact, almost anything that you do can become happy movements. The main difference is how you mentally approach something and how you physically do something.

Let’s do an experiment so that you can experience the difference between walking with and without happy movements.

First try standing with bad posture: body slouching, shoulders forward, and head forward and a little down. Then make an unhappy face. When you start walking, make heavy movements as though you are wearing big, extra large heavy boots. Now walk around for five minutes to see how you feel.

Now let’s make a few simple adjustments to incorporate happy movements into your walk. Stand up and maintain good posture. While standing, try to elongate you body, bring you head up, your shoulders back, and breathe slowly and deeply. When you start walking this time, try to incorporate qualities that generate light and flowing movements. Add rhythm and harmony into your walk and smile. Now it feels as though you’re walking on air while listening to music. Start walking around for five minutes and feel the difference.  

Everyone reacts differently, so find the Happy Movements that create positive feelings in you, and incorporate them into all your daily activities. Remain mindful of what your body is communicating to your brain, and then simply follow the tips listed above. Feel free to add, tweak and change what and how you do something, so you can best experience your “Happy Movements”


Feel free to dance and laugh out loud throughout your day.    (-_-)



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