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Attitude, Approach and Behavior

Attitude plays an important part in eating healthy and in achieving successful weight loss management. I've heard people say in disbelief that they have to go on a diet. That is negative, restrictive, and therefore most likely only a temporary phase. A different attitude would be challenging yourself to make some positive changes, to know that you will feel better, look better, and be more active if you do it. You must be determined if you want to live a healthy life, but there is more to it than that.

Managing weight is a struggle for most people, but they can enjoy themselves while they are on a dietary program, if they go about it correctly.

The right attitude and approach is a great place to start. If you start out with the right attitude, and the right process for you, the weight will take care of itself. If you focus towards making sustainable lifestyle changes, you will be successful no matter what you weight turns out to be. Losing weight is absolutely doable. It's about knowing what you want, convincing yourself that you can do it, and setting realistic goals for both the short-term and the long-term. It is also about having a positive attitude, a good approach, and taking action. This will go a long way in helping you reach and sustain your goals and objectives.

A key to successfully adopting a new behavior is believing that the benefits you will get will outweigh the disadvantages. Start by adopting a new behavior that replaces a bad behavior.

Qi Gong/Chi Kung breathing and meditation exercises have a tremendous potential to help weight loss. The calming mindfulness that Qi Gong brings while you are practicing, remains with you throughout the day. By practicing Qi Gong, you are creating a disciplined lifestyle that fosters a deep appreciation and a mindful approach towards nature. There are several studies that show that mood gets better and depressive symptoms improve. A good mood tends to invoke a good attitude and behavior. The deep breathing, meditation, stretching, and flowing movements of Qi Gong provide physical stimulation, which makes you ready for physical activities throughout the day. From a number of perspectives, a program with Qi Gong is likely to help with weight loss as well as other aspects of life-wellness.

In making dietary changes, you need to be willing to try new foods and modify existing recipes. Eat foods that will make you feel full and that you enjoy.

>There are many different ways of losing weight. And in some cases, people want to lose weight quickly. Some people go on crash diets or fad diets because they want fast results with little or no effort. The general rule is, the quicker the weight goes off, the quicker the weight goes back on. You can get initial success with fad diets, but most people are unsuccessful in the long term because these methods are not sustainable. You cannot stay on fat diets long-term. Sometimes going too fast is counterproductive. A slow and steady approach wins the race. If you rapidly lose ten, twenty-five or one hundred pounds, it is generally not sustainable. So over time, you will increase your eating and go back to where you were before. A Slow, steady, and consistent approach is the way to be kind to yourself, and a way to achieve and sustain your goals. Otherwise, you are just subjecting your body to extremes that you cannot sustain over a long period of time.

Most individuals can lose weight, but maintaining the weight loss is a much bigger challenge. The important thing is to begin and keep modifying your dietary regimen and activities in a progressive manner. This sometimes involves changing your perspective. The important thing is just to keep at it, and be thankful for any small accomplishment, because you are getting there, little by little and step by step.

A slow steady approach is generally best for weight loss. Be patient and celebrate the small step towards success. Achieving a healthy weight can be part of an enjoyable lifestyle that can improve your health and well-being.

It's never too late to start. No matter what your age, or health condition, there are benefits to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Even a relatively small weight loss can improve health.


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