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FAQ's About Health & Wellness Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Wellness Coaching and psychotherapy?
While both wellness coaches and therapists are trained listeners and deal with a person's behavior, they focus on different methods to help their client.

Therapy tends to focus on fixing current or past problems by working with your feelings and coaching takes a snapshot of your current situation, identifies wellness areas, creates a simple but effective action plan, and helps you create new behaviors that allows you to progress forward towards a healthy, vibrant, enriched lifestyle that you always wanted.

Therapy diagnose or treat mental illness and Wellness Coaching does not. Instead, coaching teaches you to be aware of the state of your wellness areas, to make wise choices, and to stay focused on positive outcomes.

Therapy looks at your current situation and how your past is negatively influencing your present life. They help you work through some issues from the past in order to increase your sense of satisfaction and closure.

We believe it's best to periodically look back at the past but to focus on the present and the future. For instance, a person who is healthy, content and leads a well-rounded lifestyle is in a better place to deal with and unravel negative feelings and emotions concerning their past.

People who only focus on their past tend to go over the same situations without ever finding the answers they want to hear. This scenario is similar to a hamster going around and around in the their wheel. We can better understand our past but never change it. We can, however, make positive changes to enhance our lives.

If you're experiencing overwhelming negative feelings and emotions that you need to work through before moving on, seek therapy and medical attention as soon as possible.

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Can everyone make the health and wellness related changes on their own?
Some people are very capable of making the necessary changes to improve their lives on their own. Other folks tend to focus on one or two wellness areas such as financial or social and neglect other areas. Some folks don't seem to know how to change or resist making real, long-lasting positive changes.

Too often people form psychological blocks to making positive changes in their lives. These cognitive or attitudinal blocks tend to inhibit a person from making the changes needed to reach their wellness related goals.

We can help you recognize your own personal weaknesses and work to overcome those faults and improve yourself. This process may involve others or changing your environment to improve your own circumstances or feelings, but self-help primarily focuses on changing your own behavior, feelings, skills, cognition (thoughts), or unconscious processes.

Our minds are almost constantly attempting to solve some current or approaching problem or think of what to say during a conversation. Most of us are using self-helping coping techniques most the time without even realizing it.

Sometimes people know what to do but they'll try to justify reasons why they can't or shouldn't do it. Your couch will help bridge the gap between knowing what needs to be done and what actually gets done by helping you make the changes one easy, simple step at a time.

Once a person becomes keenly aware of these constant and complex coping processes are happening, he/she recognizes a myriad of opportunities and alternative options to each situation. This reaction will empower them and enable them to apply the same skills and techniques to all major life areas. The change positively effects their perspective, approach and attitude which in turn will enrich their lifestyle and well-being.

Will the information I provide be shared with anyone else?
Maintaining confidentiality and integrity of personal information collected is very important to us. All information shared with the wellness coach is completely confidential. is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding personal information collected through this website and through our Health and Wellness Coaching program against unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

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Is working with a Health and Wellness Coach a good fit for me?
Most people benefit from working with a health and wellness coach in one form or another. There is always room for positive change in life. You must, however, be ready and eager to accept change or the process will not work.

You may feel that some parts of your life are working pretty well but you're dissatisfied with other aspects of your life. You may have a fairly clear vision of what you must change but you can't quite figure out how to get there. You may feel that you've tried and failed to make important changes or that you're concerned that your circumstances and the poor choices you've made are stopping you from reaching your goals and objectives You probably feel lost on some level and fearful about what it will take to succeed in one or more major life areas.

If any of these scenarios describe your situation, you're ready to work with me or one of the other couches. Find out if this process can benefit you by taking advantage of the FREE Health and Wellness Coaching mini-session.

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How does the One-on-One Coaching work?
By starting a coaching program, you're automatically entering into a partnership with your coach, whose only focused to helping you become successful. Your coach is someone you can turn to with all kinds of questions and concerns about your circumstances and the path you take.

In order for this program to be successful, you must want positive change and be open and receptive to change. The coaching program will not work if you're closed minded and resist advise or change. Your coach is there to help you, not to criticize or make you feel badly about yourself. He/she is there to motivate and guide you.

Your health and wellness coach is similar to a boxer's coach and corner man. A boxing coach will instruct talented boxers to fight smarter and not harder. You coach will train and guide you to effectively use coping skills to offset disadvantages in day to day life. Your corner man supplies you with things you'll need during every boxing match and thinks about possible contingency from the warm-up before a fight to first-aid after the fight.

The coaching program consist of four steps - Inventory, Action Plan, Your Actions, Tweaking/Adjusting. Together, you and your coach will go through the four steps for each wellness area several times throughout the program.

Taking an inventory is the first out of four important phases. Knowing where you are will help identify where you want to be and how to get there.

Your coach will help you take an inventory, an assessment of your situation, your strength and weaknesses. Taking an inventory means looking at wellness areas that are doing well and areas that need attention. We first listen to you, ask a few simple questions and listen to you. The questions and answers from the Inventory phase go into your Wellness Toolbox. The Wellness Toolbox can be a binder, box or a folder in your computer where keep everything from the Health and Wellness program. The questions can include anything from your sleeping habits, physical exercise, school, work to relationships. We'll also look out for Triggers that affect you in a negative or a positive manner. Identifying negative Triggers will help you avoid or cop with situations, things or people that drain you physically and emotionally. We'll also indentify Triggers that are healthy for you and those that are make you feel good but are actually unhealthy for you.

It's important to get to know you, your situation, strengths, weaknesses and not assume who you are and what's best for you. This process works best when you feel comfortable and secure in sharing your thoughts and feelings with your coach.

The second phase in the four step process is the Action/Direction Plan. The Action Plan list the strategies you now use and could use to maintain or improve wellness areas. On any given day you can refer back to your Action Plan to help you center/calm yourself, to help you focus on what you need to do and to motivate yourself into action. The Action Plan is a tool that helps identify specific goals as well as personal or professional issues and challenges.

For instance, part of the Action Plan includes a tab marked "Daily Maintenance List". You'll be asked to write a list of words which best describe yourself when you feel well. Other questions will ask you to list things which you need to do on a daily basis to keep yourself well. These questions mostly have to do with the areas of Physical Wellness which includes Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Care. You'll also find questions asking to list of some things which you might need to do now and in the future for each wellness area. Reading through these daily will help you stay on track.

The phase labeled Your Actions is basically a review, a check list of your actions on daily, weekly and monthly basis. It works together with your Action Plan to see what was done and what wasn't done. It provides a snapshot of a given timeframe.

The Tweaking/Adjusting phase will use the snapshot from the "Your Action" phase to see what needs adjusting or tweaking. The updated information is entered into the Action Plan.

Repeat phases 2, 3, and 4 again. We review the Action Plan, you apply the actions, we review your action and make the necessary adjustments.

Evaluation and review of the Inventory phase is usually done on a monthly or quarterly basis, along with strategies for ongoing support.

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Will the coaching sessions be done in person?
Coaching sessions can be done either by phone, email, in person or a combination of the three.

The person-to-person sessions only work well if you and the coach live near each other.

We find that phone calls and email messages allow you to have greater flexibility and convenience when scheduling your appointments and exchanging information.

The actual sessions should be done by phone. The coach will provide private, confidential one-to-one coaching over the phone. We believe this is the most effective, efficient way to provide health and wellness coaching. Most clients find that they are better able to focus on their own thoughts and perceptions when they are in the comfort of their own homes.


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